Best Bristle Block Sets in 2022

If you want to make your children creative, learn developing skills then bristle block sets are a great option. Playing with these toys makes a baby curious. The hand to eye synchronization is important while organizing the blocks. Also, when you give the blocks to your children, it might create happiness – and a strong bond.

In the market, there are a variety of products claiming them as the best bristle block sets. Different companies are currently selling it. You might search for different toys and end up getting low-quality items. So a confusion to find it makes a parent worried.

However, we don’t want you to get puzzled over it. From top marketed items to best-reviewed products, you’ll find the best bristle block sets here. Your purse won’t get lighter because the options are affordable. And the quality of items is really worth buying.

List of the Best Bristle Block Sets

Best Bristle Block Sets Reviews

PicassoTiles PTB120 120pcs Bristle Shape 3D Building Blocks Tiles

Bristle Blocks by Battat

Bristle Blocks by Battat – The Official Bristle Blocks

Bristle Blocks by Battat

Bristle Blocks by Battat – 128 Pieces in a Bucket

Teytoy 100 Pcs Bristle Shape Building Blocks Toy Set

Teytoy 100 Pcs Bristle Shape Building Blocks Toy Set for toddlers Kids

Bristle Blocks

Bristle Blocks by Battat 113-Piece Set (3072Z) , Blue

Best Bristle Block Sets Reviews

1. PicassoTiles PTB120 120pcs Bristle Shape 3D Building Blocks Tiles

Best Bristle Block Sets

PicassoTiles bristle shape blocks are easy to join. Your child might not get into trouble while disconnecting this toy. There are several ways children can make building fun through it. This item comes with a number of colors – which enhances color identification.

To keep your loved ones busy, it comes with 120 pieces in the packet. You can make more than 20 designs through it. PTB120 allows children to be creative. As bristle-shaped toys are open-ended, this toy also follows the same pattern. PicassoTiles are suitable for children over three years. It is very helpful for your children in the kindergarten classroom. Starting a day with playing it for a while can boost up skills in the child.

In this item, you can find 3D geometrical forms and numbers. The tiles are easy to interlock while creating the shapes. The number of shapes varies from five to seventeen tiles. The set has a dimension of 10 x 2 x 12 inches.

From a chopper to a monster truck, this toy reminds adults about transformers. Even 30 years old can spend their day with their child playing with it. Toys are made with toxin-free materials. The company also claims there is no lead used in this product. The bristles are manufactured through a standard process, so don’t worry about your children’s health.

Product highlights:

  • Fun for all age groups
  • Educational tool
  • Range of designs
  • A high quality product

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2. Bristle Blocks by Battat – The Official Bristle Blocks

Bristle Blocks by Battat – The Official Bristle Blocks

Bristle blocks are very easy to organize and play with. The blocks are frustration-free to join, and your child doesn’t have to think about angles while playing with them. This block specializes in little ones in science, technology, mathematics, engineering – STEM – and creativity building.

These blocks are suitable for children above two years. Each block contains vibrant colors, which helps your child keep an eye on while making the shapes. The bristles are soft and rubbery. Unlike other blocks, it comes with wheels. If your children want motion in any design, it is possible with the help of eight wheels which are available in the Bristle blocks.

The item comprises a 12.5 x 3 x 14 inches package with 112 pieces. It’s possible to create various detailed designs like a car, tank, and rolling castle with it. Another advantage of this Bristle block is that if you have bought Battat Spinaroo or Stackadoo bristle blocks earlier, your child can create designs mixing both blocks as it’s compatible.

The smaller blocks of both products interlocks simply. It is certified free from BPA, Phthalate, and lead. If you are unaware of cleaning the blocks, you can’t wash them in the dishwasher. If the blocks are dirty, wash them with baby detergents.

Product highlights:

  • Easy to identify bright colors
  • 3D designs
  • Any angle for creative building
  • Comes with wheels

3. Bristle Blocks by Battat – 128 Pieces in a Bucket

Bristle Blocks by Battat – 128 Pieces in a Bucket

Well, the development of dexterity and fine motricity skills is still a matter of debate between pediatricians. However, it is proven that the blocks help to develop these abilities. So, this bristle block also targets the child for good hand-to-eye coordination, creative thinking, and good control over nerves.

Packed in with 128 pieces, bristle blocks are BPA-free. Your child can design a whole ecosystem with this product – for example, trees, lianas, flowers, and some jungle creatures. Speaking further, a construction base, palm tree, tiger, monkey, and snake are inside the bucket. The idea of jungle adventure is beneficial to your children for getting knowledge about flora and fauna.

Since it comes in a bucket, you can store it comfortably. If you are taking your child to a picnic or elsewhere, the blocks can be organized easily inside. Dissimilar to the common blocks available in the market, this item doesn’t compose any designs like vehicles or buildings.

Similarly, children can attach the blocks with other products from the same company. The adjoining between Spinaroos and Stackable provides more freedom to develop a variety of constructions. The blocks are claimed as very soft and easy to handle. Additionally, the top of the bristle’s lid is durable – and it serves as an island.

Product highlights:

  • Creation of jungle adventure
  • Suitable for children more than two years
  • Durable and soft
  • Easy to pack and carry

4. Teytoy 100 Pcs Bristle Shape Building Blocks Toy Set for toddlers Kids

4. Teytoy 100 Pcs Bristle Shape Building Blocks Toy Set for toddlers Kids

Relatively few pieces in comparison to other blocks, Tetoy bristle shape consists of 100 pieces. From blocks to designs, it takes only a few minutes to create several shapes. The blocks are easy to bend in and join together. Either the pieces are tall or large, don’t get concerned over this; everything can be plugged in or pulled out.

Well, it is possible to design many things even though the pieces of blocks are fewer. Some designs include microscopes, cars, robots, buildings, etc. If your child hates bristle block’s smell, thanks to this company, the product is smell-free. It is created for every type of child.

Tetoy bristle’s package dimension is 9.13 x 6.61 x 6.57 inches, and the product is affordable for every type of parent. However, some people claim that the blocks are smaller than the average bristle blocks, making it difficult to play for children over seven years – which isn’t true.

You don’t have to worry if your child is differently-abled; buy this product to engage your loved one in different tasks. The toy can be assembled with minimal pressure so all ages of children, including preschool, can play with it. The company claims 100 percent quality assurance over this toy.

Product highlights:

  • Smell free bristle blocks
  • Easy to plug in and out
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean

5. Bristle Blocks by Battat 113-Piece Set (3072Z) , Blue

Bristle Blocks by Battat 113-Piece Set (3072Z) , Blue

This product is from a 40-year-old toy company that manufactures Bristle blocks following the safety standards of North America. This model contains 113 pieces with assorted sizes and vibrant colors. Your child will certainly love this product as the blocks can be attached with any direction for frustration-free building.

Talking more about it, there are 104 building blocks. The pieces can combine interesting shapes and figurines as it comes with toy characters. The shapes look lively because of the 3D design. From this toy, your child can create a family of four figurines, as well as the posture of five animals. Additionally, it comes with wheels, so a supercar can also be created.

The blocks are not limited to a few designs; however, if attached with the other models of Bristle, your child can create numerous figures. When you buy this, you’ll get one carrying case with a handle to ensure packing and compactness. The case confirms safety as you can comfortably slide the latch on and off.

Bristle blocks by Battat are rated for the children of two years above. The positive side of this item is that your children can’t swallow the pieces because it’s not much smaller.

Product highlights:

  • Blocks comes with vivid colors
  • Human and animal figurines included
  • Compatible with other Battat products
  • A big case to carry the pieces

6. Dimple 360-Piece Set Large Stacking Blocks and Interconnecting Building Set

Dimple 360-Piece Set Large Stacking Blocks and Interconnecting Building Set

Dimple’s blocks are quite different from the commonly sold blocks in the market. The toy benefits a child to gain language skills, spatial reasoning, and shape recognition skills. This product contains a massive total of 360 pieces and 60 blocks.

This is a multipurpose product, and you can use it in the classroom, playroom, or toy room for every age group. The soft prongs on each side of the blocks make adjoining easy for the toddlers. But for the older kids, you can take the blocks apart and create new designs. This product is made with high-quality plastics which is according to current standards. Talking about durability, it comes with one year warranty.

The weight of the item is 4.22 pounds, and the dimension is 12.5 x 2.5 x 19.4 inches. It is affordable in comparison with other bristles blocks. In addition, if you have bought other Dimple sets, it is compatible with those products.

Construction is fun with suitable colors; the blocks are better than individual pieces.

By playing with these multi-colored blocks, your children will have their own space creating their own imaginative world. It makes them less attracted to watching television and makes them more focused on developing new projects.

Product highlights:

  • Six interconnecting panels
  • Designed especially for a growing child
  • Blocks can be taken apart to make larger bricks
  • Great for group play

7. PicassoTiles PTB103 Alphabet & Numerical Train Theme Bristle Shape Blocks

This train theme bristle shape blocks take your child beyond imagination. The Picasso Tiles PTB103 is a set of blocks with alphabet and numerical, which helps your child learn about language and mathematics.

Honestly, the blocks are well designed and frustration-free to build. It’s very easy to join and disconnect, and your child won’t feel any trouble while performing tasks. As with other Picasso Tiles, this also continues to be a 3D-shaped set of blocks. The blocks are soft, rubbery, and simple to interlock.

It is designed to play solo and in groups. So, if you plan to buy this for your kid – or kindergarten, this is a better option for you. Additionally, the blocks are easy to construct and store. Finally, the company focuses on the STEM building of a learning child, as we can see the same concept in this product.

PTB103 has a total of 103 pieces with geometrical shapes and architectural designs. There are sixteen wheels inside the box and one figurine too. The toddlers will feel a sense of achievement after building the shapes of trains, robots, houses, and cars. If you are searching for affordable and quality products, this item is useful for you.

Product highlights:

  • Can design the shape of a train
  • Aids language and problem serving skills
  • Includes wheels and a figurine
  • For solo and groups

Best Bristle Block Sets Buying Guide:

In advance, we are advising about some factors before making the right choice and choosing the best bristle block sets for your children.

Is Bristle block sets are the right choice?

Yes, bristle block sets are the right choice for your children. In comparison to other toys, these toys enhance your child’s creativity, hand-to-eye coordination, and fine motricity. Your child will be more curious to design new items. Parents can see their loved ones engaging more in their own world rather than watching television. Playing this toy in groups makes toddlers socially engaging. Additionally, it benefits their counting, assorting, and focusing abilities.

BPA free:

A child should not get exposed to toxic and harmful materials, so before buying any bristle blocks, you should keep an eye on the BPA-free label. The toy must be Non-toxic, glue and formaldehyde-free. Many bristle blocks are made of high quality and environment-friendly plastic and are reusable, durable – without smell. In addition, the parents should concern about the size of the pieces. If the pieces are too small, then your child can swallow them. So, while buying it, look for blocks with elastic-plastic material.

Easy to design

We prefer bristle blocks that are easy to design. If a toddler can attach the pieces from any angle, it is comfortable to create different designs. The items are worthy if it is easy to handle by small hands with minimal pressure. Vivid colors in blocks make your children curious to craft buildings, cars, etc. Numbers, alphabets, 3D designs help a growing child to grasp knowledge much better. You should also look for the types of design your child can create. For example, some might offer to build jungle, environment, and others might focus on cities, cars, and buildings.

STEM Building

Well, without STEM building, the purpose of bristle block is incomplete. As blocks help children become self-reliant, they offer benefits such as measurement, symmetry, scientific reasoning, technological skills, and engineering. If your loved ones are engaged in playing with this toy, they might develop self-esteem. It later helps them to believe in themselves, being independent to make any decisions in the future. Keep in mind that playing alone and with a group are both needed for a child. After your child celebrates the second birthday, buy these toys. It’s durable and suitable for every age group.


Buying the best bristle block sets is quite a difficult task. There are varieties of options available in the market claiming to be the best one. However, you might have become clear from the options that I have provided here. If you find cheap products, don’t rush to buy them. However, it would help if you don’t assume that expensive products come with quality.

See the safety regulations, standards, and toxic-free labels in the packaging. Also, don’t compromise on the built-in storage capacity of the package. Some might offer a basket, and some provide you big case. At last, if you have found what you were searching for, it is better to buy one of the above-mentioned items for your little ones.


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