The Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans 2021

If you have to use canned food daily, then you must get the best electric can opener for large cans. Because it can save your time from open cans daily with a manual can opener. So to make things easy for you, in this article, we are going to mention some of the top-rated can openers.

I have checked and put together a collection of the best electric can opener for large cans currently available for this particular post.

Now you can check my list of The 5 Best electric can opener for large cans

Proctor Silex Power Electric Automatic Can Opener with Knife Sharpener, Twist-off Easy-Clean Lever, Cord Storage

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener: Open Your Cans with A Simple Push of Button

Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Can Opener, Stainless Steel

BLACK+DECKER EasyCut Extra-Tall Can Opener, White, EC500W

Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans 2021

1. Proctor Silex Power Handheld Electric Automatic Can Opener with knife sharpener

With this easy-to-use Proctor Silex Power electric can opener, now it will not be hard for you to open the lid of bottles, especially for the elderly. It will help you to make your life easier than before. It has an automatic shut-off system that will help you to release it from your hand without even worrying about anything.

You can easily align cans on this electric device to open them. You will figure it out in first use. You can open different sizes of cans with this one. There will be no problem with it. Its sleek design makes it fashionable.

With the washable cutting lever, you can easily twist off this device to make cleaning the can opener easy. You can clean it without any difficulties. This one is a versatile device that will make it easy for everyone. You can open cans with ease. It has a black chrome finish.

You can also keep all of your knives sharp with it as it contains a built-in knife sharpener. So you don’t have to go for a separate tool to sharp your things at home. It is located in the back of the opener.


  • Easy-Clean Detachable Cutting Lever
  • You can use it to open different sizes of cans 
  • Comes with a built-in cord storage
  • Comes with an auto shut-off feature

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2. Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener Battery Operated With Sharp Edge

This one is one of the best hands-free cans opening solutions that will make sure you can remove the lid of the cans easily. It needs 4 AA batteries to operate. With this electric can opener, it will be easy for you to use on everything. And you can open the cans effortlessly without facing any problems.

You can easily use this compact electric opener to open cans. You have to tap it two times to open any cans with this electric can opener. It can cut cans of tomatoes 360° along with the lid. All you have to do is push and pull the buttons.

This compact option contains a sharp and smooth edge yet safe enough not to harm or hurt anyone. With it, you can cuts along the side of the lid without touching the food inside. Its blade will not leave any sharp cuts that can hurt you or an elder. So it is 100% safe.

It has a user-friendly and ergonomic design that will help you to use it with more ease. This one is best for especially those people who are suffering from arthritis problems.


  • Contains a sharp edge yet safe enough not to harm
  • User-friendly and compact design
  • It can cut cans 360° along with the lid.
  • Easy to use

3. Cuisinart CCO-50BKN Deluxe Electric Can Opener

Right now in the market and according to consumer reports, this Cuisinart – Barrel Handle Line Can Opener is one of the most popular can openers that you will see in the market. This attractive design can opener contains both an elegant and modern design. You can use it with a single-touch for effortless operation. So it will be quite easy for you to use without any problems.

This Cuisinart Deluxe Stainless Steel Electric comes with rubber feet that will make sure it doesn’t slip when you are using it to cans per day. You can remove the blade and magnetic lid holder whenever you want. It will make cleaning this device easy.

With the help of the extra-wide heavy bottom base, you can make sure it will not slide anywhere in your kitchen even when you are not going to use it. This Cuisinart Deluxe Electric can opener will also cut without harming anyone whoever uses it. It has a black finish.

This electric can opener has brushed stainless steel. There is no plastic in it. So you don’t have to worry about the quality of this product. You will not have any problems holding this device.


  • Contains brushed stainless steel
  • Use it with a single-touch for effortless operation
  • Easy to hold
  • Easy to use

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4. Oster FPSTCN1300 Electric Built In Bottle Opener hands-free operation with retractable cord storage

This 6.110 inches W x 5.410 inches L x 9.500 inches H electric can opener will be perfect for you to use in your kitchen without causing any problems. You can also operate it pretty easier than you think. This integrated bottle opener will make things simple for you in the kitchen. So there is no problem for you.

With this stainless steel electric can opener, you can safely and efficiently open cans in your kitchen. It will not cut your hand or harm you in any other way. So you don’t have to worry about anything while using it.

You don’t have to hold the cans while cutting the lids in this device as it has a hands-free operation. It also contains a power-pierce cutting mechanism and magnetic lid lifter. So in total, it is not a bad idea to use it. It has a lightweight design.

You can shut it off automatically without doing anything. It contains a removable cutting blade and retractable power cord storage. So you can also use it while charging.


  • Power-pierce super-simple cutting technology and magnetic lid lifter
  • Safely and efficiently open cans.
  • Hands-free operation
  • Comes with a removable cutting process blade and retractable cord storage

5. BLACK+DECKER EasyCut Extra-Tall Design Can Opener

BLACK+DECKER has easy-cut blade technology. Its cutting blade can slice through lids without making anything difficult for you to use. You can simply remove the lid from the can through this electric can opener. It can cut the can while it spins in place on the stable base.

You can remove the cutting assembly whenever you want to. It will help you to clean this device easily. You can also reattach it after washing. So this cabinet electric can opener will be best to use. And it will also go well with kitchen design. 

It contains a one-touch feature. So you can open the cans with just one touch. It will work great on most of the can size. So there is nothing for you to worry about when it comes to this one. This one has a simple design.

You can also open other kitchen tools with this one. And its stabilized wide base makes it stand out among the other electric can openers. It will be the perfect choice for people. So you can use these openers for people.


  • Contains a one-touch additional feature and use on other extra tools
  • Stabilized extra wide base for stability
  • Easy cut blade technology
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe cutting unit and reattach blades

Buying Guide of The Best Electric Can Opener for Large Cans

There are many things that you need to look out for a while choosing a kitchen electric can opener to open larger cans in your kitchen. It gets tough to open a large can with a manual can opener. Here we are mentioning some of the things that you need to know.


You have to buy a portable size can opener. So that’s you can cut standard-size cans with ease. There is also some compact size can openers are available. You could get these sizes.

Battery or plug-in

There are two options in an electric can opener. Either it contains a battery or it has a plug-in system. It is up to you to choose what you find comfortable to use. Some of them have both of the combinations of these features.  You can also get Energizer A23 Batteries. Other than these, they have some specialty batteries such as a handheld battery or mini batteries. You can keep these types of cans on the kitchen counter.

Traditional or side-cutting system

Some can opener cuts in the side and some of them cut in a traditional way. So if you find side cut comfortable, then you can look for this option while getting a can opener. Make sure there are no jagged edges. So no matter what you get manual openers or electric openers, it should have a safe edge.


Some can openers have a storage system. It is better to look out for this extra feature. It will save some of your entire time and space.

Is electric can openar worth for people with arthritis?

A push of Button – Auto Stop is perfect for seniors with arthritis. Because it will help them to do a One-touch operation. It won’t cause glaring comfort or hand-strength issues. Or you won’t have any grip issues.


Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the best electric can opener for large cans. Make sure to choose the one that suits you in every way without any problems. And it will give you better experiences with electric can opener.

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