Donation to Charity Instead of Christmas Cards

It is about that time that people start taking their Christmas card photos. This has been a long-standing tradition of sending your friends and relatives Christmas cards. They serve to inform them how you have been since you last met. It also helps them feel like they are part of your lives while reducing the amount of guilt that you feel for ignoring them the past 300 days.

The question though is, isn’t it better to spend that money that you waste on matching outfits, professional photographers and card priming on the needy? Isn’t it about time that we stopped being vain and instead chose to helpful.

Christmas is a time of giving. Yet, we seem to forget this whenever the holiday itself is upon us. We indulge ourselves in lavish gifts and vane exercises. We forget about or needy neighbors and instead focus on the less-needy in society. This takes away from the spirit of Christmas.

Instead of throwing money away on a bunch of cards that the recipients may not care about, why not do a little donating? Send that money out to people that actually need it. People that otherwise don’t have a merry Christmas. Here are some reasons why donations trump Christmas cards.

Reasons you should donate to a charity instead

  1. Donations are directed towards the needy: This means that your money will go from your pocket to someone that needs it. This means that on that special day, you get to make a difference in the life of someone. Because of you, someone somewhere in the world will get to enjoy their Christmas a little more. Isn’t that something worth doing?
  2. Variety is guaranteed: Unlike with Christmas cards where your audience is always the same and your recipients limited, donations can be sent to different charities every toe. You can choose to support a cause that you are passionate about, or a group of people that you feel need your help the most.
  3. Guaranteed appreciation: Relatives may not always appreciate the time, effort and money that you put into producing the Christmas card that you send. The same cannot be said for your donation. It goes to people that need it and as such, even though they do not know you, they will still appreciate your contribution. Your card may end up in a dumpster after just one peak, but your donation will help change the someone’s day.
  4. Easy, fast and convenient: The donation is easy and, in many cases, simply involves the push a few buttons. This saves you time and allows you to spend your days doing something more productive. Preparing a Christmas card, especially a custom made one, takes a lot of time and planning. With donating, you simply need to get your phone or computer and click away for a minute or two, and all will be right with the world.

So, this year I challenge you to be better. To actually observe the rules of the festival. Instead of spending money on photography and postage, calculate the costs and send the money to a charity of your choice. I guarantee that you will have a more fulfilling Christmas with more than enough joy.


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