Best Cast Iron Tortilla press Reviews in 2022

If you are planning to enjoy tortillas properly, then you need to get all the right tools. Buying the best cast iron tortilla press is essential when it comes to making tortillas in your home. It will help you to flatten dough evenly. If you don’t want to waste your time finding the right material and tool for tortillas, then this article is perfect for you. Here we are mentioning some of the best-rated tortilla press that is standard for tortillas.

Best Cast Iron Tortilla press Review in 2022

1. Victoria Tortilla Cast Iron Presses 6.5 Inch Tortilla Maker with Polished Finish

Best Cast Iron Tortilla press

Now you can make your tortilla with your hand by using this tortilla press. You can even use it for non-gluten and Paleo tortillas. It will make it easy for you to cook tortillas at home without any trouble. Its design and finishing everything will make everything easy for you.

It has a reinforced design. The base plate and the handle of this victoria cast iron tortilla press have been improved for better resistance. So you will not have any problem while making variety of food in it. These plates will avoid pinching every time you make tortillas at home.

This 6.5-inch Victoria Tortilla Press has cast-iron seasoned at high heats that makes it a reliable option to use. It also has 100% non-GMO vegetable flaxseed oil. You don’t even have to worry about its maintenance. It is pretty easy to keep.

You will get an extra screw for the tool with this tortilla maker. There are also detailed instructions in the manual book. So there will be nothing for you to worry about when it comes to using it.


  • Improved base and the easy pull handle
  • Reinforced design and heavy-duty cast iron construction
  • Durable cast-iron seasoned at high heats along with 100% non-GMO vegetable flaxseed oil
  • Comes with an extra screw for the tool and complete instructions

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2. Alpha Living Cast Iron Tortilla Press and Pataconera

Alpha Living Tortilla Press and Pataconera

Alpha Living Cast Iron Tortilla Press has a heavy-weight Cast Iron press that will ensure its strength and durability. So you can use it for a long time than you think. It will make it easy for you to cook at home with fresh ingredients without any trouble. It will deliver you the perfect result that you need.

Its wide diameter of 7. 5 inches and its heavy-weight body will allow for a flat press to make your tortilla better. You can also use it for a variety of purposes. There will be no problem for you to use it. There is also another size version of this one. You don’t have to spend days of kitchen organization.

This classic tortilla beats standard aluminum tortilla press when it comes to durability, longevity, and its ability to create flat-baked bread. It will make it easy for you to use it.

There is also an ergonomic handle that will allow you for a seamless experience. You can hold the press comfortably.


  • The wide diameter of 7. 5 inches
  • Heavy cast iron plates allows for a flat even press.
  • Ergonomic design handle for a seamless experience
  • Easy assembly process

3. 8-inch ARC USA Tortilla Press Budget Tortilla Maker for Kitchen

ARC, 0026, 8 inch Press

This tortilla press comes in various sizes. So it will be comfortable for you to make your size of tortillas without any problems. It has four sizes and these are 6-inch = 4.69 pounds, 7.3 inches press – 4.93 lbs, 8-inch = 7.0 pounds, 8-inch = 8.45 pounds, 10-inch = 18.25 pounds. If you are a die-hard meal prepper, then this one would be the best for you.

With this press, it will be easy for you to make a tortilla as all you have to do is put the dough ball center of the press plate and then close it and press. After all this, your tortilla will be prepared in front of you in a few minutes.

This one is heavy-duty, durable, sturdy, safe, rustproof cast-iron surface, and reliable. So there is nothing for you to worry about. You can keep using it for a longer time than you think. It adds a nice touch to make a delicious meal. It will become your favorite tortilla maker after you use it.

You can use any cooking oil to prepare a tortilla. It has a round press surface that provides a flat press. So there is no place to make uneven tortillas. It also has a heavy stable weight of the bolted grip that provides you a solid press.


  • Available in four sizes
  • Heavy-duty, sturdy, durable, safe, and reliable
  • Easy to use and comparatively low-profile tortilla press
  • Round press surface and heavy stable weight of the bolted grip

4. HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 for 6-Inch Aluminum Tortilla Maker with Foldable Handle Review

HIC Harold Import Co. 43172 for 6-Inch Tortillas

HIC’s has heavy-weight cast-aluminum press that will be easy for you to handle while making tortillas in your kitchen. Its sturdy handle will make it easy for you to handle when you are going to use it. You can maintain it effortlessly. This 6-Inch Tortilla Press can make 6 inches flat tortillas.

Its cast-aluminum version will press the dough in a perfect amount of pressure that will make an ideal consistent thickness in the tortillas. It will make your homemade tortillas professional. And you will also enjoy it. It has a non-stick finish that will let you clean it with plastic papers.

Its line press comes with plastic wrap or pieces of parchment paper liners. So the dough during tortilla preparation will not stick on the press. And you don’t have to worry about cleaning anything in this one. This one is the heaviest model.

You can wash it in with warm and soapy water and then dry naturally. You don’t have to roll corn dough with your hand. Also, you can make batches of corn tortillas with this Cast Aluminum Tortilla Press. Your cooking will always be limited to safe and fun food. And you can make everything like a skilled tortilla maker.


  • Line press comes with plastic wrap or pre-cut parchment paper.
  • Make 6 inches tortillas and non-stick surface
  • Heavy-weight aluminum heavy duty presses that are easy to handle
  • Wash tortillas warm water and soapy water

5. Premium Grade-8 inch Tortillas presser maker

Premium Grade-8 inch Tortillas presser maker

If you are looking for something traditional, then this one would be perfect for you to use. This presser comes in a standard size of an 8-inch pressing surface, which is perfect to use. It will give you easy and even tortilla pressing when you are going to make fresh tortillas in your house.

It has a round and wide press surface that provides a flat press when you are using it. The heavy-equal weight of the press and bolted holder will help you to provide a stable press. Its nice finish will make everything easy for you. You can make dozens of tortillas using this custom tortilla maker.

This pataconera tortilla press needs easy and low maintenance. When you are going to use it you need to wash your hand, then dry it, and after then you can rub with any cooking oil or use circles of parchment paper.

You can easily use this one. All you have to do is place your tortilla heavy presses dough in the center of the press plate, close, and then press. This one is great for use on wheat flour and corn tortillas.


  • Round wide diameter press cooking surface provides a flat uniform press.
  • It needs easy and low maintenance.
  • The heavy balanced weight of the press and bolted cast iron handle hinge
  • Comes in a standard size of eight-inch tortilla press

6. Tortillada Premium Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Tortillada – Premium Press with Recipes E-Book

In this tortilla press, there is high-quality cast iron to ensure that it is durable. You can use it appropriately without causing any confusion. It has the right material that you need to create consistent degrees of thickness in your tortilla. You can make large-size tortillas.

As you know, this is pre-seasoned. And it also has high quality materials. So you can make homemade tortillas tasty and yummy. There are also many other things that you can make with this one. You can make even chapati roti without having elbow grease.

This set is 10 inches long. So you can make a big and round-sized tortilla easily in your home. This one weighs 12.7 IB. Perfect for you to keep in your home. You only need a light touch to make perfect round tortillas.

With this set, you will also get an E-Book with about 50 recipes for tortillas. With the help of the book, you can make tasty and yummy tortillas at your home.


  • Comes with a recipe book with about majority of tortilla recipes
  • This one is 10 inches long and weighs 12.7 IB.
  • High-grade cast iron to ensure durable
  • Pre-seasoned and has a high-quality iron

7. Eleganceinlife Press Compact Design

Eleganceinlife Press

Eleganceinlife has heavy duty cast irons to ensure you can make tortillas comfortably. It has an improved base and handles that will help you to press this one easily without making things hard for you.

This compact model is ideal for making tortillas, tostones, patacones, empanadas, pie shells, tortilla chips, arepas, and many more dishes. You can especially make corn tortillas with this one. It will taste tasty. You can use any dough that is prepared with hot water.

This 7.3 inches or 18.5 CM has long-lasting restaurant-grade and heavy-gauge construction. So you can use it for a longer time than you think without any problems. You can make restaurant-quality tortillas.

It can balance the weight of the press because it is heavy. And the bolted holder of this item will provide you with a solid press. This one is one of the cheapest tortilla makers that will help you yo make a batch of tortillas without any problems


  • It is 7.3 inches or 18.5 CM comes in compact size
  • Long-lasting restaurant-grade and heavy-gauge construction
  • Balance weight of the press
  • The bolted holder provides a durable press.

8. Norpro 6-Inch Tortilla Maker

Norpro 6" tortilla maker

With this Norpro 6 inches Cast Aluminum, you can make homemade tortillas easily without wasting any time. It will taste much fresher than the frozen one or store-bought tortillas. It will also make it easy for you to make. No need to give adequate pressure.

This aluminum option is durable, sturdy, and has excellent support. You can make a lot of tortillas with this one. This one is perfect for making large amounts of tortillas. You can make perfect, 6-inch tortillas. Its metal counterparts are also great.

It is easy to use. And you can also easily clean it. All you have to do is wipe it with a damp or dry cloth. You can also store it anywhere in your kitchen as it is light weight. Its durable aluminum plate will help you to give balanced and restaurant-quality finish.


  • 6 inches Cast lightweight aluminum 
  • Durable, sturdy, and has excellent leverage.
  • Easy to use and store
  • Easy dreaded rolling process

9. Central Coast Woodworks Tortilla Press |Hardwood Wood Tortilla Press wit Beeswax Paper

Hardwood Tortilla Press

Here we bring Central Coast Woodworks Hardwood Tortilla Press to make the perfect tortilla in your home. Most Mexican love to use wood ones. It has high-quality hardwoods that give it a different character and durability. You can keep it on the counter space in your kitchen. You can make uniform tortillas with this hardwood tortilla press.

Its solid wood handle also makes it perfect to wear. Its attractive design high-quality build works better than the other ones. You won’t have to give excessive pressure.

Its wood color and grain patterns can change slightly with each press. But it will give you the ultimate strength to make perfect Mexican tortillas. It has several coats of food-grade mineral oil paper pieces and beeswax. So it is safe to use.


  • Several coats of food-grade mineral oils and beeswax paper
  • Wood color and grain patterns can change slightly with each press
  • Combination of maple wood to give a different character and durability
  • beautiful hand-crafted kitchen tool

10. Tortilla Press Kit by Verve CULTURE Eye-Catching, Fire Engine Red Design

Tortilla Press Kit by Verve CULTURE

This Verve Culture Tortilla Press is ideal for flattening tortillas, not cooking them. This one is a non-electric tortilla maker. This 6.5-inch diameter tortilla maker will make sure you can make everything properly. This one is an easy-to-use. You can give effortless pressing.

Because of its red color, it will instantly catch everyone’s attention quickly. This one comes with FDA approved and food-safe materials. So it is 100% safe to use. It is also environmentally friendly. Even if you make the 50th tortilla, there won’t be any problems.

You can also use alternative flours like cassava flour or coconut flour to make the thinnest tortillas with this one. You can also make low-carb tortillas with a simple testing process.


  • Coated with FDA approved and food-safe materials
  • Ideal for flattening tortillas
  • 6.5 inches diameter
  • Environmentally friendly and have control over thickness

Buying guide of Best Cast Iron Tortilla press

To make proper tortillas, you need to make sure you have all the equipment at your home. A tortilla press is an important thing that you need to make tortillas. It is because it can help you to make a roll easily and comfortably without any problems. So when it comes at tortilla preparation, you have to be careful.

There are many types of tortillas available in the market. So finding the right comal for tortilla can be tough for you. So here in this article, we will make things easy for you.

Types of Tortilla press

There is a range of categories based on the types of material for tortilla pressing. And there is also a wide variety of type of tortilla makers. Some people use a wooden cutting board. So you have to make sure you have any idea of the type of iron tortilla presses. It will help you to get your favorite one.

Cast Iron Tortilla press

The most common material for tortilla press is cast iron. This type of cast iron material version tortillas is both heavy-duty and durable enough for you to use for a long time. You also don’t have to press hard when you are using it. The Cast iron option is best to use in indoor usage. Because of its weight, it will be tough for you to carry.

Wooden Tortilla press

In Mexico, most people love to use wooden tortilla makers. Wooden presses are affordable so you can easily buy them. But the problem with this one is it is not as durable as the cast iron one. You can’t give hard wood presses with it. So you cant use them for a longer time. Some have pine wood and some have walnut wood. But if you have high-quality wood, then the case might be different.

Aluminum Tortilla Presse

Aluminum tortilla presses are not heavy. That’s why aluminum models will not give you a result like wooden or iron ones. But because of the lightweight, you can take it with you whenever you are camping or traveling somewhere. Some also have stainless steel exterior.


Plastic tortilla maker is cheap and you can also take it with you while traveling. But don’t expect any professional result with plastic presses. You cant even use it for a longer time. You can find a beginner-friendly model.

Size and Weight

The size of a tortilla maker depends on which dish you want to make with your tortilla. If you are planning to make homemade taco wraps, then you need to get something more than 8 inches in diameter. It will help you to make a round, big, clunky tortilla. So you have to consider the tortilla sizes. But don’t get bulky design ideas as they are not perfect kitchen equipment.

Other than this, you also have to consider the size of your kitchen. If you have enough storage space, then you can keep a big tortilla maker. But if you don’t have one, then it is better to get the normal ones. You will also be able to give ideal thickness to the tortillas.

So think about these and then determine the size of your tortilla.

Ease of maintenance

After making tortillas, you have to clean it. So if the cleaning and maintenance part is hard to do, then it will become tough for you. If there is some baked dough inside your tortilla press, then it would be hard to remove.

So make sure to get one that has low maintenance. So that you will not have a hard time cleaning it. Materials also play a big fact when it comes to clean the press.

Electric VS Non-Electric Design

There are both non-electric and electric model of the tortilla press.While electric tortilla presses can cook your tortillas along with flattening the dough balls, the non-electronics tortilla will only make flat doughs. Make sure there is a cord wrap space in your kitchen if you go for electric options. This one has an automatic plate.

If you don’t have any budget problems, then you can get electric models as they are expensive tortilla makers. And if you want budget-friendly, then better to get non-electric models. Both electric and non-electric models are great to use.

FAQ of the Best Cast Iron Tortilla press:

Are there other uses of tortilla presses?

You can make 8-inch roti or flat bread bhakri, focaccia, moo shoo pancakes, flat tortilla, mini pie shells, Dry masa harina, tostones, or tart shells, arepas, and more dishes with a tortilla press other than traditional tortilla. You can make dishes beyond tacos. Many cooks use it for various reasons. You can also use it for heat distribution for T-shirt printing.

How to choose the best tortilla press for corn and flour tortillas?

The first thing you need to think about before choosing a tortilla maker is its materials. The lookout for the size. After then see for its maintenance. If everything is perfect for you, then you can get it without any problems.

Is an electric tortilla maker worth to make delicious tortillas?

If you have to make roti or tortillas on the daily basis, then it is worth investing some money in it. It will also save you time. Make sure there is a cord storage space in your kitchen. You can also use cast-iron and wooden models.


Although tortillas are Mexican food people from all over the world seem to enjoy this lighter meal. It is pretty simple and easy to make. There are lots of cooking gadgets to make tortillas. But when it comes to rolling with a rolling pin, it gets tough to make. That’s why you need to get the best-cast iron tortilla press as it is the best solution to make it. Hopefully, this article has helped you to choose one.

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