Best Trolling Reels 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Fishing has long been a routine that people engage in for numerous purposes such as sorting out the insatiable cravings of the stomach and also for entertainment among other reasons. But to make the fishing desires a productive reality; diverse forms of tools and equipment are utilized, among which we have the trolling reels which account for numerous tremendous success in fishing operations.

Furthermore, among the array of tools being used, the trolling reel has become one of the most preferred by anglers or fishers as the case may be. But not to worry, we are going to be going into what the trolling reel really represents and how it can be used. And more importantly, few of the best trolling reels would be showcased here for your convenience.

Best Trolling Reels 2020 – Comparisons

PictureProduct NameEditor RaitingCheck Price
Gomexus Saltwater Reel Trolling thumbGomexus Saltwater Reel Trolling5Check Price
Isafish Baitcasting Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Reels thumbIsafish Baitcasting Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Reels5Check Price
Isafish Trolling Reel With Alarm Function 3.81 thumbIsafish Trolling Reel With Alarm Function 3.814.75Check Price
Piscifun High Speed Conventional Levelwind Trolling Reels Saltwater thumbPiscifun High Speed Conventional Levelwind Trolling Reels Saltwater4.75Check Price
Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel thumbSaltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel5Check Price
Isafish Spinning Reel Trolling Boat Fishing Reels Counter Alarm Bell Drum thumbIsafish Spinning Reel Trolling Boat Fishing Reels Counter Alarm Bell Drum4.5Check Price
YUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel with Counter LeftRight Hand thumbYUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel with Counter LeftRight Hand4.5Check Price
VAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel 13 BB Sea Spinning Saltwater Trolling Reel thumbVAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel 13 BB Sea Spinning Saltwater Trolling Reel5Check Price
Fishing Tackle 10000 Size Full Metal Spool thumbFishing Tackle 10000 Size Full Metal Spool4.25Check Price
Saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel thumbSaltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel4.25Check Price

01 – Gomexus Saltwater Reel Trolling

Fishing has never been better with the Gomexus Saltwater Reel Trolling which happens to be one of the best trolling reels that surpass your expectation in your fishing expedition.

This saltwater real possesses exception casting and trolling capabilities. Its 2-speed drag system delivers an irresistible drag that renders fishes powerless against its force.Best Trolling Reels

As a result of the continuous usage of some reels in a saltwater area, they tend to deteriorate but not with the Gomexus saltwater real.

It functions exactly as its name implies; produced to withstand the adverse effects salt water have on other forms of Reel. Thereby making it a durable and efficient reel that gives you value for your efforts.

Unlike other reels, the Gomexus Saltwater Reel is built to handle the weight of fishing rod; this which boosts one’s balance while reeling in the catch.

Its solid powerful and silky smooth body further enhances your grips on it and as well protects it from the potent of the saltwater corrosion. The combination features of the Gomexus saltwater reel it imperviousness to deterioration and as well a fishing reel that would give you expected the result for a long time to come as it is also one of the best salmon trolling reel.

However, with the unique capabilities of the Gomexus Saltwater reel, it seems not be in the category of cheap trolling reels. Another of its drawback is its tendency to slip when in use. Nonetheless, with cautious handling coupled with other remarkable qualities, it will still put a smile on your face.

Gomexus saltwater reel handles expertly a large variety of fishes among which there are Tuna and Salmon. Being onshore or inshore does not create any limitation for Gomexus saltwater reel; instead, it brings your optimal delectable fishing experience.

What we liked

  • Works fine and longer in saltwater
  • Design Silky smooth
  • Ideal for Tuna and the likes
  • One best reel for trolling
  • Unique 2 speed for enhanced reeling
  • Best trolling reel for salmon

What we didn’t like

  • Need to cautious when handling due to its tendency to slip
  • Maybe high than some people’s budget.

02 – Isafish Baitcasting Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Reels

Isafish Baitcasting Reels no doubt is one of the best casting trolling reels available out there. It is suitable for freshwater fishing and ha also proven to be people’s choice in saltwater.

Likewise, if you aim is to stick to offshore or inshore fishing, it still happens to be your versatile fishing companion that would deliver a distinctive fishing outcome for you compared to its reels for trolling

Isafish Baitcasting Reels boast of unmatched efficiency, strength, and durability as a result of innovative high-tech consideration of its features.

It possesses the ability to enhance smooth fishing operation with its reels that are made consist of high-quality secured stainless steel.

Isafish Baitcasting Reels, which functions impeccably both in inshore and offshore is a baitcasting reel that comes with shiny golden color polished metal frame. Included in its properties is a fiber drag system boosted trolling and reeling routine.

The Isafish baitcasting reel is no doubt among the best, but reels can lay your hands on out there; however, it might still not be convenient for some to afford it. Other than this reason, it will superb reels that deliver the job rightly.

Reel trolling has never been better with Isafish baitcasting because of its unique conventional made-easy reel for trolling, and other saltwater and freshwater applicable techniques.

To further make it a formidable competitor among similar products, it owns a reinforced tough side plate made of anodized aluminum, and this sure elevated it further in the delivery satisfactory fishing experience.

Isafish Baitcasting Reels possesses a rugged corrosion-resistant bearing that makes it a possibility for the Isafish Baitcasting reels to function smoothly for a long time to come, and without any form of efficiency reduction.

What we liked

  • Offers efficient function both on offshore and inshore
  • Delivers as expected in Saltwater and Freshwater
  • Superb design that enhances firm gripping
  • Secured against deteriorating saltwater compound
  • Possess state of the heart brakes that improves casting control
  • It is rugged and durable
  • It is among the preferred casting trolling reel

What we didn’t like

  • Though it’s affordable, some might not still be able to afford it

03 – Isafish Trolling Reel With Alarm Function 3.81

This exceptional right-handed Isafish Trolling Reel comes with an alarm function. This helps gives timely notification to take the next necessary step that may be required in the fishing process.

The high metal material base accounts for its formidable strength which also gives it an even balancing and makes it a perfect trolling reel. This is among the factors giving it the durability potential.trolling reels

Isafish Trolling Reel possesses a 3+1 ball bearing with an efficient one-way clutch bearing which enhances the functionality of its comfy rubber handle and spool to coherently work together in giving you expected value for your efforts.

And coupled with an ideal high performing gear ratio of 3:8:1 which cannot be underestimated in executing it functions.

Included in its awesome features alongside the special alarm bell is the control button that helps in adjusting the strength mustered on the fishing line when required.

Its rubber handle brings about a huge convenience when holding the trolling rod reel for a long time. The perfect connection of the handle to the shaft, however, infuses more strength in the wheel. Also, have an Off/On bait clicker as the icing on the cake.

However, it 3:8:1 gear ratio may be seen as inadequate for a certain level of fishing operation as some would prefer a higher gear ratio. But notwithstanding, it is still a deal breaker considering its top-notch features which also include a premium drag star system.

Being a saltwater and freshwater baitcasting trolling reel does not decrease efficiency in any way. Likewise, its possession of an automatically metal wire coupled with its trolling wheel design puts it in the category of best reels for saltwater trolling and also the best freshwater trolling reels available in recent times.

What we liked

  • Possesses premium drag system
  • Have bait clicker control knob
  • Adaptability in both saltwater and freshwater
  • Durable and strong
  • Rubber handle for enhanced gripping convenience

What we didn’t like

  • Having a higher gear ratio would have made it more efficient

04 – Piscifun High Speed Conventional Levelwind Trolling Reels Saltwater

Piscifun high-speed conventional level wind trolling reel in quite a short period of it emergence proved to be a highly productive fishing tool that cannot be overlooked.

Conventional Levelwind Trolling Reels SaltwaterIts movement through the air is not constraint any way coupled with its precision machined oscillation brass gear which further propels its effectiveness in putting smiles on users’ faces.trolling reels reviews

It comes with a reinforced powerful body that is responsible for its ability to deliver for a long time despite the corrosiveness of saltwater.

Likewise, it strong brass main gear accounts for its top-notch swift retrieval with less energy at play.

Also included in the features is a stainless steel reel stand which brings about unwavering balance in the process of aiming for an even and smooth line winding.

Despite the Piscifun high-speed conventional Level wind Trolling Reels’ exceptional capabilities, it has a little drawback which the inability to be used by left-handed users.

Piscifun high-speed conventional level wind trolling reel’s maker step up its capacity to be more than just an excellent trolling reel. The ‘never relenting perception’ instilled in this excellent fishing tool that brings about its twin drag system that enhances a smooth and flawless drag irrespective of any contrary force.

Its strong aluminum handle which comes with TRP rubber knob puts it a step forward in front its competitor. And its main shaft possesses anti-corrosion properties and infused impact protecting.

What we liked

  • It gives ideal value for expended effort
  • Possess a precision machined oscillation brass gear
  • Enhance even and smooth line winding
  • Aluminum handle for a firm grip
  • Quick retrieval process with just a little effort
  • Have a 3+1 protected stainless steel bearing system
  • Have an excellent cast control and anti-reverse features

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable for users using on hands

05 – Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel

The Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel is in no doubt a capable dominator among its peers of fishing trolling reels.

It possesses a 30 wide 2-speed which makes it a distinctive trolling reel in its execution of smooth and effectual fishing routine.

The Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2-speed makes the concern result delivery of no issue, as it is power packed to withstand big games without any trolling reels

Its possession of a CNC cut aircraft light-weight aluminum frame together with its spool contributes to its already boosted result-oriented capacity.

Likewise, the Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2-speed’s component includes the use of water-resistant material, coupled with its reinforced body that protects against the corrosiveness of the salt.

No doubt, the fish neutralizer reel comes with great potential not to disappoint in any way; however, it big than normal handle might not be too convenient for some users and also, its valve in term of the und might be beyond some people’s budget.

It comes with a dominant drag feature that offers a maximum drag of 85Ibs which can hold up to 950 yards of 30Ib and couple with formidable brake component. Included in Saltwater fishing reel 30 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel members is reasonably big handles, wrench and also clamp system. It further featured super-hardened stainless steel gear of 3.6:1 and 1.6:1.

It offers effortless retrieval of fishing line with lightning speed to handle any wavering reluctant movement of your catch. It can also shift to a new gear depending on the demand at any point in time.

Having one of the best balancing systems brings about huge convenience, and its ruggedness makes it an excellent gadget for the best trolling venture that is sure of meeting high expectations.

What we liked

  • A 2-speed gear for boosted efficiency
  • CNC featured component
  • It fast line retrieval
  • Offer a smooth and formidable drag
  • Outstanding line capacity of 950 yard
  • Also usable in an offshore fishing environment
  • Suitable for saltwater

What we didn’t like

  • Its big size handle may not be convenient for some individuals
  • Might not be higher than some people’s purchasing power

06 – Isafish Spinning Reel Trolling Boat Fishing Reels Counter Alarm Bell Drum

Isafish Spinning Reel possesses the strength, durability swiftness to grant fishers delightful experience in their fishing tour.

Its varying and high-performance features, which makes it one the best trolling reels. Isafish Spinning Reel Trolling Boat Fishing reels do not compromise their quality as they are produced to conveniently handle any length of braided and monofilament line when required, and is also a suitable choice when aiming for specific species.good trolling reel

Its featured spinning reel for trolling makes the routine ever better as it reduces the stress that may be experienced when using other forms of trolling fishing reels.

It comes with a soft rubber handle that won’t leave your hands aching from the holding and pulling routines.

Furthermore, the connection between the soft rubber handle and the shaft offers the reel more strength and as well guarantees boosted ability in hauling line.

Despite its graphite frame material, its spool, counter device and alarm bell among other complimenting feature, the Isafish Spinning Reel happen not to be suitable for throwing fishing. Nonetheless, being one of the best trolling reels with line counter makes a handy companion that will meet your fishing expectations.

The infusion of high-tech line counter for the Isafish Spinning Reel added to already enhanced efficiency offered to users.

It enables you to observe line’s length when the game in on, and also help you make a time-saving adjustment. It only requires a simple step of pressing the counters button back to zero prior to executing the line.

The thought that Isafish Spinning Reel in more like the others out there is wrong; it amplifies its ability to reduce fishers’ stress through an innovatively attached alarm bell. And its purpose is to notify on the fishing status promptly.

What we liked

  • Has a large line capacity
  • Soothing rubber handle.
  • Strong and durable
  • Easy to use
  • It is one of the best line counter reels with a counting device
  • Alarm bell for easy notification

What we didn’t like

  • It’s not suitable for throwing fishing.

07 – YUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel with Counter LeftRight Hand

The YUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel comes with a superb gear ratio which is capable of decking big catch with a little effort.

It makes connected fish diverse escape maneuver to be no importance due to the formidable ability of the YUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel at work.YUMOSHI ACL 12+1BB Round Baitcast Reel with Counter LeftRight Hand

This reel brings about great efficiency in trolling routine as it comes with a line depth counter which gives you an insight into how deep or far your line as gone to land you a suitable catch.

It has also been found highly suitable for distant fishing such as trolling, bottom fishing and jigging among other varying techniques executable in both saltwater and freshwaters.

It high performing specification makes it a top budget trolling reel for some people to handle, however, it’s 3.8:1 and 5.2:1 gear ratio coupled with its right and left capability makes it a preferred choice.

It possesses a quick release feature with a line switch that aids smooth release and retrieval. Besides, it comes with a stainless steel wire line guide.

Its anti-corrosion alloy body secures the reel from any form of deteriorating effect the salt water and continuous usage may cause to the reel. The CNC fiber body coupled with its corrosion protection further enhances its durability.

It emergence bring about a high convenience as it has a metal shape knob release together with a sphere-shaped rubber handle offer your hands soothing experience when holding on to it. According to diverse trolling reels reviews, the attractive design it possesses helps in increasing its acceptability.

What we liked

  • Left and right hand usability
  • Offer consistent and smooth operation
  • Comes with a depth counter
  • It’s durable and efficient
  • Suitable for both saltwater and freshwater
  • A unique switch for the swift release of the fish line
  • Reinforced corrosion protection

What we didn’t like

  • High budget trolling reel

08 – VAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel 13 BB Sea Spinning Saltwater Trolling Reel

The VAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel come offering with a broad application. It delivers optimally with the combined efforts of a various distinct part of the trolling reel.

These include its potential long 9000 casting big reel that guarantees an exceptionally long shot fishing experience. It as well exerts a super strong force that makes one’s desire and effort in capturing big fish a delightful reality.VAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel 13 BB Sea Spinning Saltwater Trolling Reel

It has been found to be ideal for freshwater and sea salt water. It boasts of a 12+ 1 gapless bearings ball with a 4.11:1 gear ratio, which renders a super high-speed efficiency with minimal noise.

Adding to its ability to deliver a satisfactory fishing experience is its big solid conical spool which has a unique potential to impressively hold up to 200 meters of fishing line.

Coming with an exquisite handle that aids the even balancing of the big reel is another added peculiar feature of the VAVO 9000 Big Spool. The handle further possesses a complimenting soft EVA rubber handle, full metallic CNC style rocker, and availability of a foldable option.

Like most great product can’t do without having at least a flaw, the VAVO 9000 Big Spool Boat Fishing Reel also has a drawback in that it is not that suitable for beginners and furthermore, it is also less accurate when wielded by less experienced individuals.

To further enhance the satisfactory result derivable from this spinning saltwater trolling reel, it possesses an incorporated guide structure having a copper gear that comes with dual bearings which help the release of the line and as well steady the real’s operation.

What we liked

  • Distinctively long shot reel
  • Also suitable for saltwater trolling
  • One of the best trolling with a spinning reel
  • Super strong and durable
  • A super 4.11:1 gear ratio
  • Efficiently overpowers big fish with ease

What we didn’t like

  • They may not be accurate as baitcaster would.
  • It may take beginners sometime before getting the hang of it

09 – Fishing Tackle 10000 Size Full Metal Spool

The Fishing Tackle 10000 Size Full Metal Spool is one of the best full solid metal spools is among the available heavy and extremely powerful reel that comes with reinforced efficiency to land a furious fish and in any water condition. It is ideally suitable for use in both saltwater and freshwater.Fishing Tackle 10000 Size Full Metal Spool

It featured a long shot casting fishing reel that grants you an extended reach in the bid to catch a suitable fish.

Also included in is the exquisite features is a 12+IBB super strong front drag fishing reel that offers optimized and effortless drag experience.

Furthermore, its anti-corrosion resistant gear component serves as a protective consideration that accounts for its enhanced durability. This makes one of the best trolling reels for the money; meaning it is sure of giving you full value for your money.

Aside from being a rugged and durable long shot casting fishing reel with all its admirable features, some users still find it a little bit heavy, however, that one of the highlights that makes it durable and as well delivers as described.

It also possesses a shallow spool coupled with an anti-fried device that increases it durability capabilities. Its weight mounts to 598g with a gear ratio of 4.6:1, this which grants it a reasonably superfast reeling process with less effort applied when putting it to work. Its high performing capacity has also been found to be among the best fish trolling with a spinning reel that meets your fishing expectations.

What we liked

  • Full metal spool for enhanced functionality
  • Possess corrosion resistant, and long shot casting ability
  • Offer a long distant casting
  • It comes with a suitable ball bearing of 12+1
  • Comes with an anti-fried device that protects the line
  • It’s Gear ratio of 4.6:1 is reasonably high

What we didn’t like

  • A little bit heavy

10 – Saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel

This saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel is one of a kind fishing reel in recent time. Having a 50- wide 2 speed features makes it an ideal reel for both beginner and professionals.

It comes with a maximum drag of 107 Ibs together with a lengthy capacity line of 950 yards of 50 Ib; this which help you reach beyond other typical reels and as well makes it one of the best fishing reels for trolling.Saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2 speed big game fishing reel

Its solid steel stainless gear comes with a ratio capacity of 3.1:1 and 1.3:1 for boosted efficiency. It featured the ability to deliver excellently also makes it an ideal offshore fishing tool.

Besides, it 9 shielded stainless steel unique ball bearing is incredible coupled with seamless and smooth shift function for optimal delivery.

Coming with a superb CNC machined cut aircraft fame design and spool likewise spike its performance up a notch. It anodized infused component guarantees its durability and formidable resistant ability in saltwater.

The aircraft material utilized for its brake further brings about its possession of a perfect drag system.

It oversized big game well-carved handle perfectly compliment the size of the entire rod, but the size might however not be convenient for some to manage efficiently. Other than that, saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel is such that anyone aiming for a big game should possess.

Nonetheless, its ability to offer a quick line retrieval and at the same time maintaining a perfect balance increases its users’ confidence in it. The Saltwater fishing reel 50 wide 2-speed big game fishing reel is all about effectiveness, efficiency, strength, and durability to achieve maximum fishing satisfaction.

What we liked

  • Perfect rod balancing
  • Anodized component
  • Harden and tempered stainless steel
  • Enhanced quick line retrieval
  • Anti-corrosion for protection and boosted durability

What we didn’t like

  • Its cost might be on the high side
  • It oversize big game handle may not be convenient for some.

What is a trolling reel?

The trolling in the phrase ‘trolling reel’ means the process of slowly dragging more than one baited lines through the water to catch a fish.

Likewise, we have a reel to be a cylinder-shaped device that helps with the release and retrieval of fishing lines in and out of the water.

So, basically trolling reels are fishing-made easy tools that help fishers hook unto fish and pull them out of the water.

These, however, come in different forms, e.g., shape, materials, functions, durability and as well require diverse techniques to operate.

How to use a trolling reel?

In the previous paragraph, it was made know that trolling reel requires various techniques to operate, and this is because they are meant to perform in a very distinct way in achieving the sole goal of landing desired fish.

Nonetheless, there are fundamental handling procedures you must be familiar with to be able to unleash their numerous features to meet one’s fishing expectations.

Brief steps in using a trolling reel

  • You need to starts by reeling in or out your line until you have your bait around 8 inches from the tip of your fishing rod.
  • If you have a spool button, press it down to help with the long casting of the fishing lines.
  • Hold firmly on the handle very close to the reel then slightly make a back and forward movement of the rod’s tip to cast the line.
  • Apply the brake on the spool either by your thumb or button for advance trolling reel.
  • Then wait patiently for the unusual movement of your line and lure; this which indicate a fish is connected for you to start reeling in.

However, it is advisable to see videos on how it is being done or meet an experienced person to physically put you through because that the easiest ways to learn it.

How to use a saltwater trolling rod and reel

There are some vital you need to know when using saltwater trolling rod and reel. You should know not all rods and reels works perfectly together.

There exist some rods which multiplier reel must not be used with if you desire to avoid any form of complication. And likewise, when you are bent on using one, the multiplier shouldn’t be attached below the reel but above it.

Furthermore, you must ensure there is enough spacing in between your trolling rods so that your lines won tangle when reeling in or out.

Major categories of fishing reels

  • Trolling Reel
  • Spinning Reel
  • Baitcasting Reel
  • Spincast Reel

Significant factors in mind when getting best trolling reels

Body: they are majorly made of aluminum and graphite materials, and they both have their advantages.

Size: your desired size of reel depends on the weight of the plan you will be making use of. Also, the lighter line requires an equivalent small reel.

Gear ratio: This indicates how fast or slow your line rolls around the reel’s spool and it is measured in 3.4, 5.1, and 6.1 and so on

Drag system: This simply the capacity of the line apply a certain degree of pressure on the fish that has already taken the bait.

Here are major other factors you need to consider when getting saltwater reels and rods

You need to consider the strength and length you want to work with and overall efficiency. Some individuals prefer long rods while some prefer short ones.

This is because the differences in the rods give offer distinct advantages. Note this; shorter rods offer more strength in easily reeling fish in a while longer rod enables long distance casting of lines beyond what a short rod can achieve.

Some, however, prefer to use a saltwater trolling rod and reel due to their options of both high and low speed. The high-speed reel with a gear ratio of 6:1 enhances a super-fast retrieval while a low-speed having gear ratio below 4:1 provides formidable slower dragging in of fish.

The reel’s line capacity is another vital factor to consider. This is always in feet or yards, and you can check this out on the body of the reel.

Always make use of reels that match the recommended line weight that you will found on the rod. Likewise, matching recommended lure weight to bait’s dimension has a higher possibility of giving you a better result.

Saltwater trolling

The saltwater happens to be like an upgrade of baitcasting fishing tool. And it comes with a revolving spool reel that is evenly balanced on the rod.

The Saltwater trolling reel makes use of drag system with the help of a lever compared to reel that uses star drag. It enables the setting of maximum drag coupled with the ability to control the pressure with the level beside the trolling reel. The reels are such that are built to carry substantially large line combined with a solid body to handle the corresponding weight, and this makes it a reasonably good trolling reel.

To conclude, it is advisable to get good reels for trolling that would offer you high efficiency and durability irrespective of its high-end budget. At least, it would be such that would get you going for a long time to come. But on the contrary, there also exit affordable trolling, that offers bot right or left hand trolling reel. So, if you desire a right or left hand retrieve trolling reel, you are sure of getting among the numerous trolling reel listed in this buying guide; however, do not forget to do some level of searches on your own to be sure you are buying what will meet your fishing expectation.


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