Best Princess Toys for 3 Year Olds 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

At three, a lot of girls are ready to explore life through games. One of the perfect games for girls is the best princess toys for 3 years old. You can build confidence in your little girls by giving them princess theme games. These games come in different forms and shape, and they play one simple to make your girls have fun and enjoy themselves.

Best Princess Toys For 3 Year Olds in 2019 – Comparisons

With the number of girls toys on the market, princess games have taken the world of girls activity time to the next level with many amazing games in toys. We have listed some of the finest princess toys for you to get for your girls.


Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends- Girls Best Companion

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal FriendsSofia the first is a popular Disney cartoon that tells the story of a little girl who loves to mimic princesses and live the life of a royalty. This toy includes a beautiful large scaleten inch Sofia doll, a beautiful princess with loose wavy curls, a glittering tiara, her signature purple dress and a matching purple amulet. She also comes with three animal friends; Mia, Clover, and Robin.

Sophia is tutored by fellow princesses, teachers, sleeping beauty’s fairies and her numerous animal companions who she is able to communicate with through the magical amulet the King gave her.

Disney Sofia The First Talking Sofia and Animal Friends show the interaction between Sofia and her animal companions who include: Mia the bluebird, Robin the Robin, and Clover the rabbit. The toys have been arranged just like what we see in the Disney Junior series.

The girls can get everything started by simply bring one of the animal figures close to her amulet. Her magical amulet will glow and will cause Sophia and the animal to communicate to each other. Sofia and her companions are going to unravel unlock different phases of the game.

Verdict: What better princess toy can you get for your little girl than this toy set? It has been designed to give your child a companion that she can easily relate with because of Sophia The First many adventures.

Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent (Pink)- Super Cute Princess Play House

Kiddey Princess Castle Play TentWhich little girl doesn’t pretend she is a Disney princess? This princess toy is not only for fun but to improve the confidence of little girls and help them build independence.

The Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent is super fun. It helps inspire the imagination of little girls, social skills and improves early learning. The playhouse is easy to set up for both indoor and outdoor use. It also comes with sets of instructions for quick installation.

With a flexible fiberglass frame and mesh windows for air circulation, it can be used at home, in school, or even the park. This makes it perfect for afternoons outdoor or indoor. It will help to inspire the confident princesses in your daughters, students or nieces with this personal play castle.

Verdict: Thinking of a perfect playground for your little girl, the Kiddey Princess Castle Play Tent has been designed to make playing princess simple and more fun.

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game- The Princess Confidence Game

Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party GameNot only is this game fun filled, the Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party Game builds teamwork and cooperation between players. As players, you are expected to make a lot of cupcakes before the time is over.

Every cupcake is designed to match a Disney princess, however, this game also gives you opportunities to create your own original cupcakes through the use of interchangeable cupcake pieces.

With ingredients like Sugar Shell topper, Candy glass slippers, Gummy Apple and Braided Honey Frosting, there are so many cupcake combinations.

If you think this not challenging enough, you can play using the purple side of the recipe cards for more challenge. It will interest you that the purple side of the recipe cards of this game combines ingredients from multiple Disney Princesses.

Verdict: A perfect cooking game for any princess in your home is what this princess toy has become. It is simple for girls to build their confidence with it.

Final Verdict

Best Princess Toys for 3 Years Olds will give your girls the opportunity to play out the princess inside them. These toys have been designed by numerous companies to mimic famous Disney female characters.


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