How To Wash Dishes Quickly And Efficiently

Let’s be honest. No one likes to wash dishes because it is an arduous task if you do it at least twice a day. So, how can you make it easier? If you want to wash your dishes in a quick and efficient way, you should follow some of the tips that are given below.

Put The Dirty Dishes Correctly

Put The Dirty Dishes CorrectlyThe reason why we don’t like to wash dishes is that of the mess. After eating, we put them in different places in the kitchen. As a result, the kitchen looks a mess. So, whenever you eat, try to put your dishes in an organized way. In this way, the mess looks less and you are motivated to wash them quickly.

Put A Bowl In The Sink

The next step is preparation. Put a large bowl in the kitchen sink, where you will add the water and soap to wash the dishes. Washing your dishes under an open tap can waste a lot of water. Therefore, using a bowl is a very effective way to wash your dirty dishes. It will use little water and help you wash dishes without any difficulty.

Put Water And Soap

Prepare the bowl for washing your dishes. Fill it with hot water because it is good to remove all food plus it helps in killing the bacteria. And as for the soap, always look for an organic soap with minimum chemicals. The harmful chemicals in your soap can stick to the dishes and ultimately harm your health.

Rinse Extra Food

Always remove the extra food on your dishes. It will help you wash the dishes quickly and plus you won’t be terrified by touching the small thing in the sink (assuming it to be a bug or monster) while washing dishes.

Wash Dishes Quickly And Efficiently

Soak The Dishes

There are times when the food on your dish leaves thick grease on it. And it is difficult to remove it and normally you need a lot of force to wipe it. So, the best way to wash such dishes is by soaking dishes in warm water at least 30 minutes before washing. It will be helpful for you in order to wash dishes easily.

Use A Good Soap And Other Washing Material

As mentioned before, always buy the best smelling dish soap for cleaning dishes and bottles like 2 oz plastic bottle with flip cap. The lesser the chemical the better it is for yours and your family’s health. Furthermore, you can buy a good sponge that does not scratch. If it scratches, it will ruin the quality of your utensils. Other useful tools are scrubbing brush, and sponge wand, etc.

Use A Rack

The last and most important step is to put the washed dishes in a drying rack. This will dry out the dishes quickly and in addition to that, you can use a damp cloth to dry your dishes even more quickly.
Above are some of the most important tips that you can follow to wash your dishes quickly. This guideline will surely help you keep your dishes clean as well as tea maker like breville btm800xl one-touch tea maker and remove all sorts of bacteria.


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