Best Fire Ant Killer Reviews 2021

The battle against fire ants is something that most homeowners are not ready to start. It is always demanding and energy-draining if you don’t have the right solution to eliminating them. These ants are resilient and often stubborn to kill. This is the reason why the best fire ant killer reviews are available for you to search for the perfect product to use.

Fire ants are unwelcome visitors that try to take over the property and the ground if care is not taken. There are numerous fire ant killer products that are not effective in destroying them completely. It can take you a few minutes to destroy these ants if you can get that product that kills them very fast as there are several options for you.

Best Fire Ant Mounds Killer

To get the best killer for fire ants, it is important that you carefully follow the reviews that we have given in this article.

PictureProduct NameRatingCheck Price
Best Fire Ant Killer ReviewsOrtho 12-Ounce Orthene Fire Ant Killer5Check Price
Amdro 100099072 Granules Fire Ant Bait, 2 PoundAmdro 100099072 Granules Fire Ant Bait, 2 Pound5Check Price
TERRO T600 Ant Killer, 1lbTERRO T600 Ant Killer, 1lb5Check Price
Surrender Fire Ant Killer With AcephateSurrender Fire Ant Killer With Acephate4.75Check Price
Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant KillerScotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer4.75Check Price
Advion Fire Ant Bait – 2lb JugAdvion Fire Ant Bait – 2lb Jug4.5Check Price
Bayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust, 16-OunceBayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust, 16-Ounce4.5Check Price

Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules 12-Ounce for Inside Home

Best Fire Ant Killer Reviews

When it comes to terminating these ants from your home, it is not easy except with aggressive products like the Scotts Ortho Roundup’s Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer.

The Ortho MAX Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules is very powerful in that a tablespoon over a mound finishes the extermination within hours.

The queen and the entire mound get destroyed within a space of three days. It has a 50% acephate that works without using water. For this broadcast ant killer, you need to wait for a long period of time

There is no need for watering the fire ant killer mound because the product will kill everything with its broadcast treatment. This Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer will make sure you don’t have any problems.

Product highlights

  • The product destroys the mound and the queen
  • There is no need for watering.
  • It can be used for about 54 molds.
  • The product is not sold in some states

Amdro 100099072 Granules Fire Ant Bait, 2 Pound – effective fire ant

Amdro 100099072 Granules Fire Ant Bait

With AMDRO, it’s GAME OVER for fire ants. Though knowing as the top-level ant bait product, AMDRO is safe to use even when you can’t find the nest. This type of bait would work better.

Unlike contact pesticides, AMDRO can spread out the whole group of ants by destroying the queen even.

The AMDRO is designed to taste like food, so it is tempting to ants. Once worker ants find the AMDRO, they bring it back to join with the queen and the rest of the ant cluster. Once the queen ant and other ants eat it, the whole cluster dies.

In order to make sure that the AMDRO is shared with all the ants in the colonies, there is a deferred response before the AMDRO starts to take its entire effect and kill all the ants in the ant’s colony. This granular insecticide will make sure to remove it from the deep. These fast-acting bait granules are also safe enough to use.

So, this method is more operational than contact killers since AMDRO is shared with the full colony, while contact killers will only kill fire ants that come into direct interaction with the product. The following listed are some of the primary features AMDRO Granules Fire Ant Killer.

For effective results, do not use fire ant AMDRO during periods of rain. The AMDRO will go off when wet, which lessens its usefulness.

Product highlights

  • Fire ant Killer
  • Kills the queen ant and the entire colony
  • Kills evident and hidden fire all types of mounds within 2 weeks of use
  • Sprinkle 2- 5 tablespoons of AMDRO fire ant around the mounds
  • Also kills conceited ants and reaper ants
  • For outdoor use

TERRO T600 Ant Killer, 1lb

TERRO T600 Ant Killer, 1lb

TERRO Ant Killer is perfect for breakages and cracks dry mound treatments, as well as applying directly to fire ant hills. It can be ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Support yourself against ants and other frustrating pests that comprise fire ants, firebrats, carpenter ants, cockroaches, boxelder bugs, ticks, crickets, spiders, wasps, and silverfish.

TERRO Ant Killer is applied around the screens, windows, eaves, porches, doors, garages, patios, beside stairways, in creep spaces, and other areas where pests mostly hide. It contains granular baits. It works best as indoor baits.

For controlling the ants, put on the TERRO Ant Killer on ant traces, around doors, windows, and other places where ants are found entering the places. The water-resistant TERRO Ant Killer won’t wash-down by the water and will continue to be effective for up to ten months. So you don’t need gallons of water for it.

To help avoid indoor attacks, apply the product carefully, and consistently to every entrance of your home. To deal with fire ant mounds, lightly sprinkle one tablespoon of TERRO Ant Killer over the top of each mount. Apply when temperatures are between 65°F & 80°F and let three to four days for maximum control.

Product highlights

  • Eradicates ants on the connection
  • Provides permanent control
  • No nasty odor
  • Appropriate & convenient
  • Easy-to-use shaker can

Surrender Fire Ant Insecticides With Acephate

Surrender Fire Ant Killer With Acephate

Hold your breath as I am going to introduce Surrender Fire Ant Killer with Acephate.

It is the most effective weapon if you want to fight specifically against fire ants. Surrender Fire Ant Killer with Acephate can also be used to get rid of all kinds of bugs.

This amazing fast-acting insecticide has dual usage. Like if you want to use it in liquid bait stations form then mix it with a little amount of water. On the other hand, if you want to use it in the solid form then use it as dust particles.

Surrender Fire Ant Killer with Acephate is a ready-to-use product. You just have to pry off the lid from the tin and spread it with the aid of a small spoon. This one works amazingly even with water or without water. It will make perfect bait traps for ants.

Once you use it, you will get to know that it has a powerful tendency to penetrate deep down and kill fire ants more effectively. Surrender Fire Ant killer contains 75 percent Acephate that makes it more powerful to be used against listed ants. This incredible killer can also be used to fight against imported fire ants. It has a stinky smell that may last for ten to twenty minutes.

Product highlights

  • Contains 75 percent Acephate
  • Packed in a medium-sized tin
  • Comes in the form of fine dust particles
  • The tendency to kill all bugs
  • Has a fine stingy smell that lasts for ten to twenty minutes
  • Can treat dead spots in a centipede lawn

Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer for Lawns

Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer

Scotts Snap Fire Ant Killer has an amazing tendency to fight against fire ants and other bugs as well.

Get rid of fire ants for four months after applying Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer for one time only.

To retain the beauty of your incredible lawn at least, apply Scotts Snap Fire Ant Killer for one time and kill fly-in-queens and suppress the new formation of fire ants as well. It can do ant control as well as the growth of ticks also.

One bag of Scotts Snap can cover approximately 1500 feet sq. For better results, apply it in the daytime. It can be used on Bermuda grass too.

For effective usage of Scotts Snap Pac Fire, Ant Killer you have to apply this with the help of Scotts Snap Broadcast Spreader. You will be glad to know that Scotts Snap Pac Fire Ant Killer can be fixed directly into the snap spreader settings.

Get rid of the cutting and inconvenience of pouring from large heavy bags. To avoid spilling, you have to turn the lever and lock Snap Pack. After application water the lawn and let it dry. Once it becomes dry, it becomes safe for pets as well.

Product highlights

  • The only one-time application can help to get rid of fire ants for up to four months
  • Amazing tendency to eliminate foraging fire ants
  • Can kill fly-in-queens as well
  • TThis product can only be used with Scotts Snap standard drop Spreader
  • To get amazing results to use a 10-minute lawn care system with Scott’s premium quality products.

Advion Fire Ant Bait insecticide– 2lb Jug

Advion Fire Ant Bait - 2lb Jug

Advion Fire Ant Bait is one of the fastest-acting bait in the market supported by the alluring formation.

In a span of 24 to 72 hours, the use of this bait will get you total control over the colonies of ants.

It is the most ideal for fire ants, individual ant mounds treatment, big-headed ants, and pavement ants.

It is effective on all life stages of an ant. You may apply Advion Fire Ant Bait at the time but it is to be best effective when the ants are foraging. It is perfect when the temperature of the soil surface is more than 60 degrees.

You can use this product up to 4 times a year. You have to apply them with a 12 to 16 weeks interval. So make sure not to apply this after 2 to 3 hours of either rainfall or irrigation as it may reduce its effectiveness.

Similarly, try to avoid using it when the area is wet with rainfall or dew. If you are looking to get the best results, a repetition of 7 days is necessary.

You can use 1.5 to 2lb pounds per acre of Advion Bait. For better percent control and more results try to adjust and calibrate the equipment.

Product highlights

  • Fastest acting Fire Ant Bait in the market
  • Total control fire ants
  • Short Time of 24 to 72 hours
  • Suitable for all type of ants
  • Use it 4 times a year
  • The quantity of 1.5 to 2 lb is enough to cover an acre

Bayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust, 16-Ounce

Bayer Advanced 502832 Fire Ant Killer Dust

This Bayer advance Fire Ant Killer Dust is specifically made to kill the queen and demolish the entire individual mounds of ants.

The best thing about this is that it’s odorless. It is fast-acting and most dominating in the market. It contains an active element of 0.5% of Cyfluthrin.

The 16-ounce bottle with a shaker applicator on its top makes it easy to handle and use. Even this small amount is enough to cover vast areas ranging up to 200 mounds.

This product is better for where you are looking to get quick results or prompt action is necessary to save from the ants.

The 30 minutes after its application, there is certainly died off, while within one hour, it’s a goodbye for the whole colony. As this is very much poisonous, you have to show a great amount of care while you are trying to open the container. Due to its poisonous nature, it is better to keep children’s pets away from the product.

If you want to open the Advance Ant Killer, try to hold the lid as far as possible and unscrew the cap. It is recommended not to squeeze the container. Due to its poisonous nature, it is injurious to human beings. So make sure to read the product label directions before you use it and also know the perfect amount of insecticide in water before you use it.

Product highlights

  • Kills the queens and the whole and individual mounds
  • Odorless, there is no smell
  • Fat acting
  • Contains 0.5% of Cyfluthrin
  • 16-ounce bottle
  • Got shaker applicator at the top
  • Easy to use
  • Covers up to 200 mounds
  • Very much poisonous and starts effecting within 30 minutes of its application

Best Fire Ant Killer Buying Guide

The Type Of Ants Killing Pesticide Granules Products

The type of ant you get in your home should not neglect. The product that will kill the plethora of species of these ants can be overwhelming. You should be able to identify the type of ants that you get around you. Fire ant products can only work effectively for these ants around the home.


The products used in eliminating the fire ants can be dangerous because they contain toxic chemicals. Any mistake corrected when handling the product can be deadly. There may be kids or pets that are ready to participate.

So check the manufacturing instruction of the product and get one that doesn’t have any toxic materials. You will have to ensure your pet and vegetable safety.

The Effectiveness

It will be a useless journey when you don’t have the right fire ant killer remedy. Pesticide sodium tetraborate can help you to get rid of ant colonies. Killing these insects demands that the products are effective. When it is sprayed, the whole family should be able to stay away from the house until some time. Make sure to get the potent insecticide as it will help you for a long time for ant population.

Time Frame

Time is very important and shouldn’t be wasted when you have a mandate to do something else. Check the duration that is needed for the product ingredient to set in. It should give ants time enough to fall for the baits. So it can save time for workers. If you are buying, make sure you have a time frame that will suit yours. So there are many ant control products. Make sure to choose the well one.


The cost of a fire ant killer should be known. This is important because you are expected to pay for it. A product that is overpriced should be avoided. When you are buying, take your time in searching for other types of fire ant killer products and compare. Sometimes, the most expensive products are not necessarily the best. So check the one that suits you in price.


Is it safe to use ant killers around vegetables and pets?

If you think about it, then most ant killers are dangerous. That’s why you need to take a look at the manufacturing instruction. If the ant killer is harmful to pets and vegetables, then it will be written there.
There are some ant killers that are safe to use. You can get them. Most importantly, keep your pet away whenever you are using the ant killer. You can use Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer.

When should I put down an ant killer?

At which time you should put down an ant killer, depends on the season. When it is the summer months, it is better to put an ant killer in the afternoon. It is because, in the afternoon, ants come down.

When it is winter or spring, you should apply in the morning when everything is dry. These are the best time to put down the ant killer.

Does fire ant killer work?

Yes. File ant killer works. Once you apply it to the ant’s area, it will spread it among the other ants. You at least need about two weeks to kill all the ants. After then, there will be no ants. You can use Ortho Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules.

Caution and treatment

As ant treatments can be a poison for the users, so you have to be careful about using them. Especially if you use the borax bait. A distinct chemical odor can give you a bad odor. So while you use it, make sure it has the application-safe feature. You need to know about the formula before you use it on the ant territories. To get rid of the ant infestations, you have to be careful about what you use and the application rate.

If there is some accident, then make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Final Verdict: Best Fire Ant Killer Reviews

Finally, best ant killer reviews have become what most people read before making us their minds on the product to buy. You should always keep in mind that the safety of the house’s effectiveness of the product and the price first. You can grab any of the products we have listed and reviewed.

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