Best Catfish Reels 2020 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

A catfish reel can help any angler make the most out of their fishing trip. The best catfish reel will aid you while fishing and soon enough you won´t be able to go on without it! The market consists out of many fishing reel products and choosing the right one, might not always be easy. A guide of different kinds of products will help you get the hang of the similarities and differences between these products. Only by knowing this will you be able to identify which one of them works best for your individual needs.

Best Catfish Reels 2020

PictureProduct NameRatingCheck Price
Best Catfish ReelsSHIMANO TEKOTA, Conventional Saltwater Star Drag Fishing Reel5Check Price
Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing ReelPenn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing Reel5Check Price
Team Catfish Gold Ring Casting ReelTeam Catfish Gold Ring Casting Reel4.75Check Price
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-70004.75Check Price
Daiwa Black Gold (BG) Heavy Action Spinning ReelsDaiwa Black Gold (BG) Heavy Action Spinning Reels4.5Check Price
Zebco  Quantum BCXT30CZebco Quantum BCXT30C4.5Check Price
Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD 5.11 Fishing ReelsDaiwa Millionaire Classic UTD 5.11 Fishing Reels4.5Check Price

1) SHIMANO TEKOTA, Conventional Saltwater Star Drag Catfish Fishing Reel

Best Catfish ReelsThis fishing real is best suitable for anglers who go out fishing on both freshwaters as well as saltwater.

It has advanced features, specifically implemented to aid any angler. It has a great capacity, as well as construction.

It is made out of aluminum frame, which offers extreme durability, making it a tool you will be able to use year after year. The crossbar-forward design of it gives you direct access to the spool.

It also comes with a level-wind system, which allows you to manage it even easier. The bearings are made out of anti-rust material, extremely resistant to corrosion and better than standard bearings, which are mostly made out of stainless steel.

The bearings of this product make for a smooth, even line flow. The measurements of this product are 9 x 6 x 4.5 inches. It is very lightweight, weighing only 1 pound. This will make it easier for you to carry the fishing reel with you whenever necessary. These reels from Shimano Tekota come in five different sizes of reels.

An advanced feature of it is the anti-reverse stopper, which puts the breaks on the fishing reel. There are different types of handles on these conventional fishing reels, depending on the size you choose. All sizes come with a grip that is made out of non-slip material.

Product highlights

  • Suitable for fresh and saltwater
  • Aluminum frame, extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Level-wind system, for better management
  • Anti-rust material
  • Measurements: 9 x 6 x 4.5 inches

2) Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing Reel

Penn Spinfisher V & VI Spinning Fishing ReelThis spinning reel is made best for saltwater, as well as environments that contain sand.

Its body is made out of metal completely, a durable and long-lasting material. The water-resistant full metal material is made to withstand any harsh environment, which is not difficult to encounter when fishing.

The side plate and the rotor of this fishing reel are made out of heavy-duty aluminum. The fishing reel comes with a drag system, which allows you to drag smoothly. Its friction trip ramp is a feature made to help you prevent any premature bail trip.

The bearings are made out of stainless steel and have a system that allows for instant anti-reverse. This will allow you to set the hook and reel without having to stop first. Its spool won´t require any backing and comes already braid ready.

It has line capacity rings which are marked at 1/3 and 2/3, of course, with full capacity. These bearings are there to aid you in managing and operating the fishing reel. The measurements of this product are 8 x 6 x 5 inches. It weighs a total of 2 pounds.

The reel will come assembled and ready to use. All you´ll need to is screw the handle into place, which will take you only a few seconds. It is available in different sizes, depending on the fish you´re trying to catch.

Product highlights

  • Suitable for saltwater
  • Long-lasting material
  • The sealed slammer drag system
  • Friction trip ramp
  • Stainless steel bearings
  • Superline spool with line capacity rings

3) Team Catfish Gold Ring Casting Reel

Team Catfish Gold Ring Casting ReelThe team catfish casting reel comes in a one-piece aluminum frame and its side plates are made out of aluminum as well.

It has a 6.1 to 1 retrieval ratio speed. One of its features is the instant anti-reverse ability. The bearing system is made out of stainless steel.

It also comes with a dual magnetic cast control in combination with wind-age, a feature great for heavy baits. The spool of this casting reel is made out of double anodized aluminum.

The handle of the casting reel is also made out of heavy-duty material. It comes with a soft grip and a non-slip feature. This not only makes the handle durable, but it will also allow the angler to comfortably operate it.

All features put together to make this casting reel a long-lasting one! The bait clicker is hidden from the palm of your hand. This has been purposely made low-profile, to make sure that the clicker is not engaged by accident. The pressure that this reel is able to drag is a maximum of 12 lbs. There are other sizes of this product available, which can drag even heavier baits.

This casting reel weighs only 1 pound, which is a small weight considering the durable, heavy-duty material it is made out of. It will be easy for you to carry the casting reel around with you and even younger anglers will find it easy to handle.

Product highlights

  • Long-lasting aluminum frame and aluminum side plates
  • Anti-reverse features
  • Bearings made out of stainless steel
  • Heavy duty handle with a non-slip feature
  • Brass pinion
  • Drive Gears

4) Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Top Rated Catfish Reel C3-7000

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel C3-7000The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Reel is a fishing reel that provides anglers with the best balance of casting range and fighting power.

It is made out of three stainless steel ball bearings and one roller bearing. This is a feature that has been implemented to add smoothness to the fishing reel.

Its drag system, Carbon Matrix, allows anglers to drag consistently, while smoothly. The centrifugal brake of this reel gives pressure when needed and adds to an exceptional precise cast.

The handles are made out of a power knob, which is made to add torque for hard-pulling fish. They are also extended bent cranking handles. The measurements of this fishing reel are 8 x 6 x 4 inches.

The product weighs 2 pounds. Although it is extremely heavy-duty material, it is still lightweight, allowing the anglers to be able to carry around the fishing reel wherever necessary.

It comes with a so-called bait alarm, a clicker that is found on the opposite side of the reel handle. This helps prevent operating the clicker without having intended to. Speaking of the reel handle, it is important to know that the handle of this product cannot be switched to the left. It is a level-wind reel, suitable for both catfish and striper.

Product highlights

  • Three stainless steel bearings and one roller bearing
  • The balance of casting range and fighting power
  • Centrifugal brake
  • Clicker on the opposite side of the reel handle
  • Level-wind reel
  • Measurements: 8 x 6 x 4 inches

5) Daiwa Black Gold (BG) Heavy Action Catfish Spinning Reels

Daiwa Black Gold (BG) Heavy Action Spinning ReelsThis spinning real is made out of a metal material, a strong construction.

The frames of metal are extremely durable and they will not bend, even under extremely heavy pressured. The handle of this spinning reel is made out of wood and has been constructed to provide the anglers with the comfort they need.

It comes with three stainless steel ball bearings. It is able to drag heavy duty baits with washers, made out of Teflon and stainless steel. The stainless steels handle is foldable.

This makes it extremely easy for the angler to store this fishing aid, as well as to carry it around from one place to another. It can be also switched from left to right, easily and silently.

The finish of the construction of this spinning reel is a hard anodized one. This is an anti-corrosion material. Handling this spinning reel is easy for the angler and comfort haven´t been left out when constructing this one. At the same time, it is highly efficient and durable, made to last long.

The spinning reel is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. The only thing to keep in mind, when using in saltwater, is that you must thoroughly wash it after finished using. Rusting can happen if this spinning reel is used in salt water and not cleaned afterward.

Product highlights

  • Strong metal frames
  • Comfortable grip made out of wood
  • Three stainless steel ball bearings
  • The handle can be folded, for easy to store and carry
  • Switchable from right to left hand

6) Zebco / Quantum BCXT30C, CP3, Big Catfish Baitcaster Reel

Zebco Quantum BCXT30CThe Zebco reel is made out of an aluminum frame. The material of this frame is extremely durable and believed to last long.

Any type of harsh environment, which is mostly to expect when out fishing, will not bend the frames of this spinning reel.

It is durable enough to withstand any pressure. It is suitable for the bait cast technique and its reel has a size of 30 inches.

Although the material of the spinning reel is heavy-duty and durable, it weighs only one pound, making it easy to move around the spinning reel, store and carry it with you.

There are several bait cast techniques that can be used for successful angling. The most famous bait cast techniques, which can be implemented by using this fishing reel, are overhead, forehand, backhand, underhand/ flip cast, or pitching. Pitching, for example, is believed to be the most accurate technique if in a short-range presentation.

This fishing reel is great for the pitching technique, due to its comfortable handle. Not only is the handle comfortable, but it is also durable, preserving its efficiency. The handle of this reel is positioned right and this cannot be switched to left. The measurement of this product is 10 x 9 x 4 inches.

Product highlights

  • Strong, aluminum frame, durable and long-lasting
  • Reel size: 30 inches
  • Suitable for bait cast techniques, such as forehand, backhand, overhead or pitching.
  • Comfortable handle positioned right, which cannot be changed
  • Product measurements: 10 x 9 x 4 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound

7) Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD 5.1:1 Fishing Reels

Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD 5.11 Fishing ReelsThis fishing reel is made out of long-lasting material. The spool is made out of aluminum and is stopped on the instant by using the anti-reverse function.

Not only does it stop instantly, but it also stops accurately. The drag of this fishing reel can withstand the pressure of up to 11 pounds.

It is suitable for braided lines which are of heavier-rate. The bearing system consists of three bearings, which are implemented for a long cast and a free spool.

The handle of the fishing reel has a soft touch and an oversized knob features specifically designed to make sure that the angler is at comfort at all times.

There are two types of fishing reels, for left and for the right hand. One model cannot switch between the two, so the decision needs to be made before the purchase. This fishing reel has modern features and a technology that is most updated.

It has been designed by listening to the needs of the anglers. Both sizes come with a clicker, which has been carefully implemented into the fishing reel, making sure that it is easy to reach, yet cannot be operated by accident. This fishing reel comes in four different models all suitable for different kinds of line capacity, from 14/230 to 17/245.

Product highlights

  • Long-lasting material
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Anti-reverse function
  • Suitable for heavy rate braided lines
  • Right hand or left-hand handle
  • Soft-touch and over-sized knob
  • Modern features
  • The most up-to-date technology
  • Four different models, based on line capacity.

Catfish Reels Buying Guide

When it comes to fishing reels, the decision isn´t always easy to make as there are so many types to choose from. Will you need one matching a spinning rod? Is it a trolling reel? All decisions on top of planning for the fishing trip.

When out fishing, there are many things to consider and so many products to help anglers. For example, there are specific water shoes made for anglers, kayak seats for the bad back, a night vision monocular and fishing reels-all to aid the angler and improve their fishing experience.

Storage and transport: while some have a big car and can freely store almost any accessories and fishing tools in them, others need fishing reels that take up the as little place as possible. Such as, if you´re planning on taking it with you on your kayak seat, a foldable fishing reel will be better compared to a one that cannot be folded. You need to always make sure that the fishing reel matches your individual needs.

Weight range: specific rods match specific fishing reels, and if you have already bought a rod or own one, your fishing reel needs to match the weight range. If the rod is suitable for a weight range of up to 8 lbs., the fishing reel will most likely be a model suitable for a weight range of 4 to 8 lbs.

The best catfish reels are those who will match your needs perfectly. Not only do they need to be the right size, but they also need to match the rods you might already have. They need to be able to withstand the environment you are planning to use it and drag the weight of the fish you are trying to catch with it.

Only after comparing different kinds of catfish reels and rig to your own needs, will you be able to get a fishing reel to accompany you throughout the years? Remember to make sure the handle has a soft-grip and is comfortable, as this will affect your fishing skills and improve your general technique.


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