The Best Pasta Pot with Strainer Reviews 2022

Although pasta is tasty, straining it is one of the most difficult tasks that you will ever see. 59 percent Of Americans eat pasta each week and with the best pasta pot with a strainer, you can cook this Italian dish pasta easily without having any problems. You may see some pasta pots as seen on the TV. There are different types of pots with strainers that you will see. Among them, finding the proper one should be a difficult task especially for pasta lovers. That’s why in this article, we have mentioned some of the top-rated pasta pots with strainers.

Best Pasta Pot with Strainer in 2022

1. Gotham Steel Pasta Pot With Strainer Insert

Best Pasta Pot with Strainer

Gotham Pasta Pot is one of the best pot that you will ever see in the market. It has twist and lock handles that will help you to hold this pot properly when you are draining boiling water. On the lid of this pot, there is a built-in strainer that can help you to strain water without even using the strainer.

With the help of the transparent glass lid, you can see the progress of your pasta while it is cooking. It will also allow the heat to escape. And you can cook on it perfectly.

It has also coated with the Gotham Steel Titanium and Ceramic coating. Both of them will ensure you the ultimate food release. It will also make clean-up easy because of the modern design.

The capacity of this pasta pot is large 5 quarts. You can wash it with a regular dishwasher as it is dishwasher friendly. You can also cook pasta in the oven with this pot as it is oven-safe.


  • Transparent glass in pasta cooking pot
  • Coated with the Gotham Steel Titanium and Ceramic coating
  • Large 5 quarts capacity
  • Transparent glass in pasta cooking pot

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2. Bialetti Oval Shape Multi-Pot with Strainer Lid

Bialetti Oval Multi-Pot with Strainer Lid

This Bialetti has a traditional oval shape convenient pasta pot that will make sure the pasta doesn’t break while it is cooking. That’s why it will be the perfect choice for you to make pasta on it. You can cook here all the shapes and sizes of pasta without any problem. Other than pasta, you can also cook many things here. There is a perforated insert that gives you professional quality.

It has a non-stick finish that will make sure pasta doesn’t stick in the pot while it is cooking. It has durable 18/8 stainless steel construction that can distribute the heat on the pot evenly. This pot won’t cause any reaction to acidic food. It contains 3.5 pounds material.

This one comes with attached handles on both sides of the pots to for making you hold it easily. There is also a secure grip on the pot to make sure it doesn’t fall from your hand.

The tempered steel lid of this pasta pot has built-in straining holes to help you to drain excess water from the pot without using any strainer.


  • Oval design shape pot for not breaking long pasta
  • Durable 18/8 stainless steel construction 
  • Lid with inbuilt strainer holes
  • Food-grade nonstick coating

3. AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid- Dishwasher Safe

AVACRAFT Stainless Steel Saucepan with Glass Lid

This pasta pot has an amazing food-draining capability that’s why people consider it to be the best. This saucepan comes with a strainer glass that will let you see what is happening on the inside of the pot. It has a special matte finish on the inside to prevent scratches over time. Because of the mirror finish outside, it will give you a shiny and stylish look.

There is a shatterproof glass cover with straining holes on both sides of the pot to strain pasta. You can pour spouts on both sides of the rim for right and left-handed. You can cook large pounds of pasta.

As there is a tri-ply stainless steel base with pure Aluminum encapsulation, so it will distribute the heat on the pot evenly. So it will also endure quick heating. It also avoids heat spots. The long and large ergonomic handle gives you a firm and proper grip to hold the pot.

You can clean this pan easily by using a regular dishwasher. It is resistant to rust, stain, corrosion, or crack. So you don’t have to worry about it. It also gives you a lifetime guarantee.


  • Tri-ply stainless steel base with high-quality aluminum disc
  • Resistant to rust, stain, corrosion, or crack
  • Amazing food-draining capability
  • Long and large ergonomic handle

4. Bialetti Oval Pasta Pot with hard-anodized aluminum 5 Quart Pasta Pot

Bialetti Oval 5 Quart

Here we bring another Bialetti oval pasta pot that will make your cooking pasta simple and easy. Because of the shape, you can cook noodles without breakage. So you can make pasta on it without worrying about anything. 

It has aluminum construction that can heat quickly and evenly all over the pot. That’s why it is lightweight and easy to carry. So it will be better for you to hold when you are making pasta on the pot even with its rapid heating without burning strands of pasta.

This pan has a twist and lock lid that can strain pasta easily without causing any problems. Because of the black handles, it will be comfortable for you to hold when you are straining the water.

There is also a non-stick interior that will be easy for clean-up. You also don’t have to worry about sticking pasta on it. Its handles also heat resistance.


  • Heat resistance stay cool handles
  • Lightweight and has Italian design
  • Twist and lid lock for straining
  • Non-stick interior for easily cleaning up

5. Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Set Stainless Pasta set with Steamer basket

Cuisinart 77-412 Chef's Classic Stainless Pasta/Steamer Set

To make large amounts of pasta, you can try to use this Cuisinart 77-412 Chef’s Classic Stainless Pasta/Steamer Set. You can cook here 12 quarts of pasta at once. So it has a generous capacity to make pasta. It has a mirror finish that gives this classic pasta pot has a proper look that you will love. In this set, there is a steamer basket and a pasta steamer insert.

It has a heavy-duty aluminum base that heats quickly and spreads heat evenly. It has unsurpassed heat distribution. You can also eliminate hot spots in the pot.

There is solid stainless steel riveted handle that always stays cool on the gas stovetop. There is also a helper handle that provides extra support and balance when you are lifting and pouring. You can even use it on glass stovetops.

A rim is tapered here for drip-free pouring. The tight-fitting cover seals the pot in moisture and nutrients for a healthier and better dinner. It will give you a healthy cooking experience. You can easily clean this pot with a regular dishwasher.


  • Rim is tapered here for drip-free pouring.
  • 12-quart capacity
  • Solid stainless steel riveted handle and removable basket
  • Tight-fitting cover seals moisture and nutrients.
  • Unsurpassed and balanced heat distribution

6. Farberware Classic Series Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot Lid Induction Pasta Pot with Mirror Finish

Farberware Classic Series Stainless Steel 8-Quart Covered Straining Stockpot with Lid

This pasta pot has a built-in colander lid that can help you to strain water after boiling process pasta. All you have to do is twisting the lid to lock it in place. It will help you to drain water from the pot. And you will also not get hurt in this process.

This heavy-duty dishwasher-safe stainless steel has a mirror finish that makes it look the best and stand out among the other pots. The handles also provide you with a confident grasp. This one would be the best pasta pot for induction hobs.

It has a full cap base that features. There is also a huge capacity to make pasta. This one is oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. So it will be best for you to use it. You will also be able to know the water level to make your pasta perfection.

This one is compatible with all induction stovetops, including induction. You can wash it with a regular dishwasher or soapy water.


  • Oven safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Features a thick aluminum core and lock safety feature
  • Heavy-duty dishwasher safe stainless steel
  • Built-in colander lid

7. Cuisinart Contour Stainless Pasta Pot with Cover

Cuisinart Contour Stainless Pasta Pot with Cover

Cuisinart Chef’s presents you with elegant and efficient cooking material to cook pasta properly without causing any problems. Its stainless steel surface doesn’t react with food. So you don’t have to worry about it.

It has pure steel with aluminum-encapsulated base that heats up quickly and decreases your cooking time. It also spreads heat all over the pot evenly. There will be no hot spots. And you will get consistent results from it. You can also cook here different types of pasta.

Because of the secure stick handles, you can hold it properly even the pot has hot water. This solid comfortable grip will always be cool. So there will be no accidents when it is about this.

There are sleek and flat glass lids with stainless rims that will seal moisture and flavor. This lid will provide you with long-lasting performance. So you can make perfect pasta with it.


  • Sleek and flat lids with stainless rims
  • Spacious capacity
  • Secure stick heat resistant handles with a solid grip
  • Stainless steel material surface

8. Red Copper Better Pasta Pot by BulbHead

Red Copper Better Pasta Pot by BulbHead

This 5 quarts pasta pot model has a nonstick copper-infused ceramic surface that has anti-scratch technology. So there will be no scratch in this pot no matter how much time you have used it. It doesn’t have PFOAs or PTFE. So you can use it without any worries. You can have many servings of pasta dishes.

There is a tempered glass lid that has both small and large straining holes. So you can cook here anything without wasting any food while draining. You will also get locking handles to hold the lid secure for easy colander-free draining. It has all the high-quality materials. You can even cook here a large pound of pasta.

These handles always stay cool. Its riveted handle design will provide you an easy grip so that you can move from stove to sink with ease. There will be no problem for you and you can make delicious pasta.


  • Locking handles to hold the lid secure for easy colander-free draining
  • Nonstick copper-infused ceramic surface with anti-scratch technology
  • Tempered glass lid with small and large straining holes
  • Riveted handle design

9. All-Clad E414S6 Stainless Steel Pasta Pot and Pasta Insert Cookware Induction Compatible

All-Clad E414S6 Stainless Steel Pasta Pot and Insert Cookware

With the highly polished finish 18/10 stainless-steel cooking surface, it will offer you superior stick resistance and easy maintenance. So you don’t have to struggle with cleaning this All-Clad pasta pot. It won’t react with food so you don’t have to worry about it.

It has a steel lid and stainless steel handles. You will get a limited lifetime warranty without having any problems. The handles are permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets. This one comes with 12 inches deep pasta insert.

It is oven- and broiler-safe to 600 degrees F. This pot of pasta is compatible with Induction compatible. It has a warp-resistant base. It has high-quality stainless steel and craftsmanship. And you will get long-lasting performance.


  • Dutch Oven- and broiler-safe to 600 degrees F
  • 12 inches capacity
  • Permanently secured with stainless-steel rivets handles.
  • Gives long-lasting performance

10. Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel Cookware/Multipurpose pasta pot

Calphalon Contemporary Stainless Steel Cookware/Multi-Pot

Calphalon has a heavy-gauge aluminum core is sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel. So you can say it has extreme durability. There is three versatile piece of cookware. You will get a huge stock pot, a pasta separate strainer, and a steaming strainer.

It provides a superior conductor of heat. It can even heat faster rate than you think. And most importantly, all the distribution of heat here evenly. Its non-porous stainless steel cooking surface is safe to use.

With its clear tempered-glass lids, you can see food while it is in the cooking process. You can also use it in the oven. So you don’t have to worry about it.


  • Superior heat conduction
  • Comes with three versatile pasta pot with gorgeous pieces of cookware
  • Non-porous stainless steel cooking surface

Best Pasta Pot with Strainer Buying Guide

Every brand claims that they have a high-quality pasta pot. Some of these claims are true not entirely. There are some brands that are both useful and good. It is tough to know which one is good enough to use. So here, we will be mentioning some of the important features that you need to know while buying a pot with a strainer.

Sturdy Construction

The construction and the types of material of the pot determine how long your pot will last. That’s why this one is one of the most important features that you need to know while buying a pasta pot. If you are thinking about getting a lightweight pot, then you should consider aluminum. Stainless steels can last for a long period of time but they don’t work well.

Design of strainer

There are different types of strainers in the pot. Some of them are available with removable strainers. And the others also have steamer attachment to the lid. Some even also have a double strainer insert on the pot. So make sure to know which form of the strainer is suitable for you to use. There are also innovative designs that you would love,

Capacity and Size

If you are living alone, then a small pot will be perfect for you to use. But if you have a large family, then you should get the bigger ones. There is a variety of sizes when it comes to the pot. The capacity of a pot depends on the size. So before planning to buy a pan for you, make sure you know what ideal size pasta pot is for you.

Lid Material

Some lids have stainless steel, and some have glass lids. Glass ones are better than the other ones because you can see everything without lifting the pot. In this way, you will not make burnt or overcooked pasta in your home.

Stove and Induction compatibility

You can use some pot on the induction those are Induction compatible. And you will also see some pot that you can only use on the stove. So before getting one for yourself, know the compatibility of your pasta pot with stove and induction cooktop. It will make things easy for you.


The hard part to cook pasta is draining the pasta water from it. That’s why you should pay special attention to the handles. If the handle is heat resistant, then it will be easy for you to hold it without getting hurt. There are also other types of handles such as phenolic handles, loop handles, insulated handles, grippy handles, etc. So make sure to look for this feature.

FAQ of Pasta Pot with Strainer

What size of a pot do I need?

The size of the pot depends on the number of your family members. But if you are talking about the average size of a pasta pot, then between 6-quart capacity and 8 quarts is the best. There is a wide range of pasta pot sizes. With a large pasta pot, you can make many batches of pasta. And you can do perfect cooking.

Why do I need a pasta pot?

With a pasta pot, you can make pasta easily and tasty. You can cook the pasta better. It also helps you in the case of the arrangement of pasta. Other than this, you can use a pot for cooking veggies, boil potatoes, and steam corn.


After using these pots for cooking pasta, hopefully, your problem will be solved. In this article, we have mentioned several best pasta pot with a pasta strainer. Hopefully, this list of pasta pot with strainer will help you to make delicious pasta.


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