Best Reading Device for Kids 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best Reading Device for Kids 2018

It is no longer a surprise that children can make use of tablets just like the adults.

Tablets are not only for playing games or watching movies, reading has been made fun and easier with the best reading device for kids.

Some of the best reading tablets come with big screens that are vibrant to accommodate the little hands.

The easiest way to take possession of your expensive tablets is when you provide your kids with reading devices.

The way reading devices have been designed for kids ensure that they are drawn to the features of the devices.

These devices are strong educational devices that can improve eye to hand coordination. Every child deserves a reading device and there are numerous reading devices that are available to make reading and learning fun.

The Best Reading Device For Kids in 2019

We have rounded up some of the best reading devices on the market. The kids are going to love our selections because they are designed to be amazing and beautiful.

PictureProduct NameEditor RatingCheck Price
LeapFrog Tag Reading SystemLeapFrog Tag Reading System – Pink5Check Price
Fire HD 8 Kids Edition TabletFire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8″ HD Display, 32 GB5Check Price
Smooth Touch Alphabet Tablet ToySmooth Touch Alphabet Tablet Toy4.75Check Price
Fire 7 Kids Edition TabletFire 7 Kids Edition Tablet4.75Check Price
Think Fun Zingo Bingo Award WinningThink Fun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Game4.5Check Price

LeapFrog Tag Reading System – Pink

Best Reading Device For KidsLeapFrog Tag reading system comes in a pink color to attract kids between the ages of four to eight years. The tag reading system brings life to reading stories and other educational materials.

When the kids touch this tag reader to what they want to read, a tiny camera in the tip will read the pages for the kids to hear.

This is one technology that is simply cool. Everything on the page of a book comes to life when the LeapFrog Tag Reading System touches them.

The system has more than 20 games and books in its broad library. This is one educational material that any child can have to improve learning and reading habit.

Product highlights

  • The tag reader improves the child’s reading ability.
  • The touch technology makes reading and learning exciting.
  • It has a broad library of books and games available.
  • Phonics skills are improved with it
  • It can be connected online.
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary is enhanced.
  • A recommendation to read other books is added.

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet, 8″ HD Display, 32 GB, Pink Kid-Proof Case

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition TabletThe tablet is well designed and highly covered with a kids proof case. It is not a toy as many can view it from a distance it is programmed with an internal storage of 32 GB, and has a long life battery.

It has an external memory slot which can be inserted in the tablet with a capacity up to 256 GB storage.

The device contains awesome applications that keep the kid smiling all the time. It is well built with educational stuff, videos, games, and other popular applications that promote the growth of the kid.

It has high sensitivity since it operates on the commands of touch for it to give desired results by the kids. It has a large screen which enables the kid to read the content on the tablet with a lot of ease. It is quite light to carry hence the kids cannot complain much when walking with it.

The tablets can be used further to take photographs and videos hence boosting the talent and the potentiality of the kids. It is durable, efficient to use, and can be used as a library which contents numerous documents.

It has a higher speed especially when it is switched on and the kid always enjoys being in possession of the gadget.

Product highlights

  • Long life battery
  • An internal storage of 32 GB
  • An external memory slot
  • Can be inserted in the tablet with a capacity up to 256 GB storage
  • Large screen for easy reading

Smooth Touch Alphabet Tablet Toy

Smooth Touch Alphabet Tablet ToyKidz delight is an alphabet tablet toy for the kids. It is smooth in texture and makes the kids use the device with a lot of pleasure.

It assists profoundly the kids to learn alphabets with efficiency and coherence. It helps the parent, guardian, or the teacher to instill the ideas in the brain of a kid with less difficulty.

The tablet is programmed in a way that it contains games which are educational in order to help the kids identify sounds and letters of alphabets.

The tablet has a higher sensitivity note which usually assists the kid to give it numerous commands. It contains four letter based educational games for playing games.

It has dynamics of phonics based learning techniques which aid in teaching letter sounds, letter names or word spelling. The tablet has a big screen which enables the kid to read the content on the screen with a lot of ease.

Kidz delight is the significance of durability. They are educative to the kids whereby they assist the parent, guardian or the teacher to instill formal knowledge to the kids with a lot of ease.

Kidz delight is available in the market segment at the available cost to benefit potential clients. The gadget is actually important because it develops the psychology of the kid in a very tremendous way. Kids in the contemporary world are really attached to the electronic gadgets. Their energy and passion can be tapped here at a tender age to form them in the appropriate way.

Product highlights

  • High sensitive note that assists the kid to give it numerous commands
  • Dynamics of phonics based learning techniques
  • Big screen ease reading for kids
  • Durable

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet

Fire 7 Kids Edition TabletThe tablet is well designed with a Kid Proof Case to prevent any damage of the gadget in case it falls. It has a 16 GB internal storage and a long-lasting battery which can go up to eight hours.

It contains fantastic applications in its software. The applications include educational content from PBS Kids, books, videos, and other important applications.

The device has a wide screen which enables the kids to read the content on the tablet with a lot of ease. It is portable for the kid to carry them despite even in long distances.

The tablet is quite vital for the kid since they instill important ideas to the kids which develop their learning skills.

The tablet is available at considerable prices. They are highly recommended for the growth of the kids. It has a camera which can be used to take photos and videos. To protect the screen one can see a technician to put a screen guard to minimize breaking of the screen.

Product highlights

  • Kid Proof Case to prevent any damage
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • Long lasting battery
  • Widescreen for easy reading
  • It is portable

Think Fun Zingo Bingo Award Winning Game for Pre-Readers and Early Readers Age 4 and Up

Think Fun Zingo Bingo Award WinningThink fun Zingo Bingo award-winning game is an awesome play for the kids. Zingo results in a fast paced recreation activity and also has the studious aspect.

It helps the players to develop the philosophy of critical thinking hence cultivating the characteristic of innovation to an individual.

It is played by sliding the Zinger in order to reveal icons tiles, making a play filling a card in order to win.

Icons with words which are printed and with two levels of the match make the game interesting to thrive with. Zingo is a game which uses a lot of brain enhancement between the players.

The winner of the game is given a fabulous award to keep him or her motivated. The game assists a lot in widening the scope of braining nurturing and nourishing the aspect to think globally more than parochial.

Players develop the issues of building their languages that of skills matching with other players. Customers who buy this game attest and profess that it is fantastic and awesome to play it.

The game is quite involving which brings the advantages of reducing immorality. It doesn’t encourage idleness which usually brings a room to do evil things. The game builds friendship and unity among the players. It discourages individualism, egoism and self centeredness.

The game is affordable at a considerable price which is not so much expensive as such. Zingo Bingo award game forms the players to stay humble either in times of winning or losing the game. The game can be played especially in the free time which in order to build the aspect of solidarity among the players.

Product highlights

  • Fast paced recreation activity
  • Has a studious aspect
  • Fantastic and awesome to use
  • Affordable price

Things You Should Consider Before Buying Best Reading Device For Kids

Before you can get a reading device for your child, there are things you should consider. Take for instance, the princess toys come with different types of educational materials. It is not every child that a particular reading device is right for when it comes to learning.

The Library

Just like the adult’s tablets, the kids reading devices should have a good library that will have different aspects of learning to it. It should not only have games but good books that will help the child to learn in a fun way.

HD Display

A child may not be able to attract to a reading device if the display is boring. You should ensure that the display size is big enough for the child to see what is happening on it.


A reading device that has a poor battery life is good as nothing. Kids are not going to get bored anytime soon when the tablet is filled with great educational materials.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for the best reading device for kids, you can easily get them from online stores. You don’t need to search endlessly before getting the perfect device for a child if you can follow our buying guide.

A good reading device should be interactive. This is what makes the difference when it comes to having great devices to teach your kids how to read.


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