Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder 2021 – For the Money

With so many fish finders out in the market, getting the best ice fishing fish finder when winter sets in, and a different water body have frozen over, could prove to be a daunting experience, especially if you aren’t a professional fisherman or techy buyer.

This guide is therefore aimed at providing you with qualitative information on some of the best fish finders available in the market, their features, and some of the things you should consider before making that purchase even as you plan walking on that water-turned-ice to enjoy some great ice fishing adventure.

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder In 2021

01. Garmin Striker 4 with Ice fishing Transducers real-time information model

Best Ice Fishing Fish Finder

The CLEAR VÜ SCANNING SONAR of the Garmin Striker 4 makes ice fish finding nothing but a delightful adventure. Its high-frequency scanning sonar gives a clear near-photographic view of everything present in the water around your boat.

This device which comes in a 3.5, 5-inches Type display size has a keyed interface with dedicated buttons, making it both easy to use and install.

The display screen of this terrific device also gives you real-time sonar readings information on the speed of your boat, thereby ensuring that you are moving at the very right speed for the intended fish catch. It has a small beam angle. It has a decent range.

Finding your way in and around your fishing environment is also vital, and with the high-sensitivity built-in GPS present in the Garmin striker 4 fish finder, using the waypoint map feature helps you to easily navigate to different locations such as brush piles, stumps, and docks. All you have to do is connect the USB Ports. It also allows you to determine your current location in relation to your marked-out waypoints.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has an inbuilt flasher
  • Comes in a portable kit that allows ease of carriage

02. Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Ice Fishing Finders

Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder

The Venterior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder is a fishing device that offers you more than just fish finding. Rather, it has the capability to detect the fish size and provide information on the exact depth of the water, the approximate location of fish, and areas that are occupied by either short or tall weeds.

This versatile fish finder terrific device comes with a round sonar transducer and removable transducer float of about 25 ft cable length, giving you that added benefit of fishing right from the shore or on a bridge. Aside from its lengthy cord being foldable, this particular fish finder can detect water depths ranging from 3ft to 328ft. You can do types of fishing as well as vertical jigging.

One interesting feature of the Interior VT-FF001 Portable Fish Finder is its audible fish alarms feature which can either be turned on or off. And it will let you know the presence of fish, water depts, and hot spots. When turned on, this impressive feature blares an alarm when it detects fish schools passing by, so you do not have to miss a single fish.

Highlighted Features:

  • Super long dual transducer angles cable
  • Has a display with backlight mode that makes it usable at night

03. Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

Garmin Striker 4 with Portable Kit

The Garmin striker 4 happened to be one of the most desired ice fishing finders locator used by anglers who want a hassle-free fish catching experience.

As it is armed with a CHIRP sonar technology that produces crisp clear fish arches with incredible target separation. It has a small sonar beam angle.

Powered by a delicate technology, the Garmin fish finder for ice fishing is however simple and easy to use. Its dedicated buttons and keyed interface comes coupled with a varied high-resolution screen/display size. This one is available in 3.5-, 5- and 7-inch screen sizes.

Its Waypoint map offers you exclusive features like the ability of viewing, marking, and navigating to locations such as brush piles, stumps, and docks. This one has high-sensitivity GPS which is second to none allows you to know your location coordinates in relation to the waypoints you have marked. With this tool, finding your way back to safe shore or your boat ramp is also made easy.

Highlighted Features:

  • It has a Built-in flasher
  • It is highly portable

04. Lowrance 000-12635-001 Backlit Display Hook-3X Sonar Footprint Technology Ice fishing fish Finders

Lowrance 000-12635-001 Hook-3X Sonar, W 83200 XDCR

The Hook 3x sonar fish Finder is one of the most advanced ice fish finders and the perfect portable device when you desire clear optics on what is going on in the water beneath you.

This standard fish finder features a Led-backlit display 3-inch color that has a 320 x 240 resolution. So it makes the screen details to be easily seen and read even under full direct sunlight or ice angling.

On the Lowrance ice fishing fish finders, you do not need to manually adjust the range of settings. As it has an Advanced Signal Processing system, so it allows you to see not just the fish. But also the structure and bed details clearly, making it a top-rated ice fish finder. Its Broadband sounder also helps you to easily identify fish targets, bottom contours, and many more.

It has three types of dual-frequency beams ability to operate on a Dual-frequency of either 83 kHz or 200 kHz frequencies. They help to provide a great view of what is beneath the boat on your fishing spots.

To search large areas and to display larger fish arches, the 83 kHz sonar frequency is ideal for this. Because it provides up to 60 degrees of conical coverage. The 200kHz frequency is however ideal for the vertical drop-shotting technique, as it gives up to 20 degrees of conical coverage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dual-frequency option
  • High-resolution display

05. HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Ice Fishing Flashers with HD Color Virtuview Display

HawkEye Fishtrax 1C Fish Finder with HD Color Virtuview Display

Irrespective of being a newbie or an experienced angler, the Fishtrax Fish Finder, which is available in 3 different models for varying levels of experience, has got you covered. Featuring an HD color Virtuview display, the FIshtrax 1C design is the ideal model for experienced anglers.

This fishing device comes with three different operating modes the flashers, which are the Fish Finder, Data mode, and the Ice-Mode Digital Flasher; all integrated to give you a wonderful experience when out there doing what you enjoy doing.

The Fish Finder mode, for instance, does the job of identifying the fish presence, bottom contour and composition, and the overall depth of the water which is all displayed in HD color.

The Fishtrax 1C also has a user-selectable, dual-beam FishTrax Intelligent Sonar, which supports fine-tuning of the fish finder to adapt to any fishing style or platform. It comes equipped with a 100-level sensitivity adjustment, multi-level depth ranges, and auto-zoom bottom tracking.

Highlighted Features:

  • HD color Virtuview display
  • Integrated fish and depth alarms

06. Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Three-color Flashers – GP0819- portable fish finders

Vexilar FL-8se Genz Pack with 19 Degree Ice Flasher - GP0819

The Vexilar FL-8SE brings nothing short of a whole new experience to ice fishing finding with the array of super cool advanced features it comes equipped with. So you can do any type of fishing with it.

This magnanimous device comes with the awesome three-color sonar flasher that shows weak targets in green color, medium targets in orange, and strong bottom targets in red. It knows the demands of ice fishing.

Aside from its super-bright display LED technology, which helps to enhance view even during bright sunlight hours, the FL-8SE also offers six depth ranges of 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 120 feet of water making it adaptable for either shallow or deeper waters.

With the Vexilar FL-8SE, worries overpower shutdown is not a concern as it comes with a super 12-volt 7-amp hour battery with charger, a built-in Ice-Ducer transducer, ice Flashers, and an instructional video on how to best utilize your fishing device.

Highlighted Features:

  • Comes in a Dave Genz Blue Box
  • 12V awesome battery life
  • Backlit scale decal and super bright LED display

07. Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar System/Fishfinder – LX-7-Cone angles

Marcum LX-7 Ice Fishing Sonar SystemFishfinder - LX-7

The Marcum ice fishing fish finder (Marcum LX-7) with its 8-inch LCD displays (800 x 600px) and Four user-selectable color palettes is the real game-changer when it comes to finding fish in ice. It has a great easy to use on-screen “Dashboard” that displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, gain, interference rejection (IR), target adjust, or a combination of any of these in any four user-selectable color palette.

Anglers who make use of the Marcum LX-7 have a fully customized window view that displays water-column vertical, vertical zoom, flasher-dial, and traditional horizontal LCD screen graph displays on its “Multifaceted Sonar Display.”

Manufactured in the USA, MarCum users do not have to worry about non-MarCum sonar users picking up interfering LX-7 pulses when out fishing, and its Sonar Footprint technology helps to display the scan area at any depth, with either 8° or 20° transducer sonar cone angles.

Highlighted Features:

  • Wide 8-inch LCD (800 x 600px) display
  • User-defined on-screen “Dashboard
  • Awesome battery life

08. Anysun Underwater Fish Finders for Ice Colored Screens

Anysun Underwater Fish Finder

If your desire is to have a Fishfinder with a super sharp High Definition vision and a wide monitor of about 7 inches, then the Anysun Underwater Fish Finder is the very device you need. This professional fishing video camera comes with a 7 inch TFT color monitor.

It comes with a 15m cable that is fully waterproof design, works in dark fishing environments, and is about 15m deep waters. Its camera has an HD 700 TV line that provides a crisp clear image that is clearer than a 600TV line camera.

The casing of this camera isn’t just firm, but it is also made of metal, thereby making it very durable. To enable it to serve you for long hours, it features a built-in 4.5AH high capacity Lithium battery which, when fully charged could work all day.

Highlighted Features:

  • 7-inch screen TFT color monitor with sun visor
  • HD 700 TV lines camera
  • Awesome battery life

09. Vexilar’s GP1812 FL18 Genz Pack 12Deg Ice-Ducer Combo

Vexilar's GP1812 FL18 Genz Pack 12Deg Ice-Ducer Combo

Ice fishing finding has experienced a big bang and revolution since the arrival of the Vexilar FL 18 which amongst many other qualities is a low budget but fantastic ice fish fishing finder. It comes at a reasonable price range.

Crafted from the very best materials available out there, this Vexilar FL 18 is another addition to the Vexilar wide range of super quality products that are made in the United States of America.

Weighing just about 10.23 pounds, the FL 18 is an outright fish finder that stands out from the rest; and it is known for controls that are very much easy to understand and user-friendly.

For its very affordable price, this ice fish locator comes with adjustable sonar zoom features that allows you to experience a far greater and almost reachable view of everything happening down below the ice.

Highlighted Features:

  • Has a adjustable zoom feature for better views
  • Highly durable

10. Lowrance HOOK2-5 Ice Fishfinder Machine

Lowrance HOOK2-5 Fishfinder Ice Machine Pack with SplitShot 2-in-1 Sonar

Made by Lowrance which is renowned for manufacturing quality Fishfinders, the Hook 2-5 Fishfinder made by world-renowned Lowrance comes top with its many exciting features and functionalities, making it the world’s easiest fishfinder. You can catch your ideal fish on ice without any problems.

It features a 5″ High-Resolution Solar MAX Display that gives a crisp clear view of fish and fish schools. Its interface is Easy-To-Use, and with dedicated keypads, you can easily make every needed adjustment with few key presses.

Its High CHIRP sonar technologies feature ensures you do not waste time locating fish, as it makes its strong targets location an easy job. The Hook 2 also offers an auto-tuning broadband sonar that doubles the dual-beam CHIRP sonar coverage of most Fish finders. Also available in this device is a built-in Preloaded C-MAP US Inland Mapping and C-MAP US Coastal Mapping.

Highlighted Features:

  • Preloaded C-MAP US Inland Mapping and C-MAP US Coastal Mapping.
  • Includes Stowaway Boxes

Ice Fishing Fish Finder Buying Guide for Beginners

Due to the technicalities involved in how a fish finder works, buying one could be a rather complex task with the many options available with their different features. We have therefore taken our time to list out some of the essentials that need to be considered when making that purchase especially when you go kayak fishing.

Factors To Be Considered


Ice fishing is quite different from the regular kind of fishing because, in this case, there is no boat to sit in or fish from. As the angler walks on the ice to his chosen favorite fishing spot, gear weight is, therefore, a vital consideration since you do not want to affect your stability on the ice. A lightweight fish finder is, therefore, an appropriate choice any day.

Range of Frequency

Some fish finders are known to work only on a single frequency while some others work on multiple range of frequencies, thus making them a better choice when fishing in either shallow or deep water.

A frequency of 200kHZ will function well in shallow waters, while a frequency of 50kHZ or 85kHZ is good for deeper and broader waters, making it a deeper fish finder.


You also need to understand the sensitivity levels of your device. Because it will let you to select fish. So make sure to consider the sensitivity options.

Screen Displays, Brightness, And Size to Determine Water Depth

The displayed output is very essential to your success when using regular fish finders because it determines the kind of action you take. Some ice fishing fish finders display in colored form while some others display in black and white if you buy a cheap fish finder.

With a colored screen, you get to see the water depth finders and details clearer than on a black and white display. Make sure you get to see maximum depth range with your fish finder radar.

A widescreen size would also allow you to view more details all at the same time without having to squint like fish movement. The larger screen the better for you to use it.

Battery Lives

Since you’d be using the device outside your home, one crucial factor that should always be looked out for when buying an ice fishing fish finder is the battery power mode of the device. The stronger and long-lasting the rechargeable batteries is, the more suitable the device is as that means it can be used for longer hours.

If the backup battery has an excellent battery life, it means you can use your device for a long time.

Transducer Materials and Transducer cone angles

An ice fishing fish finder is a device that is to be used in sub-zero temperatures, and that it means the materials from which it is made should be tough, strong, and tear and water resistant to associated with such extreme temperatures.

You find them in plastic, bronze, stainless steel, and some other materials.


After all the other factors have been duly considered, getting the best ice fish finders for the money you have available remains a top priority. Whatever your budget is, a basic ice fish finder can always be gotten from most stores, and at the end of the day, it would offer some pretty good value.

For the pricing of the ice fish finder, there are various brands and models of affordable ice fish finders. There are cheap ice fish finder and some others that are low-cost ice fish finder. But whatever the case may be, do ensure you do not shoot way over your budget in getting that ice sonar fish finder.

Other features that should be checked are:

  • Device portability
  • Water-resistance level
  • Beams and cone angle

Questions And Answers

Do I need a fish finder for ice fishing

Unlike regular fishing in normal temperature waters, modern ice fishing fishfinder is carried out when lakes and water bodies have frozen over and have become covered with ice even in frigid temperatures. A fish finder is therefore necessary for determining which particular point on the icy waters are best to find fish. You can also get the multi-season use pack.

A fish finder ensures that your time out in the cold weather conditions or in cold temperatures isn’t just spent moving from one point to another without any success at finding and catching fish. A fish finder, therefore, helps the angler to know the exact location where fishes or the particular kind of fish that he wants can be found underneath the ice. Make sure to remove the ice layer before anything.

What is a good fish finder for ice fishing

Having known that a fish finder is in its simplest definition a device that helps to locate where fishes are in any water through the sonar technology upon which it works. A good fish finder would, therefore, be one that helps an angler with the best of intel on where to find fish when out on water or ice. Make sure there is a battery save mode that will help you to use it in cold conditions.

Aside from just locating fish schools and individual fishes, a good fish finder should also provide information about other parameters such as the water depth, speed of the fishing boat, water temperature sensor, underwater life vegetation, and many more.

How to choose the right ice fish finder

Now that you have finally chosen to get yourself a fish finder, choosing the right ice fish finder is the next big step that needs to be taken. The question then is how do I choose the right ice fish finder?

Although the technology on which fish finders work seems to be pretty techy, yet an ice fish finder basically consists of two parts which are the transducer and the monitor. The transducers which send out and receive the sonar waves come with different kinds of the mount, so selecting one that is easy to install is important. Monitors that display the information received by the transducers are also available in different resolutions, sizes, and even whether as a colored display or Black and White display.

How to use an ice fish finder

So you have gotten that ice fish finder you’ve always wanted, it’s now time to test it out, but the entire unit looks complex and complicated to begin with. Since ice fish finders differ depending on the brand and model purchased, the first step in using your ice fish finder is to refer to the manual that came right with it. This would give the very best information about your particular model of the fish finder.

Once you have gone through the manual, the next step is to turn on the power source so you can get familiar with the different options and features available on it.


Icefish finders come in not just different shapes and sizes, but also with a myriad of differences in their functionalities and features. There are those ice fish finders that are designed for the everyday professional fisherman, while some others are meant for those who just pastime with ice fishing. So the first rule of thumb is getting to know what you want.

But whatever part of the divide you fall, it is vital to know that the best fish finder for ice fishing does not have to be the most expensive or complex, but the one very one that serves best based on your fishing expectations and possibly budget.

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