Best Princess Toys for 3 Year Olds 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

At three, a lot of girls are ready to explore life through games. One of the perfect games for girls is the best princess toys for 3 years old. You can build confidence in your little girls by giving them princess theme games. These games come in different forms and shape, and they play one simple to make your girls have fun and enjoy themselves.

Best Princess Toys for 3 Year Olds in 2019

With the number of girls toys on the market, princess games have taken the world of girls activity time to the next level with many amazing games in toys. We have listed some of the finest princess toys for you to get for your girls.

1. Step2 Disney Princess Chariot Wagon Princess Wagon – Disney princess toys for toddlers

Step2 Disney Princess Chariot Wagon Princess WagonWant to carry your toddler in style? Then, this Disney Princess Chariot Wagon is something that you need to buy as soon as possible.

It is one of the most popular Disney princess toys for toddlers.

Crafted with elegance and delicacy, this royal looking kid’s wagon provides both; comfort and style.

Its oversized chariot doors will make it easier for your kids to enter in and come out of it.

It comes with a removable princess shade canopy and is perfect for your day to day long and short walks.

The presence of whisper wheels promises to make your rides smooth and quiet. This wagon also has 2 seat belts, two drink holders and a large easy-pull handle that folds and locks in its place underneath the wagon. All these features truly make this princess wagon a perfect travel companion for you.

The girly colors of this wagon and its comfortable, spacious seating for two further make it the buyer’s first choice.
What else do you want perfect new princess toys for your little one? Immediately buy this convenient and most popular toy for 3 yr old girl.

Product highlights

  • Seat belts and Drink holders
  • Removable shade canopy
  • Elegantly crafted royal design
  • Comfortable, spacious seating for two
  • Over-sized chariot doors

2. Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends – Girls Best Companion

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal FriendsDisney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal FriendsSofia the first is a popular Disney cartoon that tells the story of a little girl who loves to mimic princesses and live the life of royalty.

This toy includes a beautiful large scale ten inch Sofia doll, a beautiful princess with loose wavy curls, a glittering tiara, her signature purple dress, and a matching purple amulet. She also comes with three animal friends; Mia, Clover, and Robin.

Sophia is tutored by fellow princesses, teachers, sleeping beauty’s fairies and her numerous animal companions who she is able to communicate with through the magical amulet the King gave her.

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends show the interaction between Sofia and her animal companions who include: Mia the bluebird, Robin the Robin, and Clover the rabbit. The toys have been arranged just like what we see in the Disney Junior series.

The girls can get everything started by simply bring one of the animal figures close to her amulet. Her magical amulet will glow and will cause Sophia and the animal to communicate with each other. Sofia and her companions are going to unravel unlock different phases of the game.

Verdict: What better princess toy can you get for your little girl than this toy set? It has been designed to give your child a companion that she can easily relate with because of Sophia The First many adventures.

3. Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent (Pink) – Super Cute Princess Play House

Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent (Pink) – Super Cute Princess Play HouseKiddey Princess Castle Play TentWhich little girl doesn’t pretend she is a Disney princess?

This princess toy is not only for fun but to improve the confidence of little girls and help them build independence.

The Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent is super fun. It helps inspire the imagination of little girls, social skills and improves early learning.

The playhouse is easy to set up for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with sets of instructions for quick installation.

With a flexible fiberglass frame and mesh windows for air circulation, it can be used at home, in school, or even the park.

This makes it perfect for afternoons outdoor or indoor. It will help to inspire the confident princesses in your daughters, students or nieces with this personal play castle.

Verdict: Thinking of a perfect playground for your little girl, the Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent has been designed to make playing princess simple and more fun.

4. Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game – The Princess Confidence Game

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party GameDisney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party GameNot only is this game fun-filled, the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game builds teamwork and cooperation between players.

As players, you are expected to make a lot of cupcakes before the time is over.

Every cupcake is designed to match a Disney princess, however, this game also gives you opportunities to create your own original cupcakes through the use of interchangeable cupcake pieces.

With ingredients like Sugar Shell topper, Candy glass slippers, Gummy Apple and Braided Honey Frosting, there are so many cupcake combinations.

If you think this not challenging enough, you can play using the purple side of the recipe cards for more challenge. It will interest you that the purple side of the recipe cards of this game combines ingredients from multiple Disney Princesses.

Verdict: A perfect cooking game for any princess in your home is what this princess toy has become. It is simple for girls to build their confidence with it.

5. Shimmer and Shine Sparkle Mosaics – Princess gifts for 4 year old

Shimmer and Shine Sparkle MosaicsChoosing the right princess gifts for 4 years old is truly a challenge these days.

However, the captivating design and enchanting colors of this shimmer and shine sparkle mosaic are never going to let you say no to this.

It comes with over 1600 shiny foam stickers that include 1,572 peel and stick foam stickers and 51 sticky gems. Four different pictures are also a part of this pack that lets your children unveil their creativity.

It is a perfect indoor activity to keep your kids engaged when it’s raining outside or when your kid is at a party. It nourishes the color playing skills in your kids and makes them exercise their innovative abilities.

Buy this product for your four-year-old and let her create beautiful mosaics of her favorite characters; Shimmer, Shine, Nahal, and Tala. This is something that your little girl will surely enjoy sharing with her friends. It is one of the most engaging leisure time activities that your child has ever been a part of.

Easy instructions are given on the pack to help your child decorate the given pictures.

Product highlights

  • Over 1600 foam stickers
  • Creative toy
  • Suitable for age 4
  • Indoor toy

6. LEGO Duplo Princess Belle´S Tea Party 10877 Building Kit – Best princess gifts for 4-year-old

LEGO Duplo Princess Belle´S Tea Party 10877 Building KitLEGO Duplo Princess Belle´S Tea Party 10877 Building Kit is one of the best princess gifts for 4 years old.

This product comes in a pack of 5 LEGO figures that include: Belle, plus Mrs. Potts, chip and Cogsworth figures.

The enchanting colors of this toy set engage your child making her feel entertained.

If your child loves to play with LEGO toys, then this is, without doubt, the right choice for her. She is going to fall in love with this princess tea party toy set. It depicts a castle kitchen environment and looks like a fireplace that has an opening door and 2 chairs with a table.

This toy helps your child build strong constructional skills and also let her develop managerial habits.

It will let her indulge in numerous role-playing activities and will make her feel busy and relaxed at the same time.

The elegance and finesse of this beauty and the beast princess toy set is never going to let you regret giving it a buy. This product is something that you must buy for your little one.

Product highlights

  • Disney Princess LEGO TOY
  • Castle Kitchen Set
  • Tea Party Environment
  • 8 Mini LEGO figures

7. LEGO l Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Playground 10736 Disney Princess Toy

LEGO l Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa's Frozen Playground 10736 Disney Princess ToyThis LEGO l Disney Frozen Anna & Elsa’s Frozen Playground 10736 Disney Princess Toy is one of the perfect princess gifts for 7-year-olds.

It will let your little princess have an opportunity to build her ice castle using these little colorful LEGOS. It will also make her enjoy her time at home while playing with her favorite Disney Frozen princesses; Anna and Elsa.

This LEGO set has a soothing color that goes well with its ice castle environment. It comes in a pack of 94 pieces that include: 2 mini LEGO Disney princesses, a catapult, a LEGO polar bear cub figure, a slide, a rotating fountain and a treasure chest with ice crystals.

This toy is known to strengthen your child’s constructional and creative abilities giving her a sense of what is to be placed where. It is something that your child would love to play with her friends. These LEGOs are one of my top toy suggestions for 3-year-olds. Introduce your child to shapes with this amazing Princess Ice Castle Environment Toy.

Product highlights

  • Disney Frozen LEGO Set -94 Pieces
  • Suitable for children aged between 4-7
  • Ice castle environment
  • Princess toy set

8. Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for Kids (15)

Townley Girl Disney Princess Non-Toxic Peel-Off Nail Polish Set for KidsThis nail polish set is something that is an amazing Disney princess gift for your little girls. There is probably no girl in this world who would say no to nail polishes. Considering this fact, these nail polishes are specifically designed for your little girls.

From their non-toxic peel off formula to their colorful Disney princess packaging, they have got it all that is going to secure a place in your child’s heart. So if you are looking for princess gifts for 5 year old, this is something that you must consider. Buy it now and thank us later.

The colorful shades of these nail polishes if something that you are never going to find anywhere else. These come in a set of 15 nail polishes, each having a distinct Disney princess label.

Their chemical-free formula is something that leaves no room for any health-related worries. Similarly, these nail polishes can be easily peeled off without having to use any nail color removers.

What are you waiting for? Grab this as your girls next birthday present.

Product highlights

  • Set of 15 nail polishes
  • Chemical free, non-toxic formula
  • Easy to peel off
  • Available in beautiful shades
  • Disney Princess labels

9. Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Activity Kit – Princess and Fairy Scenes

Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Activity Kit - Princess and Fairy ScenesSearching for princess gift ideas for 5 year old? We are here to put an end to your search.

This Melissa & Doug Mess-Free Glitter Activity Kit is a fun escape from educational princess toys.

It is equipped with all the shimmery and glittery things that your little girl would love to have. This package comes in a set of 7 products that include: 2 peel-and-sparkle scenes and 5 glitter sheets.

The mess-free glitter sheets allow your girl to create an easy glitter art on the fairy sheets. The scenes given on the sheets are also thoughtfully chosen. One sheet features a fairy in the field of flowers while the other one features a princess in the ball gown.

The glitters provided in this package gives a real feel are created out of a patented technology that does not harm your child’s health and well-being. All in all, this is a must buy the product for your three years old who loves expressing herself by using paints and colors to display her creativity.

Grab this product and enjoy seeing your girl happy and surprised.

Product highlights

  • Mess-free glitters
  • Creative scene sheet
  • Patented technology
  • Suitable for kids above 3

10. Disney Princess 21-Piece Deluxe Dress-Up Trunk

Disney Princess 21-Piece Deluxe Dress-Up TrunkAre you searching for gifts for little princesses? Then, it is the right choice for you.

This Disney Princess 21-piece Deluxe Dress-up trunk is a perfect gift for a Disney lover. It comes with four different Disney character outfits along with some really pretty accessories that can be customized using the sticker sheet.

The enchanting colors of these tops and skirts will make your girls spends hours on beautifying themselves in front of the mirror. These will surely give them the princess feels that they have always dreamt of. For preserving the beauty and charm of these dresses, this dress-up set comes packaged in a timeless trunk that can also be used for various other purposes.

3 bracelets, 3 rings, 3 headbands, 1 choker and 1 soft goods tiara that comes along these dresses is what makes your little girl dress up as Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, and Snow White.

This is a perfect gift for girls aged between 4-6 years and these dresses much not be washed in the machine for making them look brand new for a long time.

Product highlights

  • 21 piece dress up set
  • Packaged in a trunk
  • Pretty customizable accessories
  • Recommended for girls aged between 4-6

Final Verdict

Best Princess Toys for 3 Years Olds will give your girls the opportunity to play out the princess inside them. These toys have been designed by numerous companies to mimic famous Disney female characters.


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