Saltwater Pier Fishing for Beginners – Tips and Tricks

There is no respect for the age when it comes to saltwater pier fishing. Whether you are young or old, you can be involved. You may not necessarily have a boat to fish but give a special care while choosing trolling reels. The right conditions and the ideal place to catch your fish is all that makes the difference.

There are important species of fishes you can catch from peers like the pompano, whiting, black drum, sheepshead, flounder and many others. It may interest you to know that people have caught the tarpon, sailfish, seatrout, snook, and kingfish from saltwater piers.

There have been a number of record breaks in catching fishes from the pier. Take, for instance, a tiger shark weighing 1,780-pounds was caught in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and it took the people almost five hours to bring it to the ground.

There are things you should consider as a beginner when it comes to saltwater pier fishing:

The Timescale

Time is very important when it comes to fishing from a saltwater pier. What will contribute to your success in fishing is time. Anglers understand that if they have been productive, they should understand the timing of the tides and also when they need to fish. As a beginner, time should be one of the first things you should consider.


Even though you are a beginner, you need to learn. The only way you can beat time is by practicing. You can also talk to regulars who do pier fishing, pier anglers and read newspapers on fishing reports. If you can gather information from numerous channels, it will be easier for you to fish and catch some of the best fishes. There are times of the year or season when you can catch a particular fish like the bluefish or the sheepshead.


Observation is very important when you want to fish from the saltwater pier. You should visit a saltwater pier and learn from the people fishing there. It does not matter how many people are lined up to fish, what makes the difference is observed.

Fishing line

It can be fun when you fish from the pier. For many anglers, they can always tell you that they are expected when it comes to catching the biggest fishes from the saltwater pier. As a beginner, you are not prohibited from catching the biggest fish. It does not take anything before you can beat it. You can use either fluorocarbon fishing line or monofilament fishing line.

Tide Phase

You should learn to take notice of the tide phase when fishing. The tide phase includes the weather condition, water clarity, wind direction and speed, and the location of where you can stand when casting your baits. These factors are very important. When you are able to master these stuff, fishing from a saltwater pier becomes fun. You should keep a book log to write down everything you need to learn from the tide phase.

Be Bold

You should talk to the fishermen on the pier. They are the masters of the game and can help achieve a lot when it comes to saltwater pier fishing. With their advice, you are going to be an expert within a short time.

Final Verdict:

Whether you are young or old, there are things you cannot ignore when it comes to saltwater pier fishing, you need to practice. Practicing is very important if you must become a better fisherman on the pier. They are times when we want to make a difference or take up a hobby, fishing can be one of the hobbies that will give us the fulfillment we want. As a beginner, the saltwater pier fishing can change your life.


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