Breville BTM800XL One-touch Tea Maker Review in 2020

breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker reviewThe Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker is an electrical kettle plus a tea-maker. It is used for making various kinds of teas.

If you want a tea brewed with a robotic precision, you need to consider this product. It’s a fully automatic brewer.

This tea maker includes a small basket within the carafe which is used for storing the tea leaves and is also equipped with a magnetic leveling system to adjust the height of the basket while brewing the tea.

The base of this tea maker is equipped with tons of features, including the brewing temperature and the brewing time. There are default configurations of time and the temperatures for brewing the different kinds of teas like green, black, etc. It also has a custom setting in which you can adjust everything according to your needs.

Features of Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker

breville btm800xl one-touch tea makerWhile brewing tea, fill the mesh basket with the tea which you want to brew. Are you are wondering that how much quantity of tea you need to fill in the basket? If yes, don’t worry, it is always mentioned on the product label that how much quantity you need to use for brewing a particular amount of tea.

After filling up the basket, pour water in the carafe, and then insert the mesh basket in it. Also, adjust the height of the basket according to the amount of water. After you have completed all the above-mentioned tasks, you need to hit the “Tea” button.

The Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker also has a strength button which allows you to adjust the strength of the tea like, strong, medium, mild, and custom.

Special Features You Should Know

Now, we need to discuss other features too. There is an “Autostart” button which allows you to set time after which the tea should start brewing automatically.

It is sort of like an alarm, you just need to set the time, say, 12 o’clock in the afternoon, and then your tea will automatically start brewing.

It is a very useful feature; your morning tea will always be ready to get served hot and fresh. Next, there is another button named “Keep Warm”. You can guess the functionality of this button from its name.

Additional Features

  • There are other options also like Auto Start, Keep Warm and Basket Cycle.
  • Auto Start will let you brew the tea at the time of your choice. Just select the current time and the start time.
  • Keep Warm option allows you to keep your tea warm even after the brewing is stopped.
  • Basket Cycle helps you to brew the tea a little more if you wish to have a strong tea.

The functionality of Breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker

It helps in maintaining your tea or water at an optimal temperature so that you don’t need to drink a cold tea after all your hard work.

The next button is “Basket” button. It serves the function of moving the mesh basket up and down in the carafe for the entire brewing duration.

The “Hot Water” button helps in boiling the water round button to the left of LCD display. It helps in choosing between the types of teas and also for opting the custom option.

Last, but not the least, the button on the right side of the display. It helps in changing the strength of the tea.


  • Various modes of tea
  • Adjustable time and temperature
  • Autostart functionality
  • Provides real-time temperature of the water while boiling
  • The carafe is made of glass
  • Stainless steel
  • LCD Screen for displaying information
  • 1.5-liter carafe
  • Fully automatic


  • It can be very expensive.
  • Some parts of the product can be fragile.
  • It may not be easy for someone who is naïve about technology to use.
  • It requires proper monitoring.

Bottom Line

It is a great product for tea enthusiasts. It is loaded with many features which can help in making a perfect cup of tea. The only con we could find with the product is its price. We can’t complain about it much considering the features offered by it.

You need to be careful while handling this product. General precautions should be taken while using it like, don’t pour cold water in the hot carafe as it can break down the glass, do not submerge the product in the water while washing it as it can damage the product if water goes into the circuitry.


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