Best Catfish Bait for Paylakes Reviews 2022

It is easy to attract catfish if you have the right bait for Paylakes. When you are catching catfishes on pay lakes, it is important to look for what kind of bait you are going to use. You need to do the bait selection before you can do anything. That’s why you need to look for the best catfish bait for paylakes like the best catfish rig. It is so that your work becomes easy for you.

While getting a secret bait for catfish include,  you have to make sure you get something that fulls your bait bucket. So we have given you some of the bait recommendations that will make sure you don’t have to wander around bait shops.

Best Catfish Bait for Paylakes Reviews

1. Berkley PowerBait Catfish Bait Chunks With Chicken Liver

Because of the strong smell of this Berkley PowerBait Classic Catfish Bait Chunks, you can lure catfishes on the pay lakes easily. Catfishes love the rich and meaty smell. This one comes in chicken liver flavor. So you can say it will attract the attention of the catfishes. This one is one of the best bait for catfishes that you can use.

These chicken chunks have a new formula that is 185 percent stronger than the other baits that you will get to catch catfishes. Because of its formula and smell, it becomes easy to get the attention of catfishes. It does the job flawlessly than you think.

This one is pre-formed for quick and easy rigging. So you can use this to any rig with circle hooks without many problems. It is also easy to use. So there will be no issue with it. You can do your work professionally.

It is 1 1/2 times better than the leading competitor. Because of the strong smell, your hand will feel smelly for a few days. But other than this, there are no issues with extra time.


  • 1 1/2 times better than the leading competitor
  • New formula that is 185 percent stronger
  • Pre-formed for quick and easy rigging
  • Hands can be smelly after using this

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2. Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure

This Catfish Rattling Line Float Lure almost looks like a real fish. Its sight, sound, smell, and instinct will surely make sure you can catch catfishes quickly. It comes with a loud rattle and visual cues. So even if the smell cant satisfies the catfish, yet it will fall for the lure. Catfish can respond to many attractants, not only smell. So it should work for you.

This set comes in Blue Crappie, Purple Shiner, and Green Sunfish. All of them are rattling line will float for catfish sabiki rigs. So they are easy to use. And you won’t make any messes while using them for fryer size catfish.

These aren’t handmade trinkets. They are specially for catching trophy catfish. So they will not split apart, paint washing off, or failing with a fish on. So you don’t have to worry about any of them. And you won’t have any tough time.

Each of these has three different attachment points. So it is up to you to rig this one on float inline or at an angle. You can use it in both saltwater and freshwater. They are able to withstand line pressure from trophy fish. The larger bait, the better to use.


  • Each of these has three different attachment points.
  • It comes with a loud rattle and visual cues.
  • They will not split apart, paint washing off, or falling off.
  • Withstand line pressure from trophy catfish

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3. Whiskers Cheese Catfish Punch Bait For Paylakes

Mr. Whiskers Cheese Catfish Punch Bait has real cheese. So it will resist water and stays on the hook when you are going to catch catfishes. This one is 100% natural bait. That’s why it will be easy for you to use when it comes to catching catfishes. Because of its smell, catfishes will fall for this lure. And it is safe to use.

The ingredients of this bait option are natural, bio-degradable. And it contains no harmful chemicals. And you don’t have to keep it in refrigerate to make sure it is fresh. There is nothing for you to worry about.

The older, the better is this flashy active bait to use. If you keep it in shredded tissue, paper towel, cotton, or cattail fiber, then it will get too soft to use. You can use it in any type of water such as stagnant water, creek chubs. It is perfect to catch monster shovelhead.

You don’t need hooks with sponges or springs. It will make sure you can use it on trotlines, jug lines, and limb lines. It works well on #6 or #8 treble hook. This one will be ideal if you are looking for natural one.


  • Works well on #6 or #8 treble hook
  • Natural and bio-degradable 
  • No need to refrigerate it
  • Free from harmful chemical

4. Catfish LD-12-12 Dip Bait Cheese For Paylakes

This one is a cheese bait from the Catfish LD-12-12 Dip Bait Cheese. It has a new and improved formula that will attract the attention of catfishes on the pay lakes. So you can say this one will also be pretty useful for you to use. There will be zero mess when you are going to use it for catching catfishes.

This one is extra sticky. That’s why it will stand out on the bait hook. It can resist water and stays on the hook. That’s why it becomes easy for you to use. There will be no mess.

This design of dip bait has a safety seal under the lid that can prevent spills or odors. It will make sure this bait doesn’t become watery after some time. You don’t need to keep it on the fridge.

It will be better if the cheese is older as it can attract more catfishes. You can use this bait for freshwater fish and saltwater. It will work great on both of them. It works well on treble hooks.


  • New and improved formula
  • Extra sticky cheese
  • It has a safety seal under the lid that can prevent spills or odors. 
  • Works well on both freshwater and saltwater

5. Catfish DBG-3-01 Dip Bait for Paylakes

Catfish DBG-3-01 Dip Bait has a proper size bream that will help you to get catfishes. Many catfish anglers have loved this product to catch catfishes. Even for the bass angler or uppity angler would love to use this one. It makes it easy for you to get them. Moreover, you will not make a mess where you are going to get them. If you are a newcomer, then this one would be the best to use.

You can trail it behind on a single treble hook. And after then you can easily catch whatever you want. The best thing about this product is there are no hard procedures that you would find difficult to use.

It comes in pre-rigged with treble hook and leader. So this one will be great if you are a beginner. It will make things easy for you as it has almost everything that you need. This one will help you to catch nice fish.

This dip bait worm has deeper holes that will allow for more bait to pack into the lure, thus making everything simple for you. You can also use worms with it as catfishes love them.


  • You can trail it behind a single treble hook.
  • Comes in pre-rigged with treble hook and leader
  • It has deeper holes that will allow for more bait to pack into the lure.
  • Easy to use

Buying Guide of Best Catfish Bait – Fishing for Paylakes

Types of Catfish

Before you get catfish bait for your paylakes, you need to know about the types of catfishes. Each of the catfishes needs different bait types. That’s why here we will let you know about three main types of catfish species. It will help you to know what types of bait for species will work for your catfishes. And you can make a solid bait choice.

Channel catfish

You can attract channel fish with both live and dead bait. For them, punch baits are the best to have. They have a strong-smelling sense. So even if your baits are far, channel cats will find their way to have food. You can keep baits in your bait tank that you will use for a regular basis. You can use a fresh-cut bait clicker for them.

Flathead catfish

Flat Head catfishes are not like the other types of catfishes. You can get Asian carp, chicken breast, pet gold fish, nearby creek or Beaverdam creek chubs, bream head, lively gill, mostly they love to have lively bait. So when it comes to flathead bait, you have to get well-prepared baits. So pay some attention to get the biggest flathead catfish. And get bait for flathead catfish that will work on them.

Blue catfish

Trophy blue catfishes are not picky like the others. So you can use fresh bait, gizzard shad, or dead shad for it. They mostly spend their time of day eating food. They grab whatever they get to eat. Even if you get hamburger bait, it will eat. So if you are a commercial fisherman, then you need to pay attention to the amount of food you get for your catfish.

Get a better Location

So when it comes to acres of lake fishing, you need to do some study about the locations. There is much Digital Access such as websites or digital magazine content that will let you know which location is better for you to get catchable fish. You can catch catfish in creeks, ponds, and lakes.

If you are a lake cat fisherman, you will know better. Some baits work in the deep water and some don’t. In this paylake industry, there are make places such as lake Hartwell, Bartlett lake, lake Erling, Apache Lake, South Carolina, North Carolina, etc.

Know your fishing time

You need to fix your fishing time about whether you want night fishing or day fishing. It is better to do fishing at night. Other than this most of the tournaments are also night tournaments and also baits at time after time works great. At this time, it will be better for you to use a night crawler as bait. It would be better if you let know the lake owner your time. 

Change Spot

When you are on a fishing trip, you must consider that you cant stay at a place for a long time. Different places have different bodies of water. Wait in a place for 20 to 30 minutes. It will help you to get giant fish. You may also get the biggest fish. Make sure to get high-quality inflatable kayaks.

FAQ: Best Catfish Bait for Paylakes

What are catfish attracted to when it comes to the bait for paylakes?

Catfishes love the smell of anise oil, garlic, meaty, and blood. So if you want to attract a catfish, then add these smells. They are natural and easy to find. You can tie huge creek chubs. You can use blood bait if you are planning to get monster cats.

What is the best bait to catch catfish in paylakes?

Catfishes love frozen catalpa worms. Other than this, they also love stink bait such as old cheese. You can use both of them. This type of baits are perfect. There are also artificial bait additives available. You have to get 12 gallon of bait per season.


You need to know what kind of water you are going to catch catfishes. It is because all baits don’t react the same in every type of body of water. Some have deeper water leaches, some have public water, or some have tap water. This article about bait fishing catfish trip has enough information for you to choose the best monster catfish bait for paylakes. So that you can choose any primary bait of choice. Hopefully, we have mentioned all your favorite baits here that will help you to make a choice of bait.

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