Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Reviews 2021

best parchment paper for rosin

A parchment paper is not a regular paper that you can use. Usually, it has non-stick materials that make it easy for you to use. Rosin is a flower extract from plant materials or plant particulates that people calls rosin tech. And to make it, you need to get the best parchment paper for rosin. Because it can endure all the heat and pressure that you need to make rosins with the botanical extracts. This paper for heat things. Parchment papers are not freezer paper. So you also need to know about the rosin press paper during manufacturing.

In this article, you will get to know about some top-rated parchment paper that you can get for rosin.

7 Best Parchment Paper for Rosin List

Best Parchment Paper for Rosin

Yesker YES-43 6 Pack Teflon 16×20 Heat Press Transfer Sheet Super Sale TIME, 6-pack, Brown

500 Old Age Parchment Paper Sheets - 8.5" X 14" (8.5X14 Inches) Legal - Vintage Colored Old Parchment Semblance

500 Old Age Parchment Paper Sheets – 8.5″ X 14″ (8.5X14 Inches) Legal – Vintage Colored Old Parchment Semblance

RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper Squares 5" x 5" 100 Sheet Pack

RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper Squares 5″ x 5″ 100 Sheet Pack

Zenlogy 9x13 (100 Pcs) Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets for High Heat Baking

Zenlogy 9×13 (100 Pcs) Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets for High Heat Baking

Best Parchment Paper Baking Sheets - 200 Sheets of Precut Unbleached Parchment Macaron Baking Paper

Best Parchment Paper Baking Sheets – 200 Sheets of Precut Unbleached Parchment Macaron Baking Paper

Best Parchment Paper for Rosin Reviews

1. Yesker YES-43 6 Pack Teflon 16×20 Heat Press Transfer Sheet

Best Parchment Paper for Rosin

This convenient paper sheet from Yesker is perfect for using rosin. These genuine non-stick parchment paper sheets has a finished surface that will make sure not to cause any mess-free cooking when using heat press with it. It has a protective single layer that will make sure not to make a sticky heat plate. And the heating process will be simple.

Each placement paper has 5 millimeters thickness that can endure up to 600 degrees temperatures. These heat sheet transfer sheets can absorb some of the heat when you are using them. So you have to use reasonably consistent heat when you are using it for many applications.

There is a smarter line in this high-quality paper that will help you to spread your dough evenly. So this paper for dabs or rosins will not stick to each other when you are using them. There will be no glossy surface on it.

Other than using it only for rosing, you can use it for many things such as iron clothes protector, barbecue grill mat, paints, air fryer, etc. It contains a PTFE fiberglass double sided coating. So you don’t have to worry about cleaning. All you need to do is wipe.

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2. ThunderBolt Parchment Paper 

ThunderBolt Parchment Paper

With this one, you can give a vintage expression on your card while using it for rosin. It will surely impress other people around you when you are doing work with it. It also has both sides antique textured look. So you will surely love to use it.

For handcrafters, this one would be the perfect parchment paper to get. It has a textured effect that everyone would love to use. Its broader surface is also good enough to use for rosin to do some craft projects. This parchment for rosin will be perfect.

This paper weighs 24 lb bond. And it is slightly thicker than the regular ones. Its calipers .0052 inches. Metric .132mm, thus it makes it easy for you to print on it.

3. RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper

RAW Unrefined Parchment Paper

You can use this raw parchment paper rosin like wax paper. It is because it can handle your wax extraction well. That’s why it can amazingly work for rosin presses. You can use for clean rosin product. There is no stick surface that will make your rosin stick on the paper when you are using it.

On the other hand, it is also certified heat resistance paper. You can use this paper for heat press. So it will not get burned when you are using it. You can work with razors and scrapers while applying rosin on it. They are safe to use them. You can use it for raw foods.

By using all the vegan-friendly product as ingredients, this paper makes it safe and secure for you. There is no chlorine or GMO as ingredients. So you don’t have to worry about anything. 

It has a double layer of silicone ultra dual coating that makes it dual-coated silicone-based paper. Besides, it has a 100% natural coating that will provide you with the guarantee of the safety and durability of this environment-friendly product.

4. Zenlogy Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets

Zenlogy Unbleached Parchment Paper Sheets

Zenlogy is ideal for both home and professional kitchens. You can use it for baked cookies, roasted veggies, caramel as well as, use it to make rosin paper. It will give a smooth surface that will let you glide the batter. This paper is greaseproof so there will be nothing sticky in these sheets. Overall it will make a mess-free cooking preparation for you.

It has dual-coated silicon and -food-grade material that makes it best. For arts and crafts, this type of paper parchment is best to use. This cruelty-free product is free from Quilon and Chrome. So you won’t have to worry about anything.

You can use it up to 450 deg F to take your baking or crafting to another level. This bundle of paper sheets comes in different sizes. So you can also cover the floors with it to protect them while you are crafting something with rosin. You can get a bulk parchment paper roll.

These sheets are convenient and practical enough for you to use for a longer time. It has all the unbleached and eco-friendly materials. You don’t even have to fold it while using it.

5. Just.Find.Best Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

Just.Find.Best Parchment Paper Baking Sheets

With this one, there will be no sticking and mess when you are making something with rosin. You can get this one for one time or multi-time use. In this paper, there are drawing macaron scales that will help you to determine the baking shape.

It has a silicone layer, so you don’t have to wash your silicone baking mats. It will make less mess in your commercial kitchen. You can also use this commercial parchment paper to pack your lunch to make sure food stays well in it.

This heat-free paper works like the Reynolds brand. And you will feel 100% satisfied with it. Its food-safe double coating makes it comfortable for you to use without worrying about safety. The paper quality of the essential product is also convenient to use.

It has high-quality virgin wood pulp material. You can also keep it in the microwave as it is oven-friendly. They will also give you excellent customer service.

6. Juvale Parchement Paper Squares

Juvale Parchment Paper Squares

When you are going to use this precut parchment paper for baking, it will make sure not to stick on the heated plates. And it will also be easy for you to clean after baking paper orderly things like rosin in it. You can do convenient cleaning with it.

This food-graded paper is perfect parchment paper for rosin. It comes with 1000 sheets of parchment paper squares. So you can use them for a long time with your hot plates without any problems.

You can use it in the oven for up to 428℉ without getting burned. It is FDA-approved, which means it has food-grade materials. It measures 4 x 4-inch parchment paper. Overall, it worths your money.

7. Plasticover Red Rosin Paper

Plasticover Red Rosin Paper

With this red Rosin Paper, you can cover this detailed parchment paper rosin to protect floors, walls, and other things from dust infiltration and wind. It has all high-quality product such as 100% recycled fibers that are both safe for you and the environment around you.

This reliable paper has single-ply protection that can protect your house from getting mess when it is under construction. You can use paper sheets with coal tar and asphalt-based roofing as it is compatible with them.

You can use it as an inner covering “sheathing paper” in roofing, walls, or wood flooring to protect your home. It is 36 inch size Wide by 200 Ft roll Long. So overall, it is perfect to use.

8. Reynolds Kitchens Non-Stick Pre-Cut Parchment Paper for Rosin Pressing

Reynolds Kitchens Non-Stick Parchment Paper

For rosin, this Reynolds pre cut paper would be ideal to use. This 5″ x 5″ pre-cut paper is totally chlorine-free and it has 75% unbleached eco-friendly fiber. So there is nothing for you to get afraid of using it.

It meets the standards of EN 13432 that makes it safe enough to use this paper for cooking and other things. You can use it to make for daily cooking methods. Its roll is 12 inches and 60 Square Feet.

You don’t have to use any cooking spray while using it for baking cookies. There are no harmful chemical release or effects on this one. You will get it at the lowest price.

9. SMARTAKE 200 Pcs Premium Super Slick Parchment Paper Squares

SMARTAKE 200 Pcs Parchment Paper

If you are one of those people who doesn’t like to cut parchment sheets, then this pre cut parchment paper sheet is ideal for you. All you have to do is lay it flat and then you can use it to make rosin.

This premium product is one of the best papers for rosin that you will see in the market. It comes with 100-200 paper sheets. All of them are non-toxic and food-grade baking parchment paper sheets. You can use it to make food in your aluminum foils kitchen.

These sheets can resist excessive temperature range up to 450°F. So it will not stick in your baking tray when you are using it. Each sheet is 12 x 16 inches dimension. This is an ideal dimension. Its packaging is also thin. So it will not take too much space in your kitchen.

10. pur-sheet PTFE Rosin Parchment Paper

pur-sheet PTFE Parchment Paper

pur-sheet PTFE Parchment Paper is perfect for the rosin extraction purpose. This rosin extraction process will make sure your rosin presses go successfully without any problem. And this rosin parchment paper is also terpene resistant. So there are no chances of terpene degradation. You won’t have to problem with the terpene profile as it will give you a hassle-free collection process. You can use it for heating plates.

There is no double layer of silicone coating in this genuine vegetable parchment slick paper. If you want, you can use a hair straigthener to test this dual-coated parchment paper. It will make the hair strands smooth. This one will not stick on it. It will cause no stain in rosin press plates. There can be an oil slick as it is not thick like the other one.

Buying Guide of Best Parchment Paper for Rosin

There are many type of rosin parchment papers are available in the market. Not all papers have the same detailed features. But before you buy anything for rosin collection, you need to understand what is rosin.

You can make rosin by using a hair straightener and paper for cannabis flower, loose flower rosin, or cannabis material with 300 degrees of F. So based on your needs, you have to choose one among them.

There are many questions that might be in your mind before buying durable parchment paper sheets. There are also many factors that you have to consider before you buy them. To solve these questions, this guide will be the perfect place for you. When it is time for collection parchment paper, you can feel confused.


You have to figure out the perfect and exact size of the pan where you will make rosins. It is because rosins come in different sizes. So you may need different sizes of parchment sheets. So before you buy, this one is a must-have feature that you need to consider. Make sure to choose one that comes with multiple sizes or cutting options. Some come in restricted size and some also come in pre-determined size. Now it is up to you which standard size is a suitable size for you to use.

Material and Quality

Some parchment paper for rosin comes with low quality. And some have high quality. Based on the base material, you will know which one is perfect for you to use. Your parchment paper sheet should have enough heat resistance that doesn’t cause any accidents. It will be an ease of collection for you. Bleached paper leak things. So you have to be careful about the batch of material.

FDA approved

Some parchment papers are FDA approved. It is better to buy them because it will give you a guarantee of safety and security. There should be no problem when you are using it cooking food. But make sure to check the product material. You should know the product in rosin parchment paper manufacturers. So this feature for parchment paper is a must thing.


There are many ranges of price when it comes to getting paper for rosins. You will get to see in the market low evaluation, mid- evaluation, and high evaluation parchment papers. So make sure to get one that worths your money. That’s why you need to know the cost of parchment paper.

Customers Reviews:

You also need to check the customer reviews. Because only here you will know about the parchment paper material and which one is the worst product for you to use. It will also help you to know which one can give you friendly customer service.


What is parchment paper for rosin?

A parchment paper is a type of paper that helps you in pressing rosin or works well with concentrates. These types of papers can reduce the number of essential oils. You will get a better-finished product result.

Do You Need To Buy a Specific Type of Paper For Pressing Rosin?

It is better to be careful while buying parchment paper for rosin press. Make sure to get ones that are FDA approved and lab tested. Because they are safe. And make sure to avoid harsh chemicals in parchment paper. Make sure to keep it in a box container. There are many parchment paper brands here. You can make something with a perfect inch dimension.

How to get rosin off parchment paper?

The first thing that you need to do is get a rosin collection tool that can help you to scrub the parchment paper. Now start to scrub slowly all around. After then, you can get rosin off the parchment paper. Make sure not to get a flimsy paper from rosin. There will be no problem with extra material during extraction.

Why use parchment paper when rosin pressing?

Parchment is a cellulose-based material paper that you can even use on a preheated straightener. Cellulose-based paper has a thin slick silicone layer in a paper during manufacturers that makes this perfect to use even in both consecutive presses or hydraulic presses.


In this review of raw parchment paper rosin, we have tried to include all the features that you might be looking for. Here in this article, we have presented you with some of the parchment papers that are perfect for rosins. Make sure to get the one that meets all of your requirements and your budget. Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose the best parchment paper for rosin.

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