Benefits of Black Tea with Milk

Benefits of Black Tea with MilkAre you a regular drinker of black tea? If you are, have you ever considered adding some milk to it every once in a while?

Either regular dairy milk or the plant-based soy milk. If not, then you have just landed on the right piece for you.

Follow us on this journey as we explore some of the benefits of black tea, soy milk and black tea with milk.

We hope that this article will be an eye opener for you and reshape the way that you view tea.

For some people, breakfast is never complete unless it involves some black tea mixed with a dash of soy milk. Each of the components of this tea comes with a load of beneficial ingredients that ensure they kick off their day on the right footing with all the necessary nutrients to see them through to lunch.

There is however still a lot of debate and controversy surrounding milk and whether or not it makes black tea more or less effective to the human body. Here, we look at exactly what these foods bring to the table and the sort of impact they have on each other as well as you.

Merits of Black Tea to the body

Polyphenols occur naturally in back tea and are the reason why it is so beneficial to the human body. The compounds give to fill the body with antioxidants. These are responsible for offering the body protection against free radicals. Free radicals are unstable compounds found in body fluids that cause damage to the cell structure. There are also some studies out there that linked the regular consumption of black tea with a reduced risk in the development of disease of the cardiovascular system, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, osteoporosis, and diabetes.

Merits of Milk

Foods like dairy milk and soy milk contain a high concentration of absorbable calcium nutrients. It is for this reason that developing children are advised to take a glass of milk a day so that their bone development can be regular. Milk also has Vitamin D that is also essential for bone growth and aids in the absorption of iron in the blood.

So, the regular intake of milk helps with the development of healthy teeth, bones and nerve endings. This allows for the proper transmission of nerve impulses from the body to the brain and vice versa. It has also been linked to the proper coagulation of blood and maintenance of a healthy heart rhythm.

For those that don’t consume dairy or are lactose intolerant, then the plant-based soy milk is also a healthy alternative. It has most of the benefits of regular milk and also helps the body to lower its levels of cholesterol.


However, for those that have an issue with regulating their insulin, then soy milk is not the best possible addition to your black tea. Research has linked the drinking of black tea with soy milk to the reduction in insulin production within the body. This is simply a caution for people whose bodies are not able to naturally regulate the production of insulin, for example, diabetics.


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