Apartment Organization Hacks 2021 – Bedroom, Drawing Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Dining room & Storeroom

To organize an apartment in a small space is not an easy job. But do you know you can organize your apartment without making messy or removing any stuff? Yes, you can do this. And it is not hard. In this article, you will get some apartment organizing hacks. Hope these will help you.

Bedroom Organization Hacks

When you sleep in your room at night, its a common thing that you want to feel comfortable. That’s why you need to keep your bedroom organized. Some of us put a lot of stuff in our bedroom that can make your room suffocating. There are many ways to keep your room prepared, even if it is small and has a lot of things. These hacks are:

  • You can hang a wall mount full-length mirror in the door. In this way, you can keep a mirror and also will be able to save some space.
  • You can get a mattress for back and neck pain. It will help you to relieve the pain. And you can also use this as a decoration piece in your bed.
  • It will be better if you can build drawers under your bed. You can keep some of your stuff there. It will give a neat look to your bed. If you can make a drawer under your bed, then use a plastic storage container.
  • Use wire baskets in your wardrobe. You can keep there your small things or accessories.
  • You can use a wall safe in your room. You will keep there your valuable stuff.

Drawing Room Organization Hacks

A living room is a place where all the guests sit when they come. This room is also the area where you relax with all the members of your house. You install a wireless router for home and chill with your family members. So it will be best if you keep your living room organized. There are some hacks that you can use in your living room. These hacks are:

  • If you have a cat or a dog in your house, then you can use a pet air purifier in your drawing-room. It is for removing pet hair from the air.
  • Keep a coffee table in your living room. You can also get some most comfortable living room chairs with it. If you are wondering how to pick a coffee table for sectional, then don’t worry. We have an article about it.
  • You can get some wood crates for your living room. In that crate, you can decorate your stuff or anything for decoration.
  • You can make a picture gallery if you want.
  • Keeping a bookcase is not a bad idea. There is some affordable bookcase are available in the market. You can also make a DIY bookcase.

Kitchen Organization Hacks

With some simple hacks, you can make your kitchen more admirable. A kitchen is a place where you need to do both cooking and cleaning. So you have to make some space for it. With the help of some kitchen hacks, you can maximize your storage area. Now you will get some handy tips and tricks to keep your kitchen organized. These hacks are:

  • You can make a spice rack inside a cabinet door. It will help you to keep your spice jar organized. And if you want, you can level all the tops of containers. It will help you to find everything easily.
  • Keep a cutting board over the sink. It will save some cabinet space. It will help you to clean everything while cooking.
  • You can make an unopenable drawer beneath your sink. You can keep here your washing sponge.
    Keep a separate space for cleaning products. You can use a rod to hang all cleaning stocks. In this way, you will be able to keep your cleaning products carefully.
  • Do you know that you can clean your garbage disposal with lemon and baking soda? Yes. It is easy to clean garbage disposal with lemon and baking soda.

Bathroom Organization Hacks

You can try these hacks to keep your bathroom more organized than it was. There are many things that we keep in the bathroom. And for proper hygiene, you have to store them in a place. Try these hacks to keep your bathroom arranged.

  • You can use a spice rack as a bathroom shelf. It is ideal for those who have a lot of products to keep in the bathroom.
  • You can keep an affordable urinal for your home. You can keep it beside your toilet. It will help you to have a clean bathroom in your house.
  • It will be better to use old jars as a brush holder. It will give your bathroom a vintage style.
  • You can hang a small tension rod under your sink. In there, you will keep your cleaning cloths and other things.
  • Use some magnets in the back of your products. It will be easy for you to mount them on the iron board.

Dining room Organization Hacks

It takes a lot of time to organize a dining table. To organize your dining room means id you have to keep clean and organize your dining table. Now you will get some ideas about how can you keep your dining room organized.

  • If you use the dining table as your kid’s study table, then it would be better if you clean the table right after eating food.
  • You need to be space smart. Don’t buy a large table is you don’t need it.
  • You can set up the cords and chargers beside the table. It will help you locate your mobile easily.

Storeroom Organization Hacks

Most of the time people neglect their storeroom. That’s why, when you need to find anything from the storeroom, it becomes a headache for you. So you should clean and organize your storeroom before it becomes a headache for you. Now I am going to give you some handy tips that you would love to apply in your storeroom. And these are:

  • Try to keep clear containers in the storeroom. It will help you to identify your box.
  • Keep the best tool kit with a drill as it is a must thing that you should have in your storeroom. For cleaning, you can also use a cordless vacuum.
  • If your storeroom has a small space, then you can use adjustable shelves in your storeroom. It will save some space for you.
  • Try to check all the items once in a while. Throw away unnecessary items.

These are the apartment organizing hacks you can do. Make sure you clean your house frequently even if you are busy.


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