Best Cold Weather Hunting Boot 2022 – Reviews Buyer’s Guide

Hunting experience can only be better with the right tools. In the US, Hunting & Trapping market size is $880.5m in 2021. If your legs and hands get numb because of too much cold, it is no adventure but a struggle. For legs, you do need a pair of cold-weather hunting boots.

Winter is the best season to explore the woods with foxes; while you are likely to get meat during this hunting season, it doesn’t come easy. You need the best hunting clothes for cold weather and boots for easy maneuver in the bitter cold climate and ice water.

During winter, a hunting boot demands more than durability. If you want the best cold weather hunting boot, it should be insulated, comfortable, and waterproof material. If you find a camouflage design type then you are guaranteed an awesome hunting experience in the cold.

Best Cold Weather Hunting Boot in 2022

PictureProduct NameOur RatingCheck Price
Irish Setter Mens Waterproof  Hunting BootIrish Setter Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boot5Check Price
Kenetrek Mens Mountain Extreme Hunting BootKenetrek Men’s Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Hunting Boot5Check Price
Bogs-Bowman-Waterproof-Insulated-Hunting bootBogs-Bowman-Waterproof-Insulated-Hunting boot5Check Price
Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather BootKamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot4.75Check Price
Combat Boot, Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather BootsCombat Boot, Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Boots4.75Check Price
Bedoro Men’s Snow BootsBedoro Men’s Snow Boots4.75Check Price
Extreme-Weather-Water-proof-Rubber-Combat BootExtreme-Weather-Water-proof-Rubber-Combat Boot4.5Check Price
Muck Boot Men’s Woody Grit Hunting ShoesMuck Boot Men’s Woody Grit Hunting Shoes4.5Check Price
Lacrosse Men’s 4Xburly 1200G Hunting BootLacrosse Men’s 4Xburly 1200G Hunting Boot4.5Check Price
YUNGOD Men’s Winter Snow BootsYUNGOD Men’s Winter Snow Boots4.5Check Price

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Here is a list of the best cold weather hunting boots based on their respective features.

Irish Setter Men’s Waterproof Hunting Boot- Feet Warmest hunting boot

Best Cold Weather Hunting Boot

If you are looking for a long-lasting and high abrasion-hunting boot then this boot is everything you need. It is 17” high, which guarantees you to keep your feet dry irrespective of the weather cold conditions, and environment.

Distance from the ground is important when hunting in winter; grounds are unpredictable. You never know a sinking spot; if you have been in hunting for an extended period then you must have heard of escapades and inconveniences in the field.

Avid Hunters get trapped because of poor hiking boots. The fleece liner on this boot is designed to enhance the warmness of your feet. The grams of insulation lining not only protects your feet from damage in case you step on sharp objects and bones from carcasses, but fleece lining also makes your frozen feet into warm feet.

The boot is fitted with 8mm Neoprene core for waterproofing. The waterproofing material is coupled with 2mm foam that adds extra warmth. You are guaranteed to warm up to -60 degrees Celsius. On the front is wrapped up a bumper that absorbs shocks in case you hit a hard rock. You can even walk through rocky terrains. Manmade soles and tough synthetic material guarantee you long service; the boot will serve you in many winters. It is the best in extremely cold weather hunting boot.

What we liked

  • Water-resistant; no worries of precipitating nights
  • Rubber threads guarantee you stability on rugged surfaces
  • Your feet will feel like they are in warmer temperatures

What we didn’t like

  • 17” is a bit too high for some hunters.
  • Not snake proof

Kenetrek Mountain Extreme 400 Insulated Boot for Warmth

Kenetrek Mens Mountain Extreme Hunting Boot

This is among the best hand-laid premium rubber hunting boots you can find when shopping for cold weather hunting gear. The insulation guarantees you comfort features and durability irrespective of how long you will be out hunting or the type of environment.

The boot is built to withstand adverse conditions of the wild. It is popular among professional hunters because of the several extra layers of rubber material that protect your feet from dangerous environmental elements. Just like most boots in this category, Neoprene makes the boot more watertight and comfortable water shoes.

The lining protects your feet from environmental elements; the several Mid – layer of the rubber ensures your feet are protected from shock and any physical abrasion when you are on the mountain terrain. Wick embossed liner is a distinguishing feature of this boot. The manufacturer is more concerned about your comfort; air circulation is important. Free flow of air removes moisture in the interior; you can stay longer with the boot without the need to remove it for aeration. There are no more foot odors because of the free movement of air.

The boot is also light as compared to other brands of its class. You won’t feel weighed down even with several hours of hunting terrain. The protection layers make the boot seem bulky but won’t feel the weight at all even on the mountainous terrain. You don’t have to worry about fatigue. The boot also comes with a Thinsulate lining, which gives you warmth in extreme conditions of winter.

What we liked

  • A variety of colors for different people
  • Leather upper, fur, and neoprene lining create comfort.

What we didn’t like

  • Focus on comfortability and space makes it bulky
  • No snake guard

Bogs Men’s-Bowman-Waterproof-Insulated-Hunting boot For Cold Weather

Bogs-Bowman-Waterproof-Insulated-Hunting boot

For more than 80 years the manufacturer has been in the industry, which is something you should consider when looking for quality cold weather hunting boots. Honestly, this is the best you will find in this market. It is fully insulated to protect your feet from cold and any form of dampness.

The one is 100% boot waterproof. The traditional synthetic toughens the exterior hence protecting your feet from physical damage. The polyfill insulation lining serves best as a thermal barrier; the boot serves as warm weather hunting boots as well as in cold weather hunting on wet terrain.

It is integrated with thermal antimicrobial technology, which protects you from the harsh conditions of the sun. It gives you quick-drying feet comfortable experience. You can wear a pair of socks with this one.

The boot is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions in the field including muddy and soak conditions. It has tough threads hence the assurance of stability and uprightness when climbing steep environments. Bogs Bowman is built for durability; a combination of leather and nylon midsole on the interiors guarantees you protection and ultra-dry hunting experiences through the mud.

What we liked

  • Full-Grain leather and nylon waterproof uppers are a guarantee of quality
  • 100% waterproof hunting boots thus reliable
  • traditional materials with thermal guard linere

What we didn’t like

  • Available in various sizes, can fit people of all ages

Kamik Men’s Best Rubber Hunting Boot for Cold Weather

Kamik Men’s Hunter Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik Men’s boot is fully rubber and fabric on the exterior. You only have two options when it comes to color; khaki and black. You can walk on different types of terrain after wearing it.

These are the best colors for any hunter; you wouldn’t want to wear bright colors and deep in the mud. This is not to despise the design and looks of the Kamik’s boot, it is attractive; the khaki type is most preferred probably because of the cowboy and vintage look.

The rubber sole makes the boot reliable and efficient in mussy and smooth surfaces. It also protects your feet from extreme conditions; rubber is a poor conductor thus maintenance of cold temperatures throughout the hunting period. It has a rear strap that will make it a perfect fit.

The heel measures 1.25”, which is comfortable for any hunter irrespective of height. The heel protects you from adverse conditions, especially if you are hunting on rocky and uneven surfaces. It will be better to use heated socks with these.

The platform measures slightly less; it measures 0.50”. Even with the different sizes in heel and platform, the cold weather hunting boot is relatively flat; there is no significant difference in length and sizes around the boot. The boot has an adjustable back gusset drawstring on the top for easy fitting.

What we liked

  • Designed to withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions
  • Pure rubber guarantees you comfort and long service

What we didn’t like

  • The heel length is uncomfortable for some people

Combat Boot, Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Boot for Winter Season

Combat Boot, Mickey Mouse Extreme Cold Weather Boots

The combat boot is the best warmest winter boots for hunting you can have in winter. The design and structure are more of the military; most of its exterior and interior are made of rubber. On the top is a nylon upper finishing that enhances its look.

It is made of genuine US military fabric to sustain any shocks and environmental elements. With a combat military boot, there is no worry of getting stuck in mud or sliding on ice. You can walk on slippery terrains with them. The boot is built to withstand extremely unfavorable conditions.

The outer sole is made of waterproof rubber; all the exterior covered by nylon shank is also exterior. Unlike most cold weather boots, this is long; it goes beyond the ankle. You can make a pair of gym socks with a pair of boots.

The rubber sole is also vulcanized to increase its durability. The boot can serve you for several winter seasons; you might only leave it because you want to change; in such a case, it will serve the next person.

The outer fabric is insulated to prevent vapor and moisture from infiltrating your feet. If there is anything you need during cold weather hunting is a warm weather hunting boot. A combat military boot is the best pack boot for hunting; does not expose you to any dampness and cold.

What we liked

  • Full rubber on the exterior is a quality guarantee
  • Shiny nylon on the exterior to improve on its design
  • Better internal shank with triple stitching

What we didn’t like

  • The manufacturer provides limited sizes

Bedoro Men’s Snow Hunting Shoe 

Bedoro Men’s Snow Boots

If you like high classic lace-up design boots, the Bedoro winter hunting boots are your best choice. It is also one of the warmest boots. While it depends on the length of your feet, it generally covers up to the knees. This means the bigger part of your leg is protected from any physical harm and cold.

The design on the upper side of the boot makes it attractive; if you are shopping with a lady for hunting boots, she will likely pick this one. The manufacturer uses quality rubber and fabric on both the interior and exterior. There are padded insoles here to make you feel comfortable and give you perfect traction. You can walk in any type of terrain after wearing this boot.

Bedoro has an extra gore tex lining on the interior to keep your feet toasty and warm. The lining is mainly made of fur for not only warmth but also comfortability as you hike through rugged construction environments. It is purely animal fur, which you can pick, wash, and replace.

Be sure to wash the lining early before your hunting experience or long before winter kicks in because of Bedoro fur heavy. You don’t want to miss a hunting escapade because of a wet boot. But you can wear it in rainy weather.

The pair of hunting boots are extra light, the heaviest is around 800g, which increases your portability and convenience. Extra weight is a negative in hunting expedition; bedoro weather ensures you can skip hurdles without feeling extra baggage.

What we liked

  • Super light; the manufacturer uses fabric conservatively
  • Anti-skid because of deep threads on rubber
  • Classic lace-up design

What we didn’t like

  • Bulky; fur and extra lining for warmth increase the size of the boot

Extreme-Cold-Weather-Water-proof-Rubber Boot-Combat Boot for Hunters

Extreme-Weather-Water-proof-Rubber-Combat Boot

No brand beats the combat type. Talk of durability and reliability on rugged surfaces and muddy environments. All you need with one of these extreme waterproof rubber combat shoes is the right fitting because of the adjustable back strap.

If you are wearing your size, nothing will lag you behind because of its extra lightweight design. The insulated rubber boot is built to sustain all extreme weather conditions during winter. Whether you are going into the mud or ice, you are guaranteed grip and warmth.

Getting stuck is common for hunters but not with this boot; you will be the one pulling people out of mud and holes because of the incredible grip and quality fabric on the exterior of this boot. For uneven terrain, this one would be the best to use.

The outer sole is pure rubber meaning it is thermal resistant. You don’t have to worry about exposure to extreme temperatures; sometimes, hunting is effective and more adventurous during late-night hours. You can even walk-in wet conditions with these Rugged rubber sole boots.

The boot guarantees you comfort and warmth through the night; you will not miss out on the thrilling experiences with a lantern in the woods because you shy from the cold. And you can wear a pair of cotton socks with these boots.

The boot is fitted with tough laces and a rear gusset to ensure universal fitting; your athletic shoe size does not matter, the Speed lacing design will stick the boot to your feet.

What we liked

  • Combat boot is available in a variety of sizes
  • Full rubber sole for comfort and durability

What we didn’t like

  • The boot is available in limited color options

Muck Boot Woody Max Men’s Grit Hunting Shoes

Muck Boot Men’s Woody Grit Hunting Shoes

The Muck woody rubber-hunting boot is designed for warmth and comfortability. The synthetic sole is attractive and appropriate for cold weather; while there are several color options, you will love a brown one because of the integration of the colors.

If you love high boots, this will make your hunting experience a lot more fun. The hunting experience is not only about the catch and having a meal but also the dressing and experience in the woods. If not for experience, hunting wouldn’t be popular around the world.

Food is not the primary reason for hunting except for communities living deep in the Amazon forest and such don’t need hunting boots. To them, hunting is a lifestyle, their bodies are adapted to such outdoor conditions. You can walk through rough terrain with this one because of the aggressive sole.

The boot is fitted with a 5mm adjustable neoprene gusset to enhance comfort and flexibility as you climb up fences and trees while hunting. Its contoured footbed will also fit in your feet perfectly. The boot is also excellent in waterproofing; your feet are also guaranteed protection from any physical damage and cold.

It has high heat retention capabilities. Besides, the fur on the interior increases leg adjustment space to prevent blister occurrence and chafing. Also, the boot has a breathable air mesh lining to keep your feet ventilated throughout.

What we liked

  • Extended leg space for your comfort
  • 100% waterproof boot; all you need in cold weather hunting
  • breathable boots to wear

What we didn’t like

  • Not durable boot because of the light fabric used

Lacrosse Men’s 4Xburly 1200G Cold Weather Hunting Boot

Lacrosse Men’s 4Xburly 1200G Hunting Boot

LaCrosse Men’s is considered for men but can be worn also by women. In hunting, appearance does not really matter; safety, flexibility, and comfort are crucial, especially in cold weather hunting.

Typically, the LaCrosse Men’s is brown in color; the fabric is designed to mimic animal skin. If you love design then this will be an interesting choice for your hunting trip. The aggressive rubber rigid outsole is lugged, which guarantees you extra comfort and protection from rugged surfaces and any environmental hazards with respect to where you step.

It is a high boot, which covers up to your knees; the manufacturer does not compromise on your comfortability when it comes to warmth and exposure to extreme weather elements. For rugged terrain, there is no better than this one.

At the very top is an adjustable gusset strap for proper fitness. It is used universally; your age and foot size do not matter because the adjustable strap ensures the boot perfectly fits you. It has a moisture-wicking lining.

Proper fitting is important in hunting because the field is unpredictable; you might get attacked hence the need for swiftness. The extra weight and anything to slow you down is risky in a hunting experience; while shopping, you should consider flexibility because it has everything to do with safety.

What we liked

  • Comfortable boots; there are extra leg space and neoprene upper lining
  • Attractive design; blending of colors in the long boot is incredible
  • 16-inch boot opening feature with rugged outsole construction

What we didn’t like

  • Bulky; extra material for comfortability increases its size

YUNGOD Men’s Winter Snow Boots for Ice fishing

YUNGOD Men’s Winter Snow Boots

Quality, durability, and shock resistance characterize this boot. If you value quality waterproof leather and lightweight boot while hunting then the YUNGOD footwear is the best you can get among cold weather hunting Boots.

This leather boot has a composite material such as multilayer leather and a fabric cushioned footbed to protect your feet from physical damage and enhance comfort as you run and jump over hurdles in the woods. Its cushioned Air-Port footbed makes it extended wear for you. That’s what makes it a perfect hunting boot for you to wear.

The woods are not an easy walk, you have to find a way and jump over hurdles and sometimes make way by breaking trees; this is part of the adventure.

Although it is suitable for hunting, it is considered to be multi-purpose; so it can be used in hiking, fishing, working, and outdoor movement, especially on snowy weather. This one has a comfortable fur lining on the inside to enhance comfortability by reducing sweat and abrasion while walking on snow with this boot. This one is easy to clean because of its removable liner and removable sole components.

What we liked

  • Thick lining for much needed warmth, not heavy
  • Rubber sole guarantees you of good extra grip
  • Firm high-raised pattern for reliability on rugged surfaces
  • Fabric cushioned insole and self-cleaning outsoles

What we didn’t like

  • Artificial wool can peel off after a short while

Buying Guide For Best Cold Weather Hunting Boot

Before you set out for hunting, it is important to list down essentials to ensure you have an awesome hunting experience. It can be otherwise if you don’t plan enough for hunting. Planning, in this case, includes packing necessary tools and resources according to your preference.

While you should not leave anything behind including a road bike, you should be as light as possible for flexibility while maneuvering through obstacles in the wood. You also need to get a boot with the correct size that makes you feel comfortable.

The type of boot should be your first consideration when planning for a hunting adventure. What is suitable for your friend may not apply to your specific need; check on how much weight you can bear and which temperature levels you can withstand.

Also, consider your preferred type of dressing before choosing a cold weather-hunting boot. Winter is not any period for compromising on cold; you don’t want to contact your health insurer while on a trip. You will get some boots at both an affordable price and a reasonable price.

Here are the most important things you should consider when shopping for a cold weather-hunting boot.


It does not matter if you are spending an hour or the whole day out in the woods; keeping warm your cold feet is not negotiable in winter hunting. Your feet have to be well insulated because it determines how efficient and flexible you will be in the woods.

The woods can be unpredictable; if you are not flexible because of numb feet, a bear or any other predator can catch up with you and the adventure will turn ugly. The greater the Thinsulate in a hunting boot, the greater the insulation level hence more comfort and control over your adventure; most boots range between 400 to 1000 grams of insulation.

Be sure to find the highest level of Thinsulate Ultra Insulation boots for increased warmth. So make sure to pay some attention to the insulation material. Primaloft insulations are also great.


Trust me, you don’t want your feet drenched in dew in the morning. It is not only unpleasant but risky because winter temperatures are extremely low and can lead to significant health risks. And some wet surfaces can also cause saggy feet.

If your body is sensitive to cold, you might want to shop extensively basing on waterproofing elements before going to a cashier. Dew during the winter is nothing you can compare to early mornings in spring, a proper waterproofing boot is everything you need to protect your feet and have fun while hunting.


Winter can be extreme in temperatures; you don’t want to be stranded in the middle of ice and mud because your fabric gave in to extremely low temperatures. Cold weather hunting boots should be able to sustain extremely low temperatures and a rugged environment; your feet should not be exposed at any moment because the sole or rubber has separated from the leather.

Also, you might slow down your hunting crew because of a poor-quality boot. Check on the durability of the materials used before making a purchase of the perfect boot.


For excellent traction, you could get pairs of hunting boots with a Polyurethane insole. Because a Polyurethane footbed makes sure you can walk properly even on slippery surfaces. Some boots have padded insoles and some have vulcanized rubber or natural rubber to make sure you can even walk in the deep snow without any problems. Some even have a carbon insole to give perfect traction


There is a variety of hunting boots with some impressive features. It is better to get calf sizes taller boots, you can have heavy insulation. There are also some special boots for the late season. You can get them for yourself.

Comfort and ease

Look for padded collars and tongues for your comfort. The type of fur is also important in making your hunting experience fun and fulfilling. First, your cold-weather boot should be well-fitting; if your toes are squeezed, you might get tired and demotivated in the middle of the night while in the woods. Nothing is predictable in hunting; it is more of a fight and struggle. Be sure to check on inner sole and fur type before purchasing a cold-weather boot.

To determine the best cold weather boot, consider the time you will spend in the woods and your hunting frequency. If you will be going out for an hour and back to the camp, feet flexibility might not be of much concern; apart from night vision monocular, you should check on the expansion and lace flexibility of a boot.

How high should cold weather hunting boots be?

Waterproofing, perfect warmth, and protection should be your primary considerations when choosing a boot length. While winter is cold and high boots are more preferred, there is no standard length. It depends on individual preference. Knee-High boots increase insulation value on your leg; however, don’t compromise on your flexibility because the hunting boots are too high for your wide feet. Allow space for leg and knee movement. That’s why you should check the boot opening measures.

Do you need waterproof hunting boots?

There are a variety of hunting boots. For hunting, it is better to get a boot with a waterproof feature. You will also get waterproof construction in some insulated boots. Usually, these types of waterproof boots have a waterproof membrane and breathable membrane that makes sure you don’t have soggy feet.

How to keep your feet warm in a hunting boot?

You can use super warm boots to keep your feet warm. These are some warm hunting boots available. You can also wear gym socks. It will keep your feet normally and in better condition.


Hunting is an incredible experience; different people prefer hunting in different seasons. There is no doubt hunting in winter has thrilling and fulfilling experiences. However, you should take time to plan effectively before heading out on a winter hunting trip. On top of your priorities should be purchasing the best cold weather hunting boot. You should get one based on your personal preferences.

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