Earth Rated Poop Bags 900 Review

Get this Earth rated poop bags 900 which is the most user friendly, economic poop bag available anywhere in the UK. The product is available in lavender scent and is quite handy. Also, you can avail it without any scent. The refill rolls for leash dispenser is available in the different amount of package, like 120 counts, 270 counts, 315 counts or 900 counts with 2 leash dispenser for the economic buyers.

Things You Can Do With Earth Rated Poop Bags 900

With it these bags, there are a lot of things you can do with it. Gone are the days when we struggle to dispose of waste. The way these bags have been designed ensure that leak is not suffered. It can be embarrassing to have leaking poop bags during disposal. One of the things that will excite you about this bag is that it has been designed to give you an ease of movement. It is not every bag that can help you get rid of waste the way this bag can. Do you know the cost of the bag? It does not cost much compared to what it can help you achieve.

Features of Earth Rated Poop Bags 900:

earth rated poop bags 900The leash dispenser comes with 15 bags and 30 bags (where 2 rolls will fit). It can accommodate standard sized refill rolls.

The handlebars are not available on small rolls, though you can avail them with large rolls, and help the poop dispense directly from the box. You can get handle bags in 120 pieces or 720 pieces pack.

You can also go for a single roll for pantries, which is again lavender scented and directly dispenses from the box. Single rolls are available in 300 counts, 600 counts and when you need extra large bags there is 225 count.

Compostable refill rolls for Earth rated poop bags 900 are available in 4 rolls which sums up to 60 bags. These are BPI approved and vegetable based. The material used to create these bags is plant fibers, vegetable oil, and starch so they get decomposed really easy.

What we liked

  • The bags are used in various ways, and here we shall discuss a few of them.
  • The bags are disposable and thus they have owned the claim of being earth rated. They take 12 to 18 months to get biodegraded.
  • They are spacious enough to hold the poop and will fit snugly, so the odor does not leak.
  • The item is made of Velcro and no need to use a carabiner as the bag can support the inner materials.
  • As the bags are large, the loose end can be tied easily.
  • They have a unique hook on the back of the dispenser which holds the used bags.
  • The top of the bag can be screwed so the used bag will remain safe.

Usually, the bag has been proved quite useful for the dog owners or the dog runners, but like anything and everything, it does have a few cons, wishes to know what are they?

What we didn’t like

  • If you hang the bag outside, it may hold moisture or rain which will sit at the bottom. So you can drill holes at the bottom to get rid of this problem.
  • Also, you need to be a little cautious if you have a kid at home, and they blow three. As this bag can be torn into pieces and may chock.

Bottom Line

There are some pieces of advice for the pet owners who are willing to use the poop bags which are biodegradable. Use only a dog waste only composting bin which will hold the poops only and it can later be used as the fertilizer of decorative plants.

Else you can bury it if you are living in any rural area, but make sure to buy them away from any vegetable garden and also dig deep as five inches. The bags which are available in the market are mostly made of biodegradable material, and it is useful to keep the ecological balance of the earth.

Final Verdict:

There are maybe a few companies who are selling cheap plastic bags but who cares about the earth will surely play their role in keeping the balance of nature and buy our Earth rated poop bags 900. With the many poop bags on the market, it may take a while to get the right bag, but this review has made it possible for you made a choice within minutes.


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