2 oz Plastic Bottle with Flip Cap in 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The 2 Oz Plastic Bottle with Flip Cap is designed to come with one of the best features on the market. It has a flip cap which is what makes it outstanding. There are Oz plastic bottles that do not come with flip caps and are often great to use. The bottle is made of polypropylene and the caps are BPA-free and FDA approved.

2 Oz Plastic Bottle with Flip Cap – functionality

2 oz plastic bottle with flip capIt is made in the United States of America that can be used for storing glues, liquids or paints. The small size of the plastic bottle is perfect for traveling or storing things.

The screw-on caps or flip top is neatly arranged to make it easy to dispense the contents. The bottle is very durable and can withstand pressure. However, it is very flexible for the user to squeeze. The bottle is clear that will show you the true color of the content.

The 2 Oz Plastic Bottle with flip cap comes with a convenient and simple zip top bag and measures 4″ tall and 1-1/4″ wide. You can store your bath gels or shampoos inside these bottles or your carrier oils and massage oils.

Features of 2 oz plastic bottle with flip cap

This bottle has some amazing features that include:

  • A set of six empty plastic bottles that come with screw-on, flip-cap tops.
  • It is Polypropylene bottle and caps are BPA-free and FDA approved.
  • It has a convenient and simple flip cap that has made it simple to move or dispense.
  • The rigidity of the bottle is strong and flexible for you to squeeze it.
  • It is clear to use because of the color.

The need to use this plastic bottle is one of the things that you should consider. There are some liquids that the bottle may not be able to store, the erosive or acidic liquids.


  • It is so simple and easy to fill and clean.
  • It is spacious to hold a week and also worth of lotion or face wash.
  • It is leak proof with flip and screws top dispensing combo.
  • It is very clear to see what you placed inside.
  • It is very rigid and still very flexible for squeezing.
  • It does not have an odor.
  • Easy to use and durable.
  • Customize option.
  • Very handy.


  • A little complex to use.
  • The capacity could have been bigger.
  • Price is little more than its’ worth. Could have been a little cheaper.
  • The bottle may come a little dirty.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are things you should take a closer look at before you can make your choice. The first thing you should look at for is the customers’ reviews about the product.

The customers’ reviews on the bottle have a lot of things to say about the quality of the product. With the cons and negative reviews, you will be able to make your choice fast.

The cost of the bottle is also very important. When you are buying things online, there are stores that offer discounts or sell at an affordable rate. You can save money when you use such websites in making your purchase.

Security is also not neglected when you are paying for things online. With a secured website, it is very easy to make your purchase without worrying about theft online.

Bottom line

You can keep some of your personal liquids safer in the bottle because of the flip cap that it comes. Even if you on a tight budget, you will love this bottle that has been designed to give you the perfect storage you need.

If you love traveling, you will come to appreciate this container that can take care of a lot of liquid contents. The fact that it does not leak and can be open or close with ease tells a lot of stories about it.

You can squeeze it until the last drop of the liquid comes out. Also, you are not going to spend a lot of money to get your personal items stored. It is small that you can carry it without feeling the weight.

Final Verdict:

Thinking of the perfect bottle to travel when it comes to storing your oil or lotions, 2 Oz plastic bottle with flip cap is what you need.


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