Best Smelling Aftershave Lotion 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Gentlemen look fashionable and savvy after they had shaved. The problem of some men begins immediately aftershave because of skin irritation or reactions to chemicals used on them. This is the reason why best smelling aftershave lotion has been manufactured to bridge that gap. Men will love this aftershave because of its fragrance. It comes with amazing ingredients that are not harsh on the skin.

Best Smelling Aftershave Lotion in 2019 – Comparisons

Whether you have found your ideal aftershave or you are still searching for the right one, we have gotten products to review you will love. Some of these products have been designed to meet the highest standard before they are displayed in different stores around the world.


Best After-shave Balm, Sandalwood Scent- Premium Aftershave Lotion

Best Smelling Aftershave LotionThe search for the most soothing aftershave balm is over. The Sandalwood Scent Aftershave lotion has been manufactured to give you the best results.

The aftershave lotion calms skin irritation and perfect for sensitive skins. It is not one of those aftershaves that you use once and may never want to use again. It is used once and sticks to it.

It soothes irritation and unlike other aftershaves, does not sting or burn due to the absence of alcohol. This product gives a refreshing and excellent finish to your shave.

It leaves your freshly shaven face with a smooth and healthy low. It also gives you the perfect look you are aiming for, thus, making it an excellent finish to your shaving routine. The lather and Woods non-greasy hydrating formula absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky.

Verdict: The product remains one of the best aftershaves you will use. Not only does it have a terrific old-school feel, It also has great value and quality which is why customers never go back to the commercial drugstore brands.

St Johns West Indian Lime Aftershave Lotion – Effective and Reliable

St Johns West Indian Lime Aftershave LotionThe St Johns West Indian Lime Aftershave has been in existence since 1946 and still remains one of the best in the world. It is also produced in small batches at St Johns Fragrance Factory on St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands.

This Aftershave has alcohol and combines accent with vetivert oil, fresh herbs, a bit of bergamot and a sparkling citrus note of pure lime making it one of the best aftershaves. Not only does this aftershave give a cool refreshing feeling on the face, it can also be used as cologne.

The aftershave lotion has been designed to give men who are wary of how they will look after shaving confidence. There is no need for worries over bumps because it has ingredients that will handle such skin issue. It is formulated to give you a rejuvenated feeling aftershave and is not expensive to purchase.

Verdict: The smell is sweet and you are not going have to have bumps or skin irritations. It is ideal for those with sensitive skins.

Sir Hare Aftershave Cologne Splash- An Ideal Aftershave Cologne For Men

Sir Hare Aftershave Cologne Splash- An Ideal Aftershave Cologne For MenThe Sir Hare Aftershave Colonge Splash is a popular brand for wet shaving. It is a warm nice combination of Musk, Bergamot, and Sandalwood that smells awesome thus leaves your skin refreshed and smooth.

This aftershave cologne splash is also a balanced alcohol-based product with glycerin to keep your skin hydrated.

Aftershave Splash by Sir Hare helps avoid burns from razors. It leaves the skin feeling moisturized and closes pores quickly. This is a nice aftershave for your shaving routine and can be used as a cologne splash to freshen up. For best results, this product is used in the shaving area and pulse points.

Verdict: The first time users of this product quickly fall in love with it. It is not harsh on the skin and has a sweet fragrance. It is gentle on sensitive skins and does not cause skin irritation.

Final Verdict:

With the number of amazing aftershave lotions on the market, it may be a daunting process to select the right aftershave product. We have made it possible with the best smelling aftershave lotion from different companies around the world. With our buyer’s guide, it will be easier for you to pick the perfect aftershave lotion for your skin.


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