Best Hiking Gloves 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Nothing beats a good hike. The thrill, the exercise, the fresh air, the interaction with nature and everything about the hike blend together to create the perfect experience. One way to ensure that you enjoy your hike to the maximum is by having the best hiking gloves on your hands. These are usually the difference between a smooth hike and one filled with injury and discomfort. Since there are a lot of hiking gloves out there, we have taken the time to compile for you the best review and offer a little insight into what should inform our decision when it comes to buying a pair of hiking gloves.

Best Hiking Gloves in 2022

PictureProduct NameEditor RatingCheck Price
Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & WomenMountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women5Check Price
Winter Snow Ski GlovesWinter Snow Ski Gloves5Check Price
Windproof, Breathable Workout Gloves For Men And WomenWindproof, Breathable Workout Gloves For Men And Women5Check Price
FREETOO Tactical Gloves for MenFREETOO Tactical Gloves for Men4.75Check Price
Women’s Sunscreen Fingerless GlovesWomen’s Sunscreen Fingerless Gloves4.75Check Price
Viperade Mens Tactical GlovesViperade Mens Tactical Gloves4.5Check Price
DLGDX Stretch Neoprene Fishing GlovesDLGDX Stretch Neoprene Fishing Gloves4.5Check Price
Solaris Ski GlovesSolaris Ski Gloves4.25Check Price
Winter Cycling Gloves for Men and WomenWinter Cycling Gloves for Men and Women5Check Price
Womens Sunblock Fingerless GlovesWomens Sunblock Fingerless Gloves4.5Check Price

Here are our pics for the best hiking gloves available in the market

01 – Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women for Hands Warm

Mountain Made Outdoor Gloves for Men & Women

If you want a glove that offers both warmth and performance then the Mountain Made Outdoor Alti Gloves for Men & Women is an option that you should give some much-needed consideration. This pair of hiking gloves makes the lists of best women’s hiking gloves and men’s hiking gloves thanks to its great features.

The glove has an absorbent and quick drying lining that maximizes comfort. No matter how wet they were before bed, the standalone gloves will be ready for use in the morning as needed. It has multi-directional stretch capabilities allowing it to possess increased mobility during active use. You can do cross country skiing.

This makes the glove suited for more than just hiking as you can use it for multiple outdoor activities. It is manufactured with anti-bacterial properties that eliminate odor and prevent the buildup of germs during use. This makes it a good accessory during a long hike that involves camping.

The anti-slip design influenced the making of the zipper, leasing to an adjustable hiking glove that fits several different hand types. The composing material allows for excellent heat preservation. It is also light and allows the hand to breathe freely.

What we liked

  • It is ideal for both men and women
  • The zippered wrist makes it easier to put on and remove
  • It is made of stretchy materials making it a perfect fit for many
  • The material is highly absorbent and fast hands dry with better removable liner glove
  • It has a good grip thanks to the rubberized fingers and anti slip palm print
  • There are multiple sizes to choose from

What we didn’t like

  • They were not body-warmed air enough for some people
  • Some zippers lacked durability

02 – Winter Snow Ski Gloves – Best Hiking Winter Gloves

Winter Snow Ski Gloves

This is one of the best products that HUO ZAO has to offer. The gloves are not only waterproof but also windproof making them excellent to brave those light snowstorms that usually impeded the progress of a hike during winter.

The hiking gloves are advertised to brave weathers of below 30 degrees while still keeping the hands toasty. The Outdoor Research Men’s VersaLiner gloves are made to perfection in terms of material. This durable pair of winter glove both durable and lightweight ensuring that they can protect your hands for several months at least.

The material is also extremely comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is highly breathable reducing the sweat accumulation factor. The inner sleeve of the glove is made of a fine fleece glove material and the outside is insulated glove with windproof materials making the glove highly resistant to cold. You can use this alpine climbing glove. It has high loft fleece lining. On top of all of these, the thermal glove has a beautiful design with optimal measurements for better fitting.

What we liked

  • The gloves are both waterproof and windproof. This is a highly advantageous combination for the hands especially considering that these are snow hiking gloves.
  • The brand offers a 100% satisfaction guaranteed which goes to show the sort of faith they have in their products
  • Great for outdoor activities as well and has high loft removable fleece liner
  • They are designed for the preservation of heat even in extreme conditions
  • Comfort and flexibility are at an all-time high thanks to the lightweight material that is highly durable

What we didn’t like

  • To some users, the gloves offer a rather tight fit that borders on uncomfortable
  • Other user complained of the fact that the extra warmth of the gloves did not reach the levels advertised

03 – Windproof Breathable Workout Gloves

Windproof, Breathable Workout Gloves For Men And Women

This is a pair of gloves that comes from Trim Fit Life. They thus find a lot of use in winter sporting activities, the most predominant being hiking. These lightweight glove in nature making them comfortable.

The moisture wicking capabilities of the inner layer ensure that your grippy palms do not collect sweaty hand as you use the gloves.

These gloves are also both waterproof and wind resistant, ensuring that they can be used in wet, windy and cold conditions.

The outer gloves are built with durability in mind hence the incorporation of the nylon stitching in the design. The outer layer palms come with a silicone print that increases the grip of the glove.

The fingertips have a special coating that allows the glove to interact with any touch-sensitive screen. So it will keep you middle fingers warm. This means that you do not have to take your gloves off in the freezing weather anytime that you need to make a call or reply to a text message. It also makes it easier to call for help in case things go wrong during your hike.

What we liked

  • The inner layer has moisture wicking capabilities
  • They are highly flexible and quite lightweight making them good for hiking trips with increased physical demand
  • The gloves are both water resistant and windproof
  • They are durable thanks to the reinforced stitching in the original glove design
  • They have the added advantage of elastic cuffs that make a better fit for most people
  • They are warm glove, making them ideal for activities in colder regions

What we didn’t like

  • The sizing chart has proved unreliable for most users
  • They fail to keep the hands warm enough when the chilly conditions 

04 – FREETOO Tactical Synthetic Gloves – Fit for Cycling Motorcycle Hiking Camping

FREETOO Tactical Gloves for Men

No one does heavy duty better than FREETOO airsoft tactical gloves, and their tactical gloves could not miss a spot on the best hiking gloves review.

These are heavy-duty gloves specifically made to help you tackle tough terrains and tough conditions. They are made in such a way that they protect your hands from scratching, abrasion, and the damage of friction.

This ridge glove makes them the best hiking gloves summer for rough terrains that involve activities which demand manual dexterity and protection against snowy conditions.

When it comes to extreme hiking, a glove that fits better offers more functionality and mobility. This is where the FREETOO heavy duty becomes quite advantageous. It offers a snuggly fit in the fingers and palms, wrapping itself around the wrist with an adjustable Velcro. This finger gloves helps to eliminate any bulk and stiffness, enabling for improved movement of the hands.

The synthetic fiber nylon material is extremely stretchable, enabling it to adapt in good time to the motions of the split finger design. This means that your hands will never feel stiff during use. The material is also breathable adding to the comfort of the hiking gloves. The glove is also odor-free thanks to the functional vent. This allows it to be comfortable for use in mildly cold weather and hot weather.

This type of glove is also considered one of the most functional synthetic leather hiking gloves thanks to the perfect grip that is gotten from the dual-layer synthetic palm that is made from leather. The entire build is rugged and features reinforced padding around the knuckles and palms. It is all held together by double stitching ensuring its durability.

What we liked

  • Protection when you most need it
  • No limited hand movements from the breathable fabric
  • Better performance nylon synthetic

What we didn’t like

  • Unsuitable for below-freezing temperatures
  • The Velcro wears out too quickly

05 – Women’s Sunscreen Fingerless Light-weight Gloves

Women’s Sunscreen Fingerless Gloves

There is always the notion that hiking needs to be extreme. There are those that enjoy it as such, but this does not mean that there isn’t a gentler side to it.

If you are a lady that would still like to enjoy some light hiking during the summer, then you should consider getting yourself a pair of the best women’s hiking gloves.

This is a pair of glove that will offer your hands maximum weather protection from the sun if the UV rays get too harsh during the hike.

They are custom made fingerless hiking gloves especially for the ladies meaning that you do not have to suffer the discomfort that comes with the large finger flaps of unisex gloves.

The lightweight hiking glove making them comfortable to wear for long. They are not only thin but also come with a breathable airhole. The gloves will not make your cold hands hot, sweaty or uncomfortable but they will keep hands cool and comfortable.

Being fingerless ensures that your hands have the ability to properly breath especially for those that have predominantly moist skin that is prone to sweating. You will also be able to use all of your touch-screen devices during the hike. They have a non-slip design enabling them to stay in place during your hike and drive.

They have a silicone print on the palm and part of the fingers as well as increasing the reduced dexterity and grip of the gloves. This will prevent your hands from slipping when you hold onto things. The material is also stretchable, ensuring that the glove can adapt to the changes of your hand.

What we liked

  • Flexible and lightweight gloves
  • Non-bulky design best fit for beginner hikers
  • Sun protection

What we didn’t like

  • Not suitable in any other mild temperature except summer

06 – Viperade Mens Tactical Gloves – Best for Cycling Hiking Camping Powersports

Viperade Mens Tactical Gloves

The Viperade Mens Tactical Gloves is a gem that very few people are fully aware of. There are several military gloves out there but very few can adequately compare to this one.

The material and design of the hiking glove are both exceptionally enabling it to deliver functionality without sacrificing on everything else. It will also give water protection.

The leather hiking gloves are made of artificial leather, non-toxic rubber, and knitted fabric. The three are blended perfectly in to ensure that people with sensitive skin do not have an adverse reaction when using the glove.

This also makes the gloves resistant to wear and tear upping their durability factor, lightweight making them less stressful to wear and use and anti-slip, ensuring that they remain on during their time of use.

The materials are also faster drying making them useful rain gloves hiking. The gloves are not only breathable but also odor-free, making them both functional and hygienic for the user.

They have an exceptional vent design that makes them comfortable for prolonged use in summer as well as winter. You can easily conquer the outdoors all year round with these gloves for hiking in cold weather.

The standalone glove have adjustable glove clip wrists making it easier to put them on and take them off. As they are outdoor gloves, their levels of flexibility and dexterity are different from other gloves.

The reinforced palm high use area and the hard knuckle design make them best suited for heavy-duty and high intensity activities as they fully protect your hands from scratching, abrasion or other outdoor injuries. They also find use in a lot of other exercises besides hiking.

What we liked

  • Best adapted to extreme exercises
  • Durability meets the expectations of many customers
  • They are easy to wear and take off
  • Machine washable

What we didn’t like

  • Their functionality decreases in cold temperatures
  • Some users found the measurement chart inadequate

07 – DLGDX Stretch Neoprene Fishing Gloves – Best Use in Light Cold Weather Conditions

DLGDX Stretch Neoprene Fishing Gloves

Hiking and fishing are two high output activities that are rarely done together. This is because while hiking usually requires gloves that cover the whole hand for one reason or the other, fishing requires the use of your bare finger or fingers from time to time.

However, DLGDX has changed this notion with their Neoprene Fishing Gloves. This is a pair of hiking gloves that comes with the abilities of stretching and finger removal. You can hold trekking or ski poles.

On one hand, they are the perfect fisherman gloves as they are light and offer excellent mobility of the hand. This is beneficial when you need to deal with a thin string or tie a complex knot. They are also adaptable to temperatures as low as 32 ℉. You can wear it on dry conditions.

The fingerless design ensures that you can expose your index finger and thumb anytime that you need to and cover them back when the need arises. You also get the opportunity to interact with your phone or take pictures depending on what you will need the exposed fingers for.

On the other hand, their lightweight nature and non-slip design make them excellent for use as leather hiking gloves. The artificial leather around the straps increases their grip factor. They are also stretchable thanks to the thin neoprene synthetic fabric technology that makes up the back of the gloves.

What we liked

  • Help in fishing as well as hiking
  • Good temperature retention capabilities
  • Easy and convenient removable fingertip caps
  • Allow interaction with touch-screen devices

What we didn’t like

  • Some users complained of soaking with repeated fishing or hiking in wet conditions
  • For some users, the glove sizes are smaller than advertised making them a poor fit
  • They can’t be used for cold winter day fishing

08 – Solaris Ski Gloves – Waterproof Gloves for Hiking

Solaris Ski Gloves

Comfort and functionality come together perfectly in the Solaris Ski Glove. These are some of the best winter hiking gloves in the market today with 3M synthetic insulation lining the ski gloves.

They are thick and manage to keep the hands warm even in temperatures as low as 14°F.

The extreme hikers can then try their chances against the harshness of mother nature. The glove liner is also soft to the touch and comfortable to wear for long periods.

The gloves are waterproof technology as the exterior surface of the snow hiking gloves sheds any water and snow that lands on it. They can thus be used for hiking in the snow or wet weather. For those that enjoy the various winter sports, these gloves are a good alternative.

The Solaris Ski Gloves have the extra advantage of coming with a breathable ski mask at no extra charge. The mask is beneficial for skiing women, hiking and other activities like sledding. The mask and the gloves work well together to keep you warm.

The gloves are designed with an adjustable buckle wrist making the gloves fit comfortably while at the same time increasing comfort. These gloves also have a rubber snow wiper that helps wipe away the snow to prevent its accumulation on the hands. The gloves also have a small zippered pocket for the storage of small items.

What we liked

  • Highly durable and excellent in extremely cold weather
  • Water resistant
  • Soft interior for increased comfort and free movement of the hand
  • Functional zippers that improve glove fitting
  • A free breathable face mask that comes with the Solaris gloves

What we didn’t like

  • To some buyers, the glove fingers were shorter than required
  • Others said the breathability was less than advertised

09 – Winter Cycling Gloves for Men and Women – Waterproof Touchscreen Compatible

Winter Cycling Gloves for Men and Women

REDESS went the extra mile to produce the best waterproof gloves for hiking. These gloves are made of polyester., which is renowned for its ability to retain heat.

They are thus good for use in extreme cold and will keep the hands warm for long periods of time. So for outdoor enthusiasts, this one would be great.

The fingers and palms of the gloves are designed with anti-skid material that makes it possible to grass and interact with things without them necessarily dropping or you having to take off your gloves in the cold. And you can have an excellent grip in trekking poles.

The gloves are both waterproof and windproof making them good for hiking in snow, wet climate, and windy weather. They also help to keep the hand dry and keep the cold winds away from your hands. You can wear it on arctic conditions. 

The gloves have a very practical design that includes a wrist buckle for attaching the gloves together when they are not in use. The fingers are also fitted with sensor capabilities that allow them to interact with touch-screens.

You can thus forget the hustle of wearing and removing your hiking gloves every time you need to do something on your phone. Best of all, the gloves can be used for a variety of other purposes like cycling, driving and running depending on your preferences.

What we liked

  • Phone fingers function well enough to enable interaction with one’s devices
  • Water and windproof
  • Functional design with gauntlet cuff
  • Heat conserving material
  • Protection against snow

What we didn’t like

  • Some customers complained that the gloves were not actually waterproof as advertised

10 – Womens Sunblock Fingerless Gloves – Summer UV Protection Driving Cotton Gloves – Touch Screen Compatible

Womens Sunblock Fingerless Gloves

These are some of the best women’s hiking gloves from JURUAA that are not only functional but fashionable. These have touchscreen compatibility. So you can use touchscreen devices.

The gloves are made of top-quality cotton, making them an excellent addition to your hiking and driving wardrobe.

These gloves themselves are pretty lightweight and perfectly fit the feminine hand without doing any damage to it. The gloves themselves are breathable insert and have a thin design.

And gloves will never make your hand feel hot and they are not uncomfortably bulky like many unisex gloves tend to feel. They are good when you need a little extra complete protection for the glaring UV rays of the sun, having a UPF rating of 50+. You could wear it in adverse condition or cool spring.

The fingerless hiking gloves free up your fingers so that they can interact with the cold environment in a less cumbersome manner. You can thus use your touch-screen devices without any trouble.

The gloves have a non-slip design that keeps them in place during your hike or drives and silicone pint around the fingers and palm for grip. The gloves are also made of a stretchable material to ensure that they fit a wide variety of palm patch circumferences.

What we liked

  • Nice and comfortable design
  • Lightweight gloves for spring that are easy to put on and take off
  • Fingerless with an added excellent palm grip design
  • Touch screen compatibility

What we didn’t like

  • They are not suitable for the cold, windy or wet weather
  • Some customers complained that the finger holes were an uncomfortably tight fit

Best Hiking Gloves Buying Guide

When it comes to buying hiking gloves, you need to understand that different gloves are meant for different hiking harsh environments.

So, the first filter that you should apply to your search needs to be informed by where and when you intend to take your hike. This means that the season and location will tell you which hiking gloves to dismiss out wright and which to give a second look.

It helps reduce the candidate pool and make the decision a whole lot easier. What you want to avoid is ending up with the right gloves for the wrong occasion. The hiking gloves need to be customized for the temperature they intend to be used in. once you know this, here are the things that you should seek in the excellent hiking gloves.


There is always the urge to go for natural fibers like cotton and wool. However, you should know that such hiking gloves do not last more than two years or keep water away from your hands.

What they do is soak up the moisture and chill your fingers to the bone, defeating the purpose of having warm hiking gloves in the first place.

What you need to go for is hiking gloves made from synthetic material. Polyester and nylon are renowned for their durability while Spandex is preferred for its strength and flexibility aspects that is adds to the hiking gloves.

These high quality materials are not only lightweight but also warm and can adequately protect your hands. For waterproof insert hiking gloves, Gore-Tex inserts is always a good alternative. If you must wear natural material gloves, then it is advisable that you layer them between other synthetic materials to improve their effectiveness.


There are times when the temperature fluctuates from hot to cold and back, this is when layering becomes important. For hiking gloves to be effective, they need to be manufactured with a certain optimal temperature range in time. This is why there are warm hiking gloves and the best gloves for hiking in cold weather. Good hiking gloves came with three fused layers, the shell, insulation, and comfortable lining. In cold weather, they are excellent. They, however, fall short if the temperature goes up a little.

This is why it is always advisable to buy gloves with removable layering. When it gets warm, you can always take out a layer or two and slip them back on when the temperature goes down. If this option does not sit well with your financial standing, then you can opt for a high-quality pair of waterproof hiking gloves. This can be layered with some heavy natural-fiber gloves whenever the temperature begins to fall. What you want to do is avoid sweating hands that will later turn cold and cause frostbite or worse. So you have to keep attention to the glove manufacturers.


The shell is an important aspect of hiking gloves. It is the part of the glove that determines how dry and toasty your hands will be in winter or extremely cold weather. Good shell material will keep the water out while still allowing your hands to breathe so that you do not sweat and get the insides of your gloves wet. Materials like Pertex and Gore-Tex make the best shells for waterproof hiking gloves. Other than providing protection against moisture and the elements, a good shell need to be durable. This allows your hiking gloves to weather all sorts of terrain from hills to mountains to snowy capes to rocky edges. leather hiking gloves have the best shells for the adventurous hiker and these softshell gloves can last the longest.


To ensure that your hands are ever warm, you need to go for the best winter hiking gloves. These gloves need to be windproof, multi-layered, and waterproof material all at the same time. This will ensure that you can back from your hike with all of your fingers intact. Breathability also needs to go hand in hand with excellent warmth as this prevents your hands from sweating and you getting frostbite from the sweat when it solidifies into ice. Removable linings that offer temperature control are also highly advisable.

Even when it feels warm, it is never a bad idea to add some extra protection. You can always opt for waterproof hiking gloves that are lightweight to ensure that you are warm enough but not sweaty.


People are usually attracted to heated hiking gloves for all the wrong reasons. Gloves are not that cheap, and even if they are, you don’t want to simply waste your money. You need to go for gloves that will last you for several months or years, not just a few hiking trips. What you need to look for are gloves that will remain functional even with repeated use. Gloves that will handle more than just the first few hikes. Look for materials that are durable and functional, not just comfortable and soft to the touch. The stitching should also be seam-locked if possible and the grips durable so that they can survive some wear and tear. You should always be on the look for silicone or leather gloves as these last longer and have the ability to maximize grip and strength.


Hiking glove insulation is determined by the temperatures expected during the hike. For snow hiking gloves, synthetic fill or high-loft insulation work well and also is used to ensure that the natural heat of the body is conserved and the cold kept out. The other one is thermal insulation. This makes the hike enjoyable. On the other hand, sun gloves for hiking are usually light and waterproof with wool or fleece lining insulation to ensure that the gloves are not too bulky. This is how you determine how much grams of insulation layer you will need for your hiking gloves. warm enough but not sweaty is what you should always aim for.


Your needs will determine the style of hiking gloves that you should go for. Normal gloves are made with slots for each of the five fingers. There are however a few other styles we will look at in this hiking gloves review. Also, there are gloves with short Hook-and-loop cuff closure making them easier to fit in the heat pack pocket while others are made like gauntlets and come with the added advantage of also covering part of your forearm.

There are lobster-style hiking gloves that have slots for only the thumb and middle finger while the rest are held in the same mitten-like slot. Though lobster glove are warmer, they have less mobility and serve skiers and hikers best. There is also the mitten glove that maximizes on warmth but sacrifices on flexibility and mobility of the fingers.

Generally, hiking gloves are unisex. There are however several best women’s hiking gloves that better fit women with smaller more feminine hands.

Mountain Hardwear High Exposure Gore-Tex

Though they are pocket warmer, they have less mobility and serve skiers and hikers best. There is also the alti mitten glove that maximizes on warmth but sacrifices on flexibility and mobility of the fingers with the pair of mitten.

Generally, hiking gloves are unisex. There are however several best women’s hiking gloves that better fit women with smaller more feminine hands.

Excellent Dexterity

In several occasions, a hiking glove only proves useful if you can individually move each finger with the least resistance from the glove. Unless you are doing a simple hike, then there will be a lot of grabbing, climbing and grasping. This is why several hiking gloves have the ability to stretch to an extent enabling the user to perform a wide range of movements. You can choose a simple design. Words like four-way-stretch and articulated-joints in the description of the hiking glove usually mean that it has increased mobility and can properly serve you during a demanding hike. So a 4 way stretch will work.


Shell and insulation are usually given higher consideration than the lining. This does not make it any less important than the former two. The lining is important as it keeps the hand dry thanks to its waterproof capabilities that absorb sweat and moisture. It also reduces heat loss from the hand through conduction ensuring that damp gloves don’t cause the hands to start freezing.


Hiking running gloves may be the same in almost every way except for their added features. This is what allows you to make a tie-breaking choice on which glove to buy. Things like a thumb nose-wipe, single-pull wrist adjustments, carabiner loops, and nice touch sensitivity are just the icing on the cake that puts one pair of gloves over the other.

Parting Shot

The best pair of hiking gloves will go a long way towards ensuring that you do not suffer the discomfort of freezing fingers or numb hands. It is also never a bad idea to have a glove that can allow you to interact with your touch-sensitive device in case you need to capture a moment or call for help. As the price will guide your decision in a big way, go for one or two pairs of gloves that combine as many of the features as possible, this will enable you to get all the benefits once you figure out the best way to layer them. There are both friendly price or affordable price.

Each of the hiking durable gloves reviewed is advantageous in its own way, make a selection depending on the one that meets most, if not all of your hiking needs. We hope the best hiking gloves review proves useful to you in your quest to locate the most suitable hiking gloves for your current and future needs. 

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