Top Best Truffle Shaver Reviews 2022

Truffles have many health benefits. You can make many dishes with this food product. So if you want to make fresh truffle dishes like professional chefs or in your cooking class, then you need to use the best truffle shaver. Because it can make your work simple and easy. You can say it is an eligible item that you need in your kitchen days from time to time without having any types of problems as it is hard to cut.

Not all truffle slicers or shavers are the same. That’s why in this article, we have mentioned some of the slicers that are suitable to use. We have given here reviews of truffle slicers.

Best Truffle Shaver in 2022

1. Truffle Slicer & Chocolate Razor Sharp Shaver

Best Truffle Shaver

This chocolate shaver comes with a thick and razor-sharp blade that can cut everything in a few moments according to the manufacturer’s information. You will also get a bonus duster along with this knife to keep it clean and neat. And you can cut your truffles perfectly without causing any problems.

It has all the easy blades. So you can adjust the size as you want because of the knob adjuster. This one is easy to use. So you will not find it hard to shave truffles. It has a perfect size. So it will be comfortable for you to hold. Many truffle enthusiast has approved it.

The size of this shaver is 8.07 inches in length x 1.2 inches in height x 3.1 inches in width. It has a non-slippery grip. So it will not fall from your hand when you are going to hold it.

This simple design shaver has a super blade that will never rust or get corrosion. So you can use it for a longer time without any problems.


  • 8.07 inches in length x 1.2 inches in height x 3.1 inches in width.
  • Comes with thick and sharp blades
  • Comfortable non-slip grip
  • Adjustment knob

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2. TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Slicer Cheese Shaver Truffle Shaver with Rosewood Handle

TruffleHunter Professional Cutter

Because of the quality blade, you don’t have to worry about getting rust or corrosion after using TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Grater Shaver. This blade is sharp enough to give you perfect slices of truffles every time. And you can also cut truffles every time without any problem. You can also slice other foods with it, such as Cheese Chocolate Vegetables.

It has a rosewood handle that will provide you with the perfect grip even in cold times. You can carry it properly without causing any difficulties to you. Its holder is non-slip. And you can hold it easily without any problems.

This suitable truffle grater and slicer for truffles has an elegant and classy design that you would love to keep in your kitchen. It has both beauty and class. So if you are one of those people who loves using chic and artistic things, then this one is for you.

You have to put in a minimum effort to cut things with this TruffleHunter Professional Truffle Slicer Shaver. And you will also find it comfortable to use.


  • Rosewood handles to provide easy grip.
  • Razor sharp adjustable shaver blade cheese cutter
  • Easy to store
  • Easy to use

3. Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Truffle Cutter

Eppicotispai Stainless Steel Slicer

If you are looking for an affordable option while getting a quality slicer, then this one would be the best option for you to use. Although its blade is not heavy-duty, yet it is strong enough to slice everything in a cut. You can cut with all stainless steel design truffle and the other soft food items without using too many hand movements. Truffle Slicer Stainless Steel Chocolate Truffle Shaver

Because of the adjustable wheel of this product, you can adjust the blade as per your need. So even if you want, you can do thin cutting thanks to its adjustable feature. It will make things easy for you to do.

Although its handle doesn’t contain any high-quality like rosewood, yet it is non-slippy. It will never slip from your hand when you are going to use it. And you will also not find it troublesome to use. In this truffle shaver industry, this one is great to use.

It doesn’t give you the quality of the other two slicers that we have reviewed. But if you consider the price, then this one is the decent one. But you can cut with it truffle, cheese, veggies, etc.


  • Adjustable wheel to adjust the blade
  • Fair-priced heavy-duty truffle shaver
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Sharp stainless-steel blade Adjustable blade

4. Italian Design SCI Scandicrafts Chocolate Truffle Shaver

SCI Scandicrafts Chocolate

This slicer has many things to offer you. This product is strong enough for you to last longer than you think. It has a comfortable grip that will make sure you can hold it properly without any problems. This Italian design will offer you some elegant truffle slices. It has one of the attractive unit.

Because of the Italian steel shaver, a lot of things will be easy for you to do. You can make a proper curl with it as it is well-constructed. So you don’t have to give a second thought about it.

This razor-sharp serrated blade can adjust from paper-thin to 13 inches. You don’t have to make a lot of effort while using this one. This one is also safe for beginners.

It won’t absorb flavors when you are going to shave truffles. Because of the high-quality materials, it will not get rust. Overall, you can say it is safe to use. This one is also another budget-friendly product.


  • paper-thin truffle slivers to 13 inches
  • Doesn’t absorb flavors from truffle
  • Italian perfect shaver
  • Comfortable and strong grip

5. Professional Truffle Slicer/Shaver/Cutter by Urbani Truffles

Urbani Professional Slicer

If you are looking for a slicer that looks elegant and can work properly, then this Urbani Professional Truffle Slicer Stainless will do a perfect job for you. This one is one of the best slicers that people have loved to use. It has Italy laser-cut blade that will cut through your food professionally. You will also get a perfect slice of truffle.

Because of the thick and blade, you can shave, slice, and glide your truffle properly. It has the finest quality that you might be looking for on a slicer while buying it.

You can easily adjust all the blades of this slicer. So you can do anything from thin as paper or a thick slice with this one. There will be no problem for you in this matter. All you have to do is twist a screw.

This type of device is a multi-functional slicer. You can cut everything from a garlic press to veggies everything. It also comes with a comfortable handle that will let you hold it properly. You can wash it with a regular dishwasher.


  • The thick and sharp blade
  • Multi-functional and comfortable handle
  • Dishwasher-safe model
  • Flashiest design and give thinnest truffle slices

6. Truffle Toast Home Slicer

Truffle Toast Home Slicer

With this Truffle toast home slicer, now you can keep the wonderful scent of fruits, veggies, and a range of food items. You will get the best fragrant aroma or earthy aromas and tastes in your food while you are cutting veggies and other things with this slicer. This unique cutlery tool will help you to expose the flavor of your cooking.

It has an elegant, smooth look and fine craftsmanship despite being its price. So you can use it without any problem. It will give you a perfectly thin sliced truffle every time – use it. 

The rounded product handle of this dedicated truffle slicer has a secure grip that will make sure it doesn’t fall from your hand. And the blade feature will ensure you get the perfect slice that you want.

It has high-quality steel that assures you of its long-lasting use and sharp edges of truffle. So it will make slicing easier for you. You can also wash it with a regular dishwasher. There will be no problem with it.


  • Elegant, smooth look and fine craftsmanship
  • Blade feature for perfect slicing
  • Secure grip for comfortable use
  • Shapest blade and smooth blade

7. Truffle Slicer with Premium Rosewood truffle

Truffle Slicer with Premium Rosewood truffle

This premium rosewood slicer comes with a razor-sharp and thick blade. It has every feature that you might be looking for in a slicer. It can cut the toughest of fresh truffles without messing anything. So it is convenient for you to operate it.

This average truffle shaver has an 8 inches rosewood handle that will make it comfortable for you to hold it. So it will be handy for you to use. You can do everything effortless ease with this slicer. It will feel firm and strong in your hand.

There is a hole in the handle to make it easy for you to store it. You can hang it anywhere with your other kitchen accessory. You can cut it into exact slice thickness thanks to its blade feature. 

This slicer comes with a chic fabric bag where you can keep it to maintain its look. It can be a little bit expensive truffle slicer. But if you take a look at its features, then you will love to use it.


  • Premium rosewood 8 inches handle
  • Comes with a chic fabric bag to maintain
  • Hole in the handle for safety
  • Sharpest Blade feature

8. Alma Gourmet Stainless Steel Truffle Slicer for Black Truffle

Alma Gourmet Truffle Slicer

This specialized kitchen tool can make sure you can use it for a long time without getting rust or corrosion. This one is very sharp. So you have to be careful while using it to slicing small bits of truffles. It is because it can hurt you. But other than this, there is no problem.

You can cut as thin as 0.2 mm slices with this one. You can especially use it when it is black truffle or white truffle season. It will give you the full flavor that you need from the fruit. It has a sturdy blade and super sharp blade.

You have to wash this after each use. You can use a dishwasher for it. After cleaning it, you have to keep the blade in the frame for safety. It will also help you to increase the longevity of the blade.


  • Easy to cut as thin as 0.2 mm slices
  • Easy to wash
  • Comes with a super sharp stainless-steel blade
  • Easy, hassle-free returns

9. Amazon Professional Oak Wood Truffle Slicer / Shaver / Cutter by Urbani Truffles

Professional Oak Wood Slicer

With the help of a laser-cut blade of this shaver, now you can cut truffles easily and keep them in the glass dome without any problem. It has oak wood that makes this wood truffle slicer durable. And you can make truffle delicacies for your customers easily. It has a stainless steel unit with a wooden unit handle. This one will keep ease of operation in mind.

It will provide you with perfection in every way. As it has wood, you won’t have to worry about anything. It is safe to use. You can also adjust the blade while using it as a soft vegetable slicer. And its steel makes it firm enough to use for a long time. You can also adjust the blade while cutting vegetables. You don’t have to worry about its cutting edge as there won’t be a dull edge.


  • Stainless steel laser-cut blade
  • Oak Wood Slicer
  • Blades with screw

10. Paderno World Cuisinart Truffle Slicer

Paderno World Cuisine

Paderno World Cuisine has a flat surface that helps you to cut even the toughest truffle in a few moments. You will get paper-thin pieces of truffle with this one. This one is an average truffle slicer.

You can slice truffles with it easily without having any problems. But make sure to sharpening from time to time. It won’t make the operation uncomfortable.

You can do precise cuts and shavings with it. Because of the blade feature, you can do varying preferred material thickness as per your need. It has a durable and stable steel construction to use it for a long time. 


  • Flat design for paper-thin truffle shavings
  • Adjustable blade feature
  • Durable and stable steel construction

Truffle Slicer Buying Guide For Beginners

When it is the time of black, white, burgundy truffles season, most people want to get a slicer that can slice it easily. That’s why to find the perfect tool suitable, you have to make sure you know about the buying guide of the variety of product. And the same thing goes for truffles. 

There is a countless model and numerous truffle slicer that you will see in the market. Not all of them have the same abilities to fulfill your conditions. That’s why in this part of this article, we will be mentioning some of the facts that you need to know before getting the best one among this range of Truffle Cutter.


The first thing you need to keep in your consideration before getting a slicer or shaver is the material. A material can determine how long you can use a shaver.

You will see three types of materials while buying a slicer. These are metal, plastic, and wood. When it comes to metal, a premium steel slicer will work great than the other materials. It will ensure the durability and reliability of the product. They can be a bit expensive.

However, if you have a budget problem, then you can opt for plastic or wooden ones. But they don’t last long like the metals.

Product Quality and Durability

No matter what you are getting, make sure to check the quality of the product. How the blade slices depend on the quality of the truffle shaver. Some adjustable slicer comes with Blade Guard that will protect you from the blade. So make sure to check all the things. From handle to blade, you have to check out everything. You have to get an Adjustable sliver thickness Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer.

Blade sharpness

The Premium steel slicer has enough strength and sharpness than the other shavers. It can cut through easily no matter how tough and thick is the truffle.  From potatoes to truffles, you should be able to cut everything with it.

A non-slip steel handle can make it easy for you to hold it without causing any problems. And you will also not find it a problem to use but it depends on the truffles recipe. If the blade has a sharp feature, then it will make it easy for you to cut things without any problem. There are many beautiful design options.

If your blade has sharpness, then make sure to be careful while cutting the truffle. You have to keep cautious about it. Because a keen blade can cut your finger.

Non slip handle

A non-slip steel handle can make it easy for you to hold it without causing any problems. If your shaver is sharp but slippery, then it will cause accidents. A strong and firm grip can keep you out of accidents. Some of them come in an attractive design.

A wooden handle can help you in this matter than the other materials. It has a strong grasp that will make sure you don’t have any problems while using it. Make sure to get one with a proper handle for ease.

Blade adjustment

Based on how you use truffles, you need to cut truffles. It can be thin paper to thick and juicy cut. And that’s why you should look for a shaver that you can adjust the blades. Like you can make truffle oil or vegetable soup, or other food items. And for that, you require a different size. So the blade adjustment feature is important. Some come with an extra blade for replacement.

Read Product Description and Check Price

While getting a product from amazon or any other site, make sure to check star rating and answers in the feature of product. It will help you to know about the user experiance with the high-quality product. You can get one from average rating to highest rating of the product. It will help you to get the proper and best product. There are also available at reasonable prices. If you have a product with low-price unit, then don’t expect it like the top-end High-quality and popular brands product.

How to choose a good truffle slicer?

If you are still confused about which one to buy, then here we will be giving a short tip to choose a good slicer. You have to look for a very blade in the slicer. It will help you to cut. And the adjustable blade thickness feature will help you to determine the size of your cutting truffle slicer. Made of stainless steel blades are the best blade for slices. They don’t get rust. And most importantly, they are easy to clean by hand. It is because they are completely dishwasher safe.

Why you should buy the best truffle shaver on?

There are many benefits of truffle slicers. From mushrooms to truffles, you can cut everything along with the toughest ingredients or wet ingredients easily. So getting this revolutionary product will surely be in your kitchen and help your kitchen work. 


It is necessary to keep a truffle slicer in your kitchen as truffle is known as a classy slice ingredient. Because you can also slice other veggies or fruits with it. But as you know, there are different types of shavers available in the market. For truffle lovers, this search tool is a must thing.

So you have to explore the market before getting the best truffle shaver for you to make truffle recipes at home and have amazing truffle dinner. Hopefully, this list has been a great help to you.

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