What Type of Helmet for Mountain Biking

When it comes to mountain biking, a helmet is one of the features that is talked about. The helmet is very important because it is the safety precaution between life and serious injuries or even death. How do you select your mountain biking helmet? This is the question everyone who is ready to dare him or herself on a mountain asks. With the number of bikes for riding on rough terrain like the mountain, come different helmets to fit the particular bike.

It will interest you to know that there are different types of helmets for mountain biking. Some of the helmets have been designed differently from others. We have listed some of the helmets you may want to consider:

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Half-Shell Mountain Bike Helmets

The half shell mountain bike helmet has been designed to give you a similar shape like the road bike helmets. The major difference between road and mountain bike helmets is that the latter has a visor. The function of a visor is to ensure that the biker’s eyes are shielded from rain, mud, and sun. Cyclists who have no business with the mountain do not need the visor because it may impede their vision.

Full-Face Downhill Mountain Bike Helmets

The full-face downhill mountain bike helmet takes care of the entire head. This helmet is considered the most coverage of all the helmets we see in the market. The helmet is designed to be durable and very strong for any aggressive ride or violent crash. The chin guard is added to this helmet to protect the rider’s grill from dirt and rocks. This is engineered for BMX riding or downhill mountain biking. The ears are covered to give it extra protection. The helmet comes with the CPSC helmet certification. However, it is not DOT certified for those who want to use it on a motorcycle.

Open Face Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets

This type of mountain helmet is slightly more protective and heavier. The feature of the Open Face Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets is for very aggressive riding or on rough terrain. The helmet is differentiated from the XC helmet on its back protection that is very strong. There is a well-designed retention system that allows little open venting system. What this means is that the chance of sharp objects or rocks getting through is minimum.

Convertable Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets

The Convertable Enduro Mountain Bike Helmets are a unique set of helmets that are engineered to be exceptionally different from other helmets. It has a removable chin bar that is amazing and also it is ideal for those who need protection when climbing hills or on downhill sections. All Around / Combat Style Mountain Bike Helmets

The Around / Combat Style Mountain Bike Helmets comes prepared for those who are looking for helmets that are special and strong. This helmet is going to capture the attention of boys who are fashion savvy. They are bulkier, heavier and hotter with little or poor ventilation abilities They are good at protecting riders from injuries when there is a crash or violent fall. Most people may not feel comfortable when they use it for riding. However, it is amazingly strong when you need a helmet that is cool and safe.

Factors to Consider While Choosing Mountain Biking Helmets

When it comes to choosing your ideal mountain biking helmet, the common question arises- what type of helmet for mountain biking? There are things you should consider if you must have a great mountain biking helmet:

The Price

The price of a helmet is something that you should think of before buying. The price may not necessarily depict the quality of the helmet. You can buy an affordable helmet and still get the result you want when it comes to comfortable helmets.

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The Right Helmet

It is not every helmet that will fit you because every helmet is designed for specific purposes. If you use the wrong helmet, it may disastrous when there is a crash. You need to get the right helmet that will serve you during your expedition.

Final Verdict

The type of helmet for mountain biking depends on what you want to achieve. Each of the above listed helmets has their functions. Before you buy a helmet, make sure you are getting the right one for your movements on the mountains.


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