Best Toy Phones for Kids in 2022

In the modern world, smartphones are much needed while performing everyday tasks. We swipe our fingers to get small pieces of information. So, to imitate the same tech gadgets, we also want to provide the best toy phones for our babies.

With the help of the toy, our children can figure out new things. The hand-to-eye coordination with realistic play makes our baby more curious. Also, in their own way they can deal effectively with the features provided in the product.

However, there are numerous toys available in the market. You might have some trouble figuring out to choose the best toy phones for your loved one, so we came up with some solutions for you; brace yourself for finding the best deal!

Check The Best Toy Phones

VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Cell Phone with Lights and Realistic Sounds for Kids

Learning Pad / Kids Phone with 6 Toddler Learning Games. Touch and Learn Toddler Tablet for Numbers, ABC and Words Learning

JOYIN Play-act Pretend Play Smart Phone, Keyfob Key Toy and Credit Cards Set Kids Toddler Cellphone Key Toys

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Are Toy Phones the right choice?

Yes, toy phones are the right choice for toddlers. These toys not only keep your children engaged in different activities, but they will learn various things through this device.

Pre-school education is possible through it, and your children will learn ABCs, 123s, and sound phrases. Additionally, while doing fun tasks, they’ll build strong hand-to-eye coordination as well as color recognition skills.

Toy phones are a good option for learning technology; children become more curious while tackling the tasks provided on the phone. Pretend to call, smartphone-like apps are designed to create basic knowledge about gadgets for your child, and you’ll get all these features in the above-mentioned list.

Best Toy Phones Reviews

1. VTech Touch and Swipe Baby Phone

Well, starting with VTech Touch and Swipe Baby phone, we have found this product interesting. In amazon, it is labeled as the best seller in pretend phones and smartphones category. The color of this item is orange. So, if your child loves this color, you can bring it home.

The product comes with standard packaging, and it doesn’t contain BPA and Phthalates. This is totally safe for a toddler. The recommended age for playing with this toy is 6-36 months. When packaged, there are 2 AAA batteries inside the toy; however, these are only for demo purposes. After getting it into your hands, don’t forget to buy new batteries.

The toy is not moisture-proof, so it’s not advised to make it wet while playing. The dimension of this item is 0.98 x 2.83 x 5.51 inches, and it’s comfortable to use with a baby’s hands.

The features of this toy include fun sounds and sing-along songs. Your baby can learn first words, 15 melodies, ABCs and 123s with realistic sound. There are 12 pretend apps such as calendar, weather, and clock in this item which respond to touch and light-up. With a slide on/off button, it’s simple to use this baby phone.

Product highlights:

  • Home button to save phone number
  • Pretend to call feature
  • Check the weather
  • Music mode

2. Minnie Bow-Tique Why Hello Cell Phone with Lights and Realistic Sounds for Kids

The Minnie mouse brand has brought this hello cell phone. The toy is pink and its original version. It is very attractive; honestly, your child will cry for this. It is durable and a quality product, so you won’t regret buying it!

In the why hello cell phone, the authentic voice of Minnie is used. She talks every time with the babies – making it fun. The phrases used by Minnie are an educational tool to learn new words. The product features phone sounds, lights, and a large keypad to make a pretend call. Also, it is suitable for small hands. There are no specific sounds for ABCs and 123s in this toy, but toddlers can apprehend the words provided from the voice.

By the way, the phone is cheaper than other available toys, so if you’re on a tight budget, this might be the right choice for you. Inside the product, you’ll get three rechargeable AG-13 batteries. After purchasing one, disinfect it with disinfectant wipes, don’t mix other things while doing this as the toy can’t handle wetness.

If your children are above three years, you can give it as a present. This is a pre-kindergarten toy, but you can encourage to use it until your child turns eight.

Product highlights:

  • Affordable product
  • The original voice of Minnie
  • Attractive color
  • Sound buttons

3. Learning Pad / Kids Phone with 6 Toddler Learning Games. Touch and Learn Toddler Tablet for Numbers, ABC and Words Learning

If you want your baby to learn faster with fun, you should purchase a Boxiki kid’s phone. The device is packed with dozens of activities. As the game inside gadget contains features like a “where-is” quiz with numbers, letters, spelling, and words, kids can get engaged in games getting basic knowledge.

Basically, six unique toddler educational designs keep children engaged with learning. Similarly, the device teaches critical skills – which are necessary to grow mind-functioning. Talking about the quality of the device, it won’t break easily; the material used to produce the item is high-quality BPA-free, asthma-friendly plastic.

The parents can give this toy to their children during travel; car, airplane rides. To operate, the product uses 3x AA batteries. You won’t get them inside the box, so it’s clever to buy one. If you are wondering that does the child can listen to fun melodies, you’re probably correct. The device aims to provide fundamental things that are found in the best toy phones.

The item’s weight is six ounces, and its dimensions are 4.7 x 1 x 8.1 inches. Children from 3 years to 12 years can play with it. The product looks similar to IPad or iPhone, so if you’ve bought one, you won’t need to share it with your kid.

Product highlights:

  • Fun quiz games
  • Made with durable material
  • Travel friendly
  • Less like a phone, more like a tablet

4. JOYIN Play-act Pretend Play Smart Phone, Keyfob Key Toy and Credit Cards Set Kids Toddler Cellphone Key Toys

Joyin play-act pretend smartphone is quite dissimilar to other phones mentioned in this list. The product includes few extra items in its package. The toy accessories such as Electronic Toy Keyfob, Driver’s License, and Debit Card give your child a realistic feeling while playing with it. All of these items are designed with minute details.

The three different car sound effects from Keyfob are quite similar to the real one. It comes with colorful buttons and 3 L44 batteries for endless hands-on play. Moving on, the pretend smartphone talks back with your kids while playing, and it includes 14 different useful phrases plus music for effective learning.

The three-in-one product is useful for kids above three years. The babies will fall in love chatting with the person inside this toy. Listening to meaningful phrases and different types of sounds helps them to understand the world. Overall, this is a cheap product with good quality.

The toys are non-toxic and approved by U.S. safety standards. Also, the sound from this toy is not too loud, and it won’t harm your children’s sensitive ears. The product looks so real that your kids will use this toy phone instead of the real one after purchasing this.

Product highlights:

  • Feature of chatting
  • Additional accessories
  • Good sound quality
  • 3 AAA size Batteries used in the phone

5. IQ Toys YPhone Toy Play Cell Phone USB Recharable

This iPhone-looking toy cell phone is visually appealing for your kids. The housing is similar to the Apple product, as well as it has a home and on/off buttons. In this phone, the lights get flashed with multicolor every time while clicking each button.

Another benefit of this toy is that the buttons are not pretended; it actually works! The real feeling of touching this gadget makes your child stay away from your phone. Speaking further, if your child feels the sound annoying, you can turn it off by simply pressing the home button. It’s made with standard Lightweight ABS plastic and fits in your child’s hand comfortably.

On the contrary, the USB recharging feature is totally different from other available toy phones. A USB cord comes inside the box, like a real phone’s charger; however, it can’t be used to charge. It isn’t waterproof so you should keep an eye on your child while playing with it.

The colors with music similar to the keyboard provide your child visual stimulation. The gadget is recommended for three years above children, so it’s a good gift for the little ones. If you’re wondering about the producer, the company which manufactures it is IQ Toys.

Product highlights:

  • Working buttons
  • Lightweight toy phone
  • Durable housing
  • Multicolor flashing

6. Just Play Disney Junior Minnie Mouse Happy Helpers Phone

This phone is not a pretend smartphone, and rather it resembles a traditional telephone. In this phone, the voice of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck is used. The toddlers can chat with realistic telephone sounds, recreating the scene from their favorite television show. Also, multicolor light effects create a dazzling environment when your child is playing with the device.

Talking about the device, it uses 2AA batteries (included), and the dimension of the product is 8 x 6.5 x 9 inches. The item is easy to use, durable and cute. The voice of Minnie and Daisy is pleasing, including several phrases to keep your child learning.

Minnie Mouse phone is an original product from the brand Minnie Mouse. Interestingly, the product is inspired by Disney Junior Minnie’s Happy Helpers, so on the phone, your child will get two cute assistants to talk with.

Honestly, the pink color and rainbow glitter bow displayed in the device appeals to the child to keep it. As a parent, you can also recall the memory of the nostalgic cartoon show. You can buy this for your 3 years above child. Even though the product has newly arrived, it has gained good reviews and a sufficient number of customers.

Product highlights:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Chatting phone
  • Pink color
  • Unlike others, uses 2AA batteries

7. Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone

This classic retro chatter phone reminds the original product from 1961 – used by your parents or grandparents. Although technology has changed a lot, this product tries to entangle you with your children. The pretend play toy has a uniquely designed ringing rotary dial pad. The fundamental design of this phone is just like the old days.

Your child will have fun seeing the rolling eyes. Also, the amusing voice and ringing tone are fun to play. The item is suggested to play for kids above one year old. Like Disney Junior Minnie, it also uses 2AA size batteries – which are not included inside the box.

In this phone, you’ll get a short cord linking the receiver. A short cord helps your child to prevent severe injuries. The wheel helps the phone to move around. The chatter telephones make noises such as buzzy bee, snoopy dog, and the clock. While dialing numbers in the rotary dial, you’ll hear sounds too.

Likewise, the product is not much heavier, so your children can carry it easily. The pretend phone calls are so realistic that some incidents of thinking it real by the parents are shared on the internet. How funny!

Product highlights:

  • Brings up the memories of 1960s
  • Shares the same old design
  • Lightweight
  • Rotary dial pad

Best Toy Phones Buying Guide:

Sound and letters:

Well, before buying a kid’s phone, you should look for a few things, such as the use of words, letters, numbers, and sounds. If your kid listens to the sound repeatedly, it’ll be easy to acknowledge basic things. The melodious music helps them to concentrate while imagining their own world. If the toy phones include games, they’ll stick together with the device and have fun; well, nobody wants to leave their games without completing them. Additionally, toy phones take your child into deep thinking, eventually developing their behavior. If you’re buying a phone without these perks, then don’t go for it, seriously!

Premium quality and safety

Whenever you search for a toy, you look for safety first. That’s why babies’ phones are built with safety regulations and are BPA, Phthalate-free, and asthma-friendly. The materials used to produce these toys are standard and durable. The glue used in these products is also according to the North American safety standards. So, you shouldn’t worry a lot while purchasing the products on this list. Speaking further, as the kids are using it, these toys are engineered to last longer. So, it won’t easily break down and crack into pieces.

Value for money

Buying expensive products without any features would be the last thing you want to do on Earth. If you are looking for genuine value for money products, it is better to look for the above-mentioned items. These toys are the best Christmas present for your 3 to 8-year-old babies. You can use it in kindergarten too. All of the items are given good reviews from the customers so you should consider this thing too.


Purchasing the best toy phones could be difficult for you as there are a lot of options in the toy market. Without seeing proper specs, you might end up getting a bad item. The list of toy phones which I have included here is genuine products. You can choose any toy for your child.

However, some toy phones might come with sounds, numbers, letters all in one package, but some only provide basic features. The cost of a product can also vary according to the quality. But you can be sure that the items which you’ve discovered here are decent for your little ones.


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