Best Kids Bowling Sets 2022 (Reviews)

Are you looking for a gift for your growing kid? Acquiring the best kids bowling sets can be one of the perfect presents for your child. The bowling set can be used for indoor and outdoor activities as well.

Remember that your kids should be involved in different activities especially games to keep their brains more focused and workable. Toddlers always learn by hands-on activities and providing them with new toys will help them in learning and developing new skills.

Bowling sets are at the front in the market these days and they can be one of the best games for your kid’s physical activity. Choosing the best kids bowling sets may be a difficult decision. Therefore, to make your life easy, we listed a few bowling sets for you.

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7 Best Kids Bowling Sets Reviews

1. Liberry Kids Bowling Set Includes 10 Classical White Pins and 2 Balls

Interesting and safe toys for the kids are every parent’s priority. Liberry is a brand that is familiar with the needs of every parent and it was started by two mothers who wanted to make toys that were safe and interesting for the kids.

The toys were created keeping every parent’s concern in mind. And they focused on the kids as well. The brand manufactured toys that are helpful for a child’s brain development and growth. The primary goal of Liberry is to inspire family play, physical skills, teamwork with their toys.

Liberry has one of the best kids bowling sets. The high durable plastic is safer and hygienic for toddlers. The plastic set makes it easier to clean.

The bowling sets that are made up of foam are dangerous for the kid because they can be easily torn and your child can swallow it. The bowling sets help in developing gross motor skills, balance, and hand-eye coordination.

The bowling set is designed for the age of 1 year and above. It is known to be the best choice for education programs, birthday gifts, and gaming festivals.

The bowling pins are 9.5 inches and the bowling ball has three finger holes to provide a more realistic experience to the kids and make them interested in the game.

The package includes 10 bowling pins with two balls and a mesh bag to keep the pins secure in the toy room. There is a gift box included in it as well that can make it an excellent present for the kids.

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2. Giggle N Go Kids Bowling Set Indoor Games or Outdoor Games for Kids

Giggle N Go is a brand that understands the development of the parent-child relationship and due to which they produce the items and toys for children that focus on it.

Bowling sets are one of the most widely used toys for kids. Giggle N Go manufactures the best kids’ outdoor bowling sets. They are perfect for picnics, birthday parties at beaches, and backyards.

These bowling sets are perfect for indoor and outdoor kids’ play and they are attractive enough to get your child off the couch and get some exercise by playing with them. They are lightweight and are easy to carry around. The bowling sets are helpful in balance development and hand-eye coordination.

The bottom of the pin is sand-weighted which provides stability during slight wind while your kids are playing on the lawn. They are made up of high-quality PVC that makes them strong and durable and can be used to play indoors and outdoors as well.

The bowling set includes 6 giant bowling pins that are 27 inches tall and 24 inches in diameter ball. They are made up of high-quality PVC plastic. A repair patch and a hand pump are also included if the items get damaged.

3. Bowling Pins Ball Set Toys Mini Plastic Indoor Family Party Games with 10 Pins and 2 Balls

Indoor and outdoor games enhance the social skills of the kids and help them in getting better interaction with their family and friends. Bowling games are one of the best ways to develop the social skills of your toddler.

There are different companies that produce the best kids’ plastic bowling sets for toddlers. A toddler of 2,3,4 or 5 years of age is in a growing stage so outdoor activities for such kids are necessary for developing their gross motor skills and other cognitive skills.

The bowling sets are a great choice to be used as an educational toy for the kids.

They are suitable to learn more about bowling and to build interest in outdoor games that will help them in developing their motor skills, hand-eye coordination, observation and logic, and thinking ability. These bowling pins are light in weight for the kids to carry easily.

They are made up of plastic that makes them easier to clean than foam toys. If your kids are playing indoor due to their lightweight, they will not harm your kids or damage your house floor. The bowling ball has finger holes to make the child’s grip stronger on the ball and make it easier for him to hold it.

The set includes 10 colored bowling pins that are attractive for the kids and 2 balls. The durable material of the bowling pins and balls makes them last longer and are safer for the kids. So now your toddler can enjoy long-lasting plays.

4. iPlay, iLearn Kids Bowling Toys Set, Toddler Indoor Outdoor Activity Play Game

iPlay iLearn manufactures creative and lifelong learning toys for kids. The company manufactures kids-friendly and safe toys. One of their widely used toys includes bowling sets. The superior design of these makes them the best bowling sets for toddlers.

As these bowling pins are made up of high-quality foam, they need to be played under an adult’s supervision so that a child cannot swallow or tear the foam.

The bowling set comes with 10 bowling pins with different colors and 2 foam balls. The pins and balls are child-friendly and are easy for the little hands to play with.

The bowling set is also ideal for kids who are 18 months old. These are used as birthday gifts for kids. They also play a role as an educational toy especially for kids who are under 1 year of age.

But you need to be careful during the play because of their foam material. Kids under 1 year can easily tear them or swallow the foam which is dangerous. The bowling set can be easily carried to kids’ play dates.

5. Play22 Kids Bowling Set with Carrying Bag – Colorful 12 Piece Toy Bowling Set

Are you looking for bowling sets for children? Play22 is one of the companies that guarantee great toys for birthday gifts and holidays for the kids.

Bowling sets are a great choice to enhance a child’s motor skills and they also help in making the physical activity more continued.

The bowling set by Play22 is made up of sturdy soft foam. Its softness makes it more reliable for indoor plays because it does not make any noise nor it harms the floor by putting scratches on it. The set includes 8 bowling pins and 2 balls.

It is easy to carry because of the easy storage zipper that comes in the package. Wherever you are traveling you don’t need to collect the bottles from here and there, instead, you can easily pack them and carry them along with you in the package.

Kids bowling toys are appropriate for any age group, from a baby and above to a toddler. The bowling set is easy to clean and is washable. It is easily maintained. The bowling game can be played with the whole family or even friends as well to keep and develop some better social interaction skills.

The soft material makes it easy for the children to grip the pins and the bright colors enhance the observation and also help in eye-hand coordination. There are numbers on each bottle that makes a child’s learning experience more advanced. They are non-toxic and BPA free which makes them an ideal choice.

6. Kids Bowling Set Toddler Toys for 2 3 4 5 Years Old Boys Girls

The bowling game is said to be an ideal game for toddlers. It helps the kids in developing hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and logical thinking. Toy bowling sets for kids are difficult to find because of the many options available in the market. But you can still find one for your child.

The soft bowling set toy is made up of soft material that is safe for kids. Due to their soft material, they cannot damage the furniture nor do they make any noise while the kids are playing with it.

They are ideal for the ages of 2 years to 5 years. Kids counting skills are enhanced through the numbers that are written on each bowling pin. So the toy bowling set is a great product to be used as an educational toy. There are 10 bowling pins in the pack with two balls.

The bowling pins are light in weight but they can easily stand on the floor. They might not be able to stand on the carpets due to their soft material. If your kids are stuck inside the home due to rainy weather, bowling sets are a great activity to keep them engaged.

Games like these help in improving communication skills between kids and their friends and they also build the parent-child relationship stronger as well especially when the kids play these games with their parents.

Durable material makes them last longer than other toys. They are safe for the kids because they don’t have any sharp edges that could harm your child. The size of the balls is perfect for your child’s little hands to grip.

7. GUND Baby Baby Toothpick My First Bowling Set Plush Stuffed Animal Set

There are very few companies that manufacture baby bowling sets. Baby Gund is one of the companies that know the curiosity of a child who is exploring the toys of their elder siblings.

So for this purpose, they manufacture their baby bowling sets. The set includes six different characters of cartoons to get a child’s attention.

There is a soft multi-colored ball also included in the set that can make your child’s first bowling experience more fun. The bowling pins are machine washable. They are made up of soft plush with embroidered eye details to keep them safe for the child. These bowling pins are ideal for 0+ age. Plush bowling pins are known for high quality and soft designs and are perfect for giving as a present.

The bowling pins are very lightweight and are harmless for the kids with no sharp edges so you don’t need to worry if your child takes one pin to his/her mouth. They have a slim shape that makes it easier for the kid to grip them. It helps the child in holding and grabbing things tightly.

These bowling pins are not just for playing but these cartoon characters can also be used as a partner during the night in the baby’s crib. Whether your child wants to sleep with them or play with them it’s the baby’s choice.

Best Kids Bowling Sets Buying Guide

A bowling kit is a perfect toy for your kid if you do not want your kid to spend more time over the screens. They can increase their social and motor skills. But it is not easy to find one of the best suitable bowling set for your child because of the many available options in the market.

Before making any choice and buying a bowling set for your kid, you need to consider a few factors that can be helpful for you and your child’s safety. There might be a few questions that you need to ask before jumping to buy the set. They are:

  • Is the bowling set worth the spent money?
  • How the set will be beneficial for my child?
  • Why is important to invest in the best bowling set?

We know you might be having more questions in your mind and you will be desperate to know the answers. But before researching in the market you can never find the best product for your kid. There are a few considerations that are necessary before the purchase.

Choose a bowling set that fulfills many requirements:

You can choose a bowling set that is not only safe for your child but also helps in enhancing and developing skills. Bright colors can improve your child’s vision. So choose a bowling set that plays multi-purpose roles.

Bowling set and development of exploration and problem solving:

You need to choose a bowling set that can play a positive role in the development of problem-solving skills and can increase the curiosity to explore in your kid. They can learn a lot of mathematical skills through bowling.

Choose bowling set with non-toxic materials:

A very important factor is that you need to choose a bowling set that has nontoxic material in it. You need to be very careful and cautious while buying the toys for the kids. Consider buying a set that does not contain any harmful material and is safe for your child.


In this list, we have mentioned the best kids bowling sets for you so that you can easily read about them and get your hands on your baby’s favorite bowling set. Everybody wants to give the best things to their kids, so you just need to make sure that whatever you are buying for your kid is one of the best products.

You need to be considerate about the safety of the kid as well so always choose the toys that are kids friendly are not harmful to the kids. The bowling pins are a good source of educational toys because they develop logical thinking, motor skills, mathematical skills, and many others.

We tried to make the decision easier for you by mentioning the best products. So choose wisely so that your child can enjoy the toy.


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